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18.04: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Team Belgium Sprint Selection 1 🇧🇪 Even if I`ve a ...

Team Belgium Sprint Selection 1 🇧🇪 Even if Ive a wildcard for both EOC and WOC Sprin...
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11.04: Matthias Kyburz

Jetzt geht’s los!

Seit dem letzten Beitrag sind bereits wieder zwei Monate vergangen. Passiert ist einiges, leider nur...
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06.04: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Definitively one of the best playgrounds for an orientee...

Definitively one of the best playgrounds for an orienteer - World Championships terrain in Czechia. ...
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14.04.2021 - News from AUS
10:49 - Australian O-Federation

JWOC 2021 honour team

 Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the Australian honour team for JWOC 2021. This is the highest level of representation so it’s a very impressive achievement ...
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09:59 - Australian O-Federation

NOL round 3 & 4

Thanks to those who completed the survey regarding NOL and training camps. The National O League will continue as originally planned, with only 2 NOL rounds to go in Renmark and Broulee, so only 2 mor ...
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  TRAIL-O: AARON GAIO, RENATO BETTIN E GLI AZ... 20210418-1731 - Italian O-Federation
  Winner prize by swisstopo 20210414-2202 - Swiss O-Week
  Podcast 157 from Radio O-Ringen 20210412-1600 - O-Ringen
  L'orienteering inserito nel piano del t... 20210412-1226 - Italian O-Federation
  TRAIL-O: IN SLOVENIA IL PROSSIMO 17-18 APRI... 20210407-1312 - Italian O-Federation
  MTB-O: PASQUA LONG A CARREGA. DOMANI LE SPR... 20210404-1424 - Italian O-Federation
  Arosa and the bears 20210404-1204 - Swiss O-Week
  MTB-O: TEST FISICI PER UN LAVORO DI QUALITA... 20210402-2037 - Italian O-Federation
08.04.2021 - News from AUS
00:17 - Australian O-Federation

Heading in the Right Direction: Why Schools Love the Fantasti...

        In 2020, Orienteering Australia developed a National Sporting Schools Orienteering Curriculum. The two new and exciting programs, for Primary School (Years 3-6) and Se ...
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Latest from Orienteering Forums
Svartnatta @ Orienterare (23:20)
VM 2021 i Tjeckien @ Orienterare (22:03)
Färglaserskrivare (h @ Orienterare (21:32)
Live orientering, tips p& @ Orienterare (21:12)
In need of an O fix? maprun @ Nopesport (20:43)
Canceled for May 2-3, pos @ Attackpoint-Events (18:41) sborrill @ Nopesport (16:54)
O-ringen 2020 @ Orienterare (16:39)
Compass Point RichT @ Nopesport (15:19)
Sprintstafet 8. maj TC @ O-snak (14:44)
WMOC 2021 event is to be @ Attackpoint (14:43)
Små klubbars releva @ Orienterare (08:28)
NAOC 2020 Postponed until @ Attackpoint-Events (06:02)

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07.04.2021 - News from AUS
09:31 - Australian O-Federation

No AUS-team at JWOC 2021

At the OA Board meeting on 30th of March, a decision was made that Australia would not be sending athletes to JWOC 2021 due to ongoing travel restrictions and the COVID-19 situation in Turkey. Whilst ...
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06.04.2021 - News from AUS
04:26 - Australian O-Federation

Silva Medal 2021

The Silva Medal is awarded to the Australian orienteer who best performs relative to their class in specified events. Points are awarded for Days 1, 2 and 3 of the Australian 3-Days, Championship ...
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01.04.2021 - News from AUS
13:20 - Australian O-Federation

Additional Papers released for Easter Meetings

Three new papers have been released by the OA High Performance Management Group. They are relevant to both the Events Committee meeting and the Coaching / High Performance meeting. All papers can be f ...
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31.03.2021 - News from AUS
04:40 - Australian O-Federation

2021 Orienteering Australia AGM and Committee Meetings &...

The 2021 Orienteering Australia Annual General Meeting will take place at Molong Central School Hall, 68-70 Phillip St, Molong NSW 2866 on Sunday 4th April 2021 at 3pm. The  AGM Agenda and a ...
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28.03.2021 - News from AUS
11:37 - Australian O-Federation

2021 Family Training Camp during Easter 2021 Carnival Week

EASTER CARNIVAL Family  Training Camp Friday 2 April – Saturday 10 April All juniors and their families are invited! And anyone who feels there’s room for improvement! Here&rsquo ...
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21.03.2021 - News from AUS
22:29 - Australian O-Federation

MTBO Update – Re World Championships & Nat...

Formal notice that OA will NOT be sending a team to the 2021 WORLD MTBO Championships.   (The 2021 WOC & JWOC MTBO World Champs are scheduled to be held in Finland from 8th June.) Thi ...
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12.03.2021 - News from AUS
07:34 - Australian O-Federation

Orienteering Australia Appointments – WOC Coach

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Weihart as WOC Coach. WOC 2021 is held in the Czech Republic 3-9 July around the town of Doksy. Brett, originally from Adelaide a ...
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Although the first ideas about having OOcup in Dolenjska region are a decade old, it was not before this year that we actually decided to organize OOcup there and bring you to these amazing terrains!

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Martin Hubmann Facebook Still a lot to analyse after my third camp towards World Ori... (15.04 18:53)

Swiss Orienteering 5000m-Testlauf: Elena Roos und Matthias Kyburz am schnellst... (17.04 15:15)

Matthias Kyburz Jetzt geht’s los! (11.04 16:56)

Yannick Michiels Facebook Team Belgium Sprint Selection 1 🇧🇪 Even if I`ve a wild... (18.04 18:38)

O-Zeugs DIY: fokus razor 200 (P0.9.5) (15.04 11:45)

Judith Wyder Facebook One step forward! The new INDEX.01 shoe from Salomon is made... (14.04 20:22)

Daniel Hubmann Facebook Definitively one of the best playgrounds for an orienteer - ... (06.04 05:23)

Norwegian O-Federation VM-samling: «Mye bra trening i relevant terreng» (19.04 08:33)

Australian O-Federation JWOC 2021 honour team (14.04 10:49)

Swedish O-Federation Mycket på spel i Norrtälje – tv-sändning från knockout... (13.04 16:20)

Swiss O-Week Winner prize by swisstopo (14.04 22:02)

O-Ringen Podcast 157 from Radio O-Ringen (12.04 16:00)

Tobia Pezzati Non quello che avrei voluto (16.04 16:37)

Norwegian O-Federation NM-sprint utsettes (18.04 10:29)

Norwegian O-Federation Jukola utsettes til august (15.04 11:14)

Swiss Orienteering Neue Lockerungen der Covid-19-Schutzmassnahmen (14.04 19:29)

Yannick Michiels Facebook Speedwork 💥 Fun to be running more on the track again for... (14.04 16:23)

World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 First entries to World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021 are made (15.04 08:17) Olympic? Forest? Park? (17.04 09:05)

Ursula Kadan Facebook As the first selection races for the European Champs in Neuc... (09.04 06:56)

Austrian O-Federation ÖSTM – Sekundenkrimi und Favoritensieg (15.04 10:35)

Swiss Orienteering Aktualisiertes Covid-19-Schutzkonzept (gültig ab 19. April) (16.04 18:40)

Swiss Orienteering EOC 2021: Selektionsläufe stehen an (14.04 06:46)

Norwegian O-Federation Rutiner for viktige løp med touchfree stempling (15.04 11:25)

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