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01.12: World of O

Route To Christmas: Day 1 2023

The 17th edition of the traditional Route to Christmas here at World of O starts with...
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02.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 2 2023

Todays leg in Route to Christmas 2023 is from one of the largest competitions of the year - Juk...
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23.11: Judith Wyder Facebook

Judith Wyder

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30.11.2023 - News from ESP
08:25 - RF-Coach

Training Camps – Spain 2024 🇪🇸

The Winter is always a perfect time to organize a proper training camp to kick off the new season and get a good amount of quality kilometres of orienteering. Spain is the perfect place for that due t ...
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  Corso di 1° Livello di Orienteer... 20231130-0939 - Italian O-Federation
  C-O: UN GRAZIE AL CUNEESE PER LO STAGE DELL... 20231129-2147 - Italian O-Federation
  CORSO UFFICIALE 2° GRADO - LOMBA... 20231123-1806 - Italian O-Federation
  JHI 2023 – Team Manager’s Repor... 20231120-2001 - Orienteering England
  C-O: LE FOTO DEL RADUNO PIEMONTESE 20231120-1848 - Italian O-Federation
  Interland 2024 – Bulletin 1 20231119-1937 - Orienteering England
  Sicilia Orienteering 20231118-2058 - Italian O-Federation
  Scuola dello Sport: Aperte le iscrizioni al... 20231117-1605 - Italian O-Federation
08.11.2023 - News from ESP
14:56 - RF-Coach

SUN-O Camps in Spain 2024

Great training opportunities for this winter in Spain, by I am setting most of the trainings, and the offer is really high-quality and varied You should consider it! BREAKING NEWS!!! We are ...
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Nationals in NewPort Rich @ Attackpoint (10:06)
10-mila från 2024 @ Orienterare (09:14)
Spiky things @ Attackpoint-Events (06:33)

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01.11.2023 - News from ESP
11:51 - RF-Coach

Spanish Champs Middle in a Dream Terrain

A couple of weekends ago, (October 21st – 22nd) the Máximus orienteering club held the Spanish Middle Distance, Sprint, and Forest Relay Championships, in a really dream terrain locat ...
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09.10.2023 - News from ESP
17:19 - RF-Coach

25-Manna: The event that proclaims the best club in the world

When Autumn begins to make its appearance in the forests of Stockholm (Sweden) and the landscape turns reddish and golden, it is the unmistakable sign that the season is coming to an end and, therefor ...
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03.10.2023 - News from ESP
07:55 - RF-Coach

Route to EOC 2023 #3

And the “D” day is almost here! Only one day left before the start of the European Orienteering Championships (EOC 2023) in Trentino-Veneto (Italy), which will kick off with the In ...
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02.10.2023 - News from ESP
10:12 - RF-Coach

Route to EOC 2023 #2

The time is flying, and there are only 2 days left before the European Orienteering Championships (EOC 2023) kicks off in Trentino-Veneto (Italy). We want to contribute to making a more comfortable wa ...
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01.10.2023 - News from ESP
13:26 - RF-Coach

Route to EOC 2023 #1

Only 3 days before the European Orienteering Championships (EOC 2023) kicks off in Trentino-Veneto (Italy). Everyone is getting sharp for one of the main goals of the season, where we expect an exciti ...
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27.07.2023 - News from ESP
16:21 - RF-Coach

Unleashing your potential: The Effects of Altitude Training f...

Altitude training has long been a popular strategy among elite runners and endurance athletes to enhance performance and cardiovascular capacity. As the popularity of altitude training continues to gr ...
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19.07.2023 - News from ESP
07:31 - RF-Coach

WOC recap: high-quality event without many surprises

A world championship in the heart of Switzerland, with very experienced organizers, and high-level people involved in the technical side of the event, predicted that we were going to enjoy a high-qual ...
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12.07.2023 - News from ESP
11:45 - RF-Coach

WOC MiddleQ: nice appetizer with no big surprises

The long-awaited forest world championship in Switzerland got underway this morning with the only race where no medals will be distributed, the Middle distance qualification race. As usual in this for ...
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Fjord-O 2024 is organized in beautiful Fjord Norway with two races close to Bergen (Totland) and two races in the mountain terrain in Kvamskogen, one hours drive from Bergen towards the Hardanger Fjord.

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