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19.05: Martin Hubmann Facebook

After a pulled hamstring one month ago, I‘m eventually...

After a pulled hamstring one month ago, I‘m eventually ready to kick off the season. Happy to ...
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12.05: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

20 years after my first Swiss sprint champs title I was ...

20 years after my first Swiss sprint champs title I was aiming for another one today. Not a clean ra...
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11.05: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Another season has started and so another testrace serie...

Another season has started and so another testrace series. Yesterday in St.Gallen not everything was...
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20.05.2024 - News from GER
22:36 - German O-Federation

Durch die Dünen bei Sonnenschein

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17.05.2024 - News from GER
18:00 - German O-Federation

DM Mittel: Auftakt in die Meisterschaftssaison

Der 24-Stunden-OL am letzten Wochenende bot einen würdigen Auftakt, mit der DM Mittel startet die nationale Wettkampfsaison endgültig in das Jahr 2024. Im Mohorn Grund und in Wilsdruff l&aum ...
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16.05.2024 - News from GER
23:46 - German O-Federation

Die magische 24

Er ist keine Meisterschaft, er ist eine echt harte Spaßveranstaltung, und ja, er ist wohl Kult, 1985 im Jenaer Forst mit sechs Staffeln gestartet, am letzten Wochenende bei seiner 24. Auflage mi ...
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13.05.2024 - News from GER
16:48 - German O-Federation

Rang fünf für Ralph Körner im TempO zum EM-Abs...

Dritter Wettbewerb, drittes Diplom - das deutsche Trail-O-Team hat seine Erfolge bei den europäischen Titelkämpfen fortgesetzt. In einer dramatischen Entscheidung mit nur wenigen Sekunden zu ...
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11.05.2024 - News from GER
23:24 - German O-Federation

Deutsche Trail-O-Staffel orientiert auf Platz vier

In der zweiten Entscheidung der Trail-O-EM gab es bereits die zweite Diplomplatzierung für das deutsche Team. In der gleichen Besetzung wie beim WM-Titelgewinn im Vorjahr konnten Ralph Körne ...
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10.05.2024 - News from GER
23:54 - German O-Federation

Bjarne Friedrichs sichert sich EM-Platz fünf im PreO

Die erste Entscheidung bei den Trail-O-Europameisterschaften in Turku (Finnland) bescherte dem deutschen Team gleich den ersten Diplomplatz: nach den beiden PreO-Etappen konnte sich Bjarne Friedrichs ...
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00:00 - German O-Federation

Umfrage: Die Jahreskarte 2023

Jetzt seid Ihr dran - Wie gefällt Euch die Jahreskarte 2023?
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07.05.2024 - News from GER
23:10 - German O-Federation

Vorbereitungswettkämpfe abgeschlossen, EM eröffnet

Vier Wettkämpfe rund um den EM-Austragungsort Turku liegen hinter dem fünfköpfigen deutschen Trail-O-Auswahlteam. Vor allem Bjarne Friedrichs (MTV Seesen) konnte insbesondere mit Platz ...
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05.05.2024 - News from GER
22:18 - German O-Federation

Harz MTB-O in Wernigerode

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04.05.2024 - News from GER
01:00 - German O-Federation

Trail-O-Team Germany unterwegs nach Finnland

Mit den Europameisterschaften im Präzisionsorientieren im finnischen Turku steht der Saisonhöhepunkt im internationalen Trail-O-Kalender unmittelbar bevor. Vor den Titelkämpfen werden i ...
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20.04.2024 - News from GER
19:46 - Colin Kolbe

Accepting The Struggle

It has been two months since the last posts and besides time not much has changed. Things have not gone worse but on the other hand without a diagnosis and treatment it is difficult to expect signific ...
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11.03.2024 - News from GER
18:51 - O-Schwaben

Season opening

The “4-Lwen Pokal” (4 lions cup) marked this years season opening for 4 German states. The competition consist of 4 races other 2 days. First race was a forest competition that also serv ...
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19.02.2024 - News from GER
09:04 - Colin Kolbe

Summer Training

My situation has not really improved since my last post. Training still feels not great sometimes and I am at a point where it is starting to get hard to tell the difference between what doesn’t ...
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06.01.2024 - News from GER
08:55 - Colin Kolbe

Error undefined

It is winter and in a way I am training but at the same time is it far from what I generally consider winter-training. My blog-posting rate can often be an indicator of how it is going because it mean ...
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01.01.2024 - News from GER
21:06 - O-Schwaben

Happy New Orienteering Year

Are you ready for 2024 season? I have a few plans, even I still wait for my vacation days to be confirmed. My plans are the 3 Lions Cup in the North of Baden-Wrttemberg at the first weekend of March ...
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25.12.2023 - News from GER
19:01 - O-Schwaben

Merry Christmas

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03.12.2023 - News from GER
19:38 - O-Schwaben

End of season / start of season

Last weekend we had the last two orienteering races of our regional season. The races were moved from beginning of October so we had a very late season end. I was on training rake from mid October and ...
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07.11.2023 - News from GER
20:01 - O-Schwaben

ArgeAlp 2023

Mid October was the date for the traditional ArgeAlp (Alpine countries working group) orienteering competition. Going through the member regions, Trentino was this years host region. In the nice mount ...
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11.10.2023 - News from GER
13:55 - Colin Kolbe

Mission Unsuccessful

EOC in Italy was not a failure but neither did I manage to qualify for any final race which was disspointing
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14.09.2023 - News from GER
13:47 - Colin Kolbe

Italy in Autumn

The orienteering season slowly comes to an end. Ater Switzerland last year it is apparently Italys turn again to hold the last Worldcup round in form of the European Sprint Championships in the regi ...
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21.08.2023 - News from GER
19:50 - Colin Kolbe

In love with elite orienteering

Okay, I know the title is a bit of a click-bait. I might as well have written addicted to elite orienteering but this sounds less destructive. However, does the title not come from pure harmony so let ...
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27.07.2023 - News from GER
18:28 - Colin Kolbe

Sideline Season

It has been a while simply because I wasnt really running any races. With the second World-Cup round in the Czech Republic my international season will finally start as well. Pushing goals back, is ...
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04.06.2023 - News from GER
17:44 - Colin Kolbe

Tiomila 2023 – Analyzing Teams

Analyzing this years 10Mila results together with current WRE-data.
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12:08 - O-Schwaben

Rats Runners OCR Kupferzell

After being alone at the Rats Runners events in 2021 and 2022 we were back with a team. Nico joint Jakob and me so we had a competitive team again. Last year the event in Kupferzell was mid June and r ...
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29.05.2023 - News from GER
17:51 - O-Schwaben

World Maze Race 2023

This year my club hostet a event for the World Maze Race for the first time. The concept is easy. One identical maze all other the world to find the world fastest maze runner. Building the maze was qu ...
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28.05.2023 - News from GER
17:34 - O-Schwaben

Swiss Sprint Champs or playing with the big boys

Without Jakob but with one junior we train Ive be at the Swiss Sprint Champs in Laufen. Laufen was the host city of the 3rd round of orienteering world cup 2019. The map has been used for sprint and ...
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17.05.2023 - News from GER
11:22 - Colin Kolbe

Lost in season planning

After many weeks of almost problem-free winter training, I hit a bumb in the road. A quite unlucky timing lead to a missed season start, leaving me basically without much race experience so far this y ...
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16.05.2023 - News from GER
18:44 - O-Schwaben

German championships and WRE

Last weekend we travelled to Willebadessen for the German championships over the middle distance and the World ranking event the day after. Before the races we took the chance an did the model event t ...
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01.05.2023 - News from GER
09:56 - O-Schwaben

World Maze Race

World Maze Race is coming. This year in conjunction with World Orienteering Day. So why not host a World Maze Race at your World Orienteering Day activity. My club will do so this year. You will find ...
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29.03.2023 - News from GER
15:14 - Colin Kolbe

Frustration – Individual athlete support in Germany

This post is about my personal frustration with (official) sports sponsoring and sports-related scholarships in Germany. I needed to put my thoughts into words, for my own sake and to make it at least ...
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