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14.06: World of O

Jukola 2018: All You Need To Know

Jukola - the largest orienteering relay in the world - starts Saturday at 22:00 CET (23:00 local ti...
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17.06: World of O

Koovee wins Jukola 2018 after great team performance!

Oleksandr Kratov took Koovee from a 12th place at +5:46 to a 1:18 lead on the 4th leg - beating IFK...
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17.06: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Jukola victory with Koovee suunnistus!! Thanks to my tea...

Jukola victory with Koovee suunnistus!! Thanks to my team mates and everybody working behind it! #ju...
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16.06: World of O

Venla 2018: Stora Tuna on top!

Stora Tuna wins the 2018 Venla relay ahead of Göteborg Majorna and MS Parma after a very stron...
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10.06: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Relay training with teams of Latvia, Lithuania, Finland ...

Relay training with teams of Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Switzerland... #WOC2018 #SwissOTeam Vide...
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10.06: Sabine Hauswirth Fabebook

A nice training camp with the @swissorienteeringteam in ...

A nice training camp with the @swissorienteeringteam in latvia is ending! Enjoyed the perfect weathe...
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24.05.2018 - News from AUS
22:32 - Australian O-Federation

WOC team announced

OA would like to congratulate the following athletes selected to represent Australia at the World Orienteering Championships in Latvia in August. Discipline Women Men Sprint Belinda Lawford Natasha Ke ...
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  Taça Ribatejo Norte 2018 – Fil... 20180614-1314 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  Taça Ribatejo Norte 2018 20180611-1753 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  5DAYS OF ITALY: AL VIA LE SQUADRE REGIONALI... 20180607-1447 - Italian O-Federation
  SdS: seminario: La prestazione sportiva ogg... 20180605-1219 - Italian O-Federation
  GPS: VUOI SEGUIRE GLI AZZURRINI? C'E... 20180602-2302 - Italian O-Federation
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  MTB-O: DALLAVALLE, PRONTO AD APRIRE IL GAS 20180530-2201 - Italian O-Federation
21.05.2018 - News from AUS
11:50 - Australian O-Federation

NOL pointscore

Round 3 of the National Orienteering League was held in Victoria last weekend with the Victorian Middle Distance Championships on Saturday and a tough long distance race on Sunday. For some these were ...
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03.05.2018 - News from AUS
22:14 - Australian O-Federation

World Cup Round 1

This Sunday sees the start of a major highlight of the 2018 international calendar with round 1 of the World Cup and the European Championships being held in Ticino Switzerland. Australia is represent ...
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02.05.2018 - News from AUS
01:24 - Australian O-Federation

2018 Silva Medal – Progressive Scores after Austral...

The Silva Medal competition for 2018 is based on points for participating and placing in the Australian Championships ( Sprint, Medium and Long), and the Australian 3-Days Championships (each day cons ...
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16.04.2018 - News from AUS
09:50 - Australian O-Federation

Entries are now open for May Selection trials

Entries are now open for NOL 9 and 10 on the 19/20th May, in Central Victoria. This event is also the final WOC Selection trial. Middle distance race on Saturday at Yorkshire Hill, Bendigo,  ...
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14.04.2018 - News from AUS
04:19 - Australian O-Federation

Bushrangers Team to NZ in June

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the Australian Bushrangers team that will compete against New Zealand at Woodhill Forest north of Auckland in June. The team is : Junior men (6): Angus Ha ...
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13.04.2018 - News from AUS
02:23 - Australian O-Federation

WOC Manager Appointed

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce that Christopher ‘Toph’ Naunton has been appointed as the manager for the Australian team to attend the World Orienteering Championshi ...
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12.04.2018 - News from AUS
11:52 - Australian O-Federation

Australian Team for World University Orienteering Championshi...

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce the team for the World University Orienteering Championships to be held in Finland in July. Each country gets four places in each individual race and athl ...
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10.04.2018 - News from AUS
12:23 - Australian O-Federation

Four new inductees into Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame

Four new members have been inducted into the Orienteering Australia Hall of Fame. Hermann Wehner has been inducted into the Athlete Division. Hermann has a long history of outstanding national and int ...
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08.04.2018 - News from AUS
11:28 - Australian O-Federation

Barbara and Ron Junghans win Silva Award for Services to Orie...

The annual Silva Award for Services to Orienteering in Australia has been presented to Barbara and Ron Junghans. This award reflects their contribution to orienteering in Australia over a period of de ...
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06.07.2017 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Ups and Downs

“Experiencing life’s ups and downs has really helped shape me into the artist that I am today”-DarudeThe last few days have been almost as much of a rollercoaster as the strip of roa ...
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01.07.2017 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team

Sprint final

What an exciting day. People running every where, wet cobble stones, possibility for collision. The sprint final had it all. The arena was the same as yesterdays qual but with a much more complicated ...
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30.06.2017 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia National Team

3 are in!

Today was the sprint qual and the first race for WOC. The weather was not kind and at points it was pouring which meant for a very slippery course. Simon, Belinda and Brodie ran hard and only just mis ...
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29.06.2017 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team


Tomorrow WOC begins and our sprinters are ready for the qualification. The race starts from 1pm with the girls running first and the boys after. Before WOC begins we would like to say a big thank you ...
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28.06.2017 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team

2.5m, no wait 5m, no wait 2.5m

Arrival of the final bulletin for a World Championships is like awaiting the federal budget, there is a lot of hype beforehand and then once its released no one really understands it and there are ple ...
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27.06.2017 - News from AUS
18:00 - Australia National Team

Team accommodation!

Today the Australians arrived at their WOC accommodation. We are staying at a house outside of the town of Puhja (poo jar) which is close to a number of competition maps. Our house includes two suanas ...
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25.06.2017 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

Athlete profile- Bridget

Name: Bridget AndersonNick name: here are the various names people have given me in my life: biddy, chops, stumps, budgie, bridgo, tegdirb, bridgididge, Richard, Pricard, and birdshit.Age: 28Number of ...
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24.06.2017 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team

Estonian culture

Hello again!As it was St Johns day in Estonia today we are going to introduce you to some of the quirky culture of Estonia.On the 22nd of June Estonian people celebrate St Johns eve which is like thei ...
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23.06.2017 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

Quiz for the day

How many pieces of fruit are in the bowl?Bonus question. Where is the team sitting?
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04:00 - Australia National Team

Training Camp - Sprint Training

Storks nest - no room for shoe rackSprint Training near the BorderTraining camp digsForgot to include the photo of the team house -from the outside. Very nice and much more spacious than the special p ...
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22.06.2017 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team

Henry and o bags?

Hello again!Today we have a quiz for you. Can you correctly name the o-bag to the person in the house.Your options are Simon, Bridget, Henry, Belinda, Krystal and Jim.Write your answer in the comments ...
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10:00 - Australia National Team

Training Camp - Day 1

Into the forestSo weve been checking out what low visibility means by Estonian standards... it looks a bitlike this...Estonian forestThe area wason a map called Paidapalun, south of where the ...
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21.06.2017 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia National Team

We are in Estonia!

Hello everyone! The Aussies have arrived in Estonia. We are currently on our training camp in a small BnB farm called Hallivarku which we just learnt means Grey Hill. We have seen no grey or hills yet ...
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20.06.2017 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia National Team

WOC 2017 Estonia

The countdown to WOC has started...Boomerangs team members have started to arrive at the team training camp near Tartu,to commence final preparations for the World Orienteering Championships. All the ...
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09.07.2016 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia JWOC Team

This post is going straight to the pool room

Sorry for the lack of recent posts but don’t stress, it’s not that we’ve been slacking off. In fact there’s been a number of reasons for our lack of internet activity; notably ...
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07.07.2016 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia JWOC Team

JWOC 2016 Athlete Profiles

Name: Zoe DowlingYear born: 1998Nickname: HeartbreakerJWOC class: VirginFavourite Distance: MiddleDanish, Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian: SwedishWould you rather have red eyes or pointy teeth: P ...
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