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18.04: Eva Jurenikova

EOC 2014 - Everything bad is good for something?

Organizing EOC is a huge task. 7 elite races in 7 days and spectators races in addition. ...
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17.04: Catherine Taylor

Worth it

Last Tuesday, 8th April, I sat in tears in a corner of Madrid airport. After having just about left ...
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22.04: Helen Palmer

EOC 2014: The dawn

In May 2012 the EOC was held in Sweden. I participated in the middle distance and relay. I wrote abo...
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17.04: Minna Kauppi

Before and After

The past six months everythings been under construction. Now, my new home is finished but Im still w...
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16.04: World of O

EOC Relay: Maps and Results

Gold for Sweden’s men and Switzerland’s women in very tight and exciting relays in the ...
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20.04: Judith Wyder

3x Europameisterin! - What a week!

//   Eine grossartige Woche ist vorbei und ich kann es noch k...
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21.04: Matthias Kyburz


Die Form war gut, die Vorfreude auf die Wettkämpfe gross und das Selbstvertrauen vorhanden. Die...
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21.04: Frederic Tranchand

Back from the European champs with 1 medal and 1 diploma...

European Orienteering Championships in Portugal:While having a new situation and especially new trai...
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17.04: World of O

EOC Long Men 2014: Why did the winners win?

[Updated with Performance Index+more analysis] The EOC Long distance 2014 in Portugal did not offer ...
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12.04.2014 - News from RUS
04:22 - Vinogradov Blog

Valentin Novikov tells about EOC Long qualification (updated)

Valentin Novikov yesterday made quite good race at EOC Long qualification and got second place in the heat 2. Story from Valentin Novikov is here:First of all I want to say that technical part of orga ...
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10.04.2014 - News from RUS
16:16 -

EOC 2014. Middle Qual and comments from Natalia Efimova

The first day of European Orienteering Championship is over, unfortunately, there were some troubles in on-line broadcast, and many sportsmen noticed that organization of competition is poor - the ab ...
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Kolmårdskavlen Kå @ Orienterare (11:51)
Re: Banelægningskon Unknown @ O-snak (11:01)
Re: Banelægningskon har aldr @ O-snak (10:50)
10Mila 2014 Inte v&a @ Orienterare (10:40)
Easter live at http://o-l @ Attackpoint-Events (10:38)
Re: Banelægningskon NB @ O-snak (10:33)
Silva League EriOL @ Orienterare (10:24)
ORF bei ÖSTM/ÖM @ (10:07)
Stigtomtakavlen Zerbemba @ Orienterare (10:04)
Re: Banelægningskon JKI @ O-snak (09:29)
WUOC team selection @ Attackpoint (09:11)
Re: Banelægningskon O-løvere @ O-snak (09:05)
Youth O Leagues @ Attackpoint (05:40)
Silent Auction -benefit W @ Attackpoint-Events (04:21)
Share room? @ Attackpoint-Events (00:30)
Mud slide in Washington @ Attackpoint (00:11)

07.04.2014 - News from RUS
04:55 -

Anastasiya Tikhonova and Alexey Sidorov about Emit Touch-Free...

Sportsmen from Russian national team, Anastasiya Tikhonova and Alexey Sidorov, shared their impressions of new Emit punching system and new discipline (mixed relay) with us. Anastasiya Tikhonova I en ...
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31.03.2014 - News from RUS
06:10 - Vinogradov Blog


I have been selected to EOC during Russian Cup competitions near Black See (Gelendzhik, 5-14 March). Next competitions for me are World Cup event in Spain and Sprint and Long at EOC (Portugal).In fact ...
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26.03.2014 - News from RUS
17:45 -

EOC 2014. Results of selection starts in Russia

So, the first part of training process is completed, and, unfortunately, I had not enough to get into main national team on selection starts on Russian Cup. More about competitions… I’v ...
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18.03.2014 - News from RUS
04:02 -

Russian Cup. Ultra-long. Third lap. Men

Russian Cup. Ultra-long. Third lap. Men
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04:01 -

Russian Cup. Ultra-long. First and second laps. Men

Russian Cup. Ultra-long. First and second laps. Men
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16.03.2014 - News from RUS
13:47 -

Russian Cup. Result

Russian Cup ended last week, in accordance with approved principles of selection for the European Orienteering Championship, the following sportsmen absolutely will go to Portugal: Andrey Khramov Va ...
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10.03.2014 - News from RUS
06:46 -

Russian Cup. Long. Men

Russian Cup. Long. Men
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06:45 -

Russian Cup. Middle. Men

Russian Cup. Middle. Men
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07.03.2014 - News from RUS
06:49 -

Russian Cup. First part

There are selection starts for European Orienteering Championship these days in Russia, program of competitions you can find here. The block of sprints is over, and we have two man and two women, wh ...
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06:44 -

Russian Cup. Sprint mass-start. Final. First lap. Men

Russian Cup. Sprint mass-start. Final. First lap. Men
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05:41 -

Russian Cup. Sprint. Final. Men

Russian Cup. Sprint. Final. Men
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04.03.2014 - News from RUS
20:00 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

5.03.2014 RUSSIAN CUP BEGINS/Orienteering in Gelendzhik

Foot-o season in Russia will be opened tomorrow (5 of march). Cup of russia will start in Gelendzhik. There will be selections to the national team for the 2014 European Championship, which this year ...
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14:13 -

Russian Cup in Gelendzhik. Program

Russian Cup is starting in Gelendzhik tomorrow, it will be held on shore of Black sea. It is wonderful weather in the South of Russia: no snow and +15-20 degrees. The program of competitions: 5 Marc ...
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24.02.2014 - News from RUS
10:26 -

It is a good winter for runners in Central Russian regions, w...

It is a good winter for runners in Central Russian regions, we could run a competition in the middle of February in St. Peterburg’s park without snow.
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27.01.2014 - News from RUS
16:00 - Vinogradov Blog

Great day - January 27

70 years ago The Siege of Leningrad ended. Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) was blocked by Nazi troops in September 1941. Hitlers plan was to destroy the city and kill all (almost three millions) inha ...
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17.01.2014 - News from RUS
09:00 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

Birthday on the Dead Sea (video)

Birthday happens only once in a year. And this is one of those holidays, which certainly have a couple of photos .. and even video! BEFORE watching the clip read the ARTICLE :) In 2013 we were in ...
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13.01.2014 - News from RUS
10:00 - Vinogradov Blog

Interview of Galina Vinogradova at Portuguese Orienteering Bl...

Big interview of Galina Vinogradova is published at Portuguese Orienteering Blog (in English).Russian version is coming soon (русская вер&#x ...
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25.12.2013 - News from RUS
16:04 -

Camp in Kislovodsk

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21.12.2013 - News from RUS
14:00 - Olga Vinogradova

“In orienteering there is no limit to how much you can ...

“In orienteering there is no limit to how much you can improve” Posted on| December 2, 2013 |Category:News Photo: Joaquim Margarido Our Athlete of December is a mountain bike orientee ...
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09.12.2013 - News from RUS
08:52 - Vinogradov Blog

Alfta ÖSA OK is a new club of Galina Vinogradova

Many thanks for all clubs who have sent me proposals. I have made decision to continue my career in orienteering with Alfta ÖSA OK. I hope that together we can achieve a lot.I am looking forward ...
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08.12.2013 - News from RUS
10:00 - Vinogradov Blog

New PB 3000 m indoor 9:41,1

Today I took part in first winter track race in Barnaul (open competitions of Altai State Technical University). I was running 3000 m. Time was 9:41,1 with this time schedule:1) 3:09.32) 6:25.9 (1000 ...
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03.12.2013 - News from RUS
20:00 - Vinogradov Blog

Running with Olympic Flame!

Today, December 3, Olympic Flame has came to Barnaul. 240 torchbearers were involved for such a great event. Torchbearers are recruited from different fields of sports, medicine, politics, business, e ...
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25.11.2013 - News from RUS
07:40 - Vinogradov Blog

Galina Vinogradova is searching for a new club

Support from Scandinavian clubs is essential for Russian O-runners. And this is the main reason of Russian success at international competitions last decades. Without support it is almost impossible t ...
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11.11.2013 - News from RUS
17:19 - Vinogradov Blog

I agree with Radek Novotny critics of IOF World Cup system

Radek Novotny, Czech National main coach writes absolutely right thoughts about current IOF system. I agree with every word in his article. Especially I want stress attention on some point and give so ...
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04.11.2013 - News from RUS
16:00 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

September camps

..and the girls I was running with in the ending part of the course seemed to become scared of my outfit and didn’t take any moves to pass me! :).. 8th of September my autumn season started fro ...
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07:39 - Vinogradov Blog

Running against wind&snow: 5 km - 17:15

New distance running season is open. Today I ran 5 km race and weather was tough - snow, wind and slippery surface. All the way I was in the lead. According to conditions my time is acceptable 17:15. ...
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01.11.2013 - News from RUS
09:25 - Vinogradov Blog

Trainings of Galina Vinogradova in season 2013 (hours, intens...

August 31, 2012 I gave birth to my youngest child. First running session I done at 23 September. Then before January I just had easy fitness trainings (some running and strength trainings every second ...
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31.10.2013 - News from RUS
17:40 - Vinogradov Blog

New IOF Competition Rules: Significant changes with some comm...

New IOF Competition Rules for 2014 have been published. There are no wild card for current WOC champion in Long and Middle anymore in new rules. What are other innovations?Significant changes include: ...
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27.10.2013 - News from RUS
14:00 - Vinogradov Blog

The last O-competition in 2013

Today I ran my last Orienteering race in the season 2013. That was a local competition in my home-city Barnaul (Siberia) - 7,1 km, 27 controls. Snowfalls are coming. I hope to make 2-3 O-training sess ...
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26.10.2013 - News from RUS
00:12 - Olga Vinogradova

Training is a life or life is a training

..when coming to gym you can test how far the exposure of your energy can go.. Its summer evening. One of those when its already getting cold outside. Im on my way to underground, analizing ...
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18.10.2013 - News from RUS
13:09 - Vinogradov Blog

New PB 5000 m 16:56

Today I ran 5000 m at stadium. Time is 16:56. It was just test-race in the beginning of preparation to new season. I ran alone. Time schedule is:1) 3:102) 3:213) 3:27 (3000 m 9:58)4) 3:325) 3:25Air te ...
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03.10.2013 - News from RUS
18:30 - Vinogradov Blog

The last season for Matthias Merz, Matthias Leonhardt (Mü...

I am really sad when such great runners stop their careers. Of course, it is part of life and new stars are coming. But every top athlete is unique person with unique way in Orienteering. And world Or ...
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29.09.2013 - News from RUS
09:30 - Vinogradov Blog

The end of cross-country running season

At Friday and today were last races of my cross-country running season. At Friday I participated in regional cross-country competition among runners from militaries, policy and firefighters. Today was ...
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22.09.2013 - News from RUS
23:32 - Vinogradov Blog

Top coaches in elite Orienteering: case of Simone Niggli

Simone Niggli (Switzerland) is a legendary athlete. She won incredible 23 WOC gold medals, 10 EOC gold medals. Simone has one the biggest number of Word Cup events victories in sport history. Swiss ru ...
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21.09.2013 - News from RUS
18:40 - Vinogradov Blog

Victory in the National Running Day: 7,7 km - 26:00

22 September is the National Running Day in Russia. 80 cities and towns participate in running initiative this year. In total 491 thousands runners entered to competition. I was running in my home cit ...
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14.09.2013 - News from RUS
17:55 - Vinogradov Blog

Victory in Altai region cross-country running championships (...

Today morning I won in Altai region cross-country running championships. Distance was 3,3 km. Weather was perfect (sunny and dry) and good surface without big climbing. My result is 10:57.Start line. ...
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12.09.2013 - News from RUS
18:14 - Vinogradov Blog

Dmitriy Tsvetkov tells about crucial leg 16-17 and crucial mi...

Dmitriy Tsvetkov (Russia) is 2X World champion and 2X European champion. He is one of the best relay runner in modern orienteering. Russian athlete won gold medals from ALL major IOF competitions (Wor ...
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11.09.2013 - News from RUS
22:57 - Vinogradov Blog

Top coaches in elite Orienteering: case of Lena Eliasson

Lena Eliasson (Sweden) is one of the fastest women in the world orienteering (PB in half-marathon is 1:15:48; 3000 m - 9:46.22). Swedish athlete is famous like a strong Sprint specialist (7 medals fro ...
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10.09.2013 - News from RUS
08:58 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

Summer summary (photos from WOC,WRC,WMTBO2013)

So, here you can find and enjoy my images from all three Championships I have been to this summer As fall is cooling the air outside it’s a perfect time to take an introspective look on a ...
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04.09.2013 - News from RUS
21:29 - Vinogradov Blog

Top coaches in elite Orienteering: case of Helena Jansson

Helena Jansson (Sweden) is one of the best female athletes in modern Orienteering, strong technically and physically. She won dozens of medals from WOC, EOC, NOC, JWOC, World Cup events (include 2 vic ...
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03.09.2013 - News from RUS
11:35 - Vinogradov Blog

Top coaches in elite Orienteering: case of Anne Margrethe Hau...

Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg (Norway) is 3 times World champion and the winner of overall World Cup in 2008. That year Anne Margrethe was unbeatable in Sprint! She won 9 World Cup events in total. ...
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01.09.2013 - News from RUS
18:46 - Vinogradov Blog

Military World Orienteering Championships 2013: The end

Organizational level of Military WOC was typical for army. We waked up early; departures to competition were according to schedule exactly (with check-in by bibs and SI card). Food was quite good (typ ...
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30.08.2013 - News from RUS
23:15 - Vinogradov Blog

Tatiana Ryabkina is telling about crucial leg 10-11 (WOC 2013...

This year Tatiana was number 5 at World Orienteering Championships (Long). She has kindly explained her actions with key leg 10-11.When did you make route choice? (at which moment of the race) I made ...
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11.08.2013 - News from RUS
21:37 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

Not happened again (WOC 2013 middle)

A month has passed since my disastrous WOC in Vuokatti. And now I feel like it’s time to take a look back. There is a word in finnish language harraste - a hobby. My harraste is photography. ...
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20.07.2013 - News from RUS
23:04 - Natalia Vinogradova. Ranked 46th

WOC 2013 Relay

Last day of WOC-2013 has brought GOLD to our mens relay team!! What a breathtaking battle it was! Valentin, Leonid and Dmitry won 4th gold medal for Russia in mens WOC relay history. And each time Val ...
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