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30.08: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Competing 90 minutes for nothing is not funny, but I can...

Competing 90 minutes for nothing is not funny, but I can only blame myself. I punched a wrong contro...
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24.08: World of O MiniNews

Updates from International Orienteering Coaches Conferen...

Here updates will be posted from the International Orienteering Coaches Conference 2015 during the ...
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30.08: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Tight fight with my brother in a lovely alpine terrain y...

Tight fight with my brother in a lovely alpine terrain yesterday, national long distance champs toda...
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29.08: Judith Wyder Facebook

I decided to not run the national competiton today and t...

I decided to not run the national competiton today and the Swiss long champs tomorrow. I am still no...
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28.08: World of O MiniNews

France: New training approach – New challenges

Instead of following the successful approach of Thierry Gueorgiou, Francois Gonon and Philippe Adam...
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30.08: Alessio Tenani

Training camp in Sestriere, including Day1 at North West...

Una settimana di allenamenti in Piemonte, tra Claviere, Monti della Luna, Sestriere, Pragelato e Pr...
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27.08: Tue Lassen

WOC 2015 - Summary and analysis

1 - 11 - 15 - 21. Thats the cold fact of my 4 starts in WOC 2015. The highlight is of course the GO...
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30.08: Ida Bobach Facebook

New short article at my webpage:

New short article at my webpage: ...
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30.08: Ida Bobach

WOC consequences

The two gold medals that I won at this years world championship unfortunately had a price: an inflam...
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30.08.2015 - News from AUS
16:43 - Australian O-Federation

Wildfire Sports Ultra Long Championships 2015

The Wildfire Sports Ultra Long Australian Championships were held in Ballarat, hosted by Eureka Orienteers. The overall winner of the return airfare to Europe was Henry McNulty, the 2015 JWOC represen ...
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27.08.2015 - News from AUS
00:42 - Australian O-Federation

Entries closing next Monday 31 August for 2015 Australian Cha...

Entries closing next Monday 31 August – 2015 Australian Championships Carnival – Enter now and join the large contingent of orienteers from all parts of Aus ...
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21.08.2015 - News from AUS
06:14 - Australian O-Federation

2016 ASC Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) grant program

The Australian Sports Commission 2016 Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS) grant program is now open. The closing date is Wednesday 9 September 2015 (7:00pm AEST). The WLIS grant program is an Australian Gov ...
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20.08.2015 - News from AUS
03:12 - Australian O-Federation

Gold for Angus Robinson at MTBO World Championships

Victoria’s Angus Robinson (BK) made history to become Australia’s first JWOC MTBO gold medallist by winning the sprint at Turnov (Czech Republic) today. He had a 21 second victory ...
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07.08.2015 - News from AUS
18:44 - Australian O-Federation

Gueorgiou and Bobach win Long Distance at WOC 2015.

  Ida Bobach ran a superb race to take gold in the Long race in Glen Affric today, with a winning margin of well over two minutes – Denmark’s fourth gold medal of the week. &a ...
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06.08.2015 - News from AUS
14:05 - Australian O-Federation

WOC Relay- Darnaway Castle

Yesterday at the same arena as the middle distance on Tuesday the WOC relay’s were held with the start for both races being right in front of Darnaway Castle. The Danish team of Maja Alm, &# ...
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04.08.2015 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia National Team

Middle Distance

The WOC Middle Distance final held today at Darnaway Forest featured four Aussies – Hanny Allston, Anna Sheldon, Lachlan Dow and Simon Uppill.Anna finishing in front of Darnaway CastleHannyOur best ...
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19:06 - Australian O-Federation

WOC Middle at Darnaway (Castle).

WOC Middle at Darnaway. Today in a beautiful setting the WOC Middle was held. The arena was on a sloping grass area directly in front of the Darnaway Castle owned by the Earl of Moray … Read ...
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03.08.2015 - News from AUS
20:30 - Australian O-Federation

Hanny On the Podium for Sprint

WOC Sprint Presentation  This evening the presentations were held for the WOC Sprints and also the WOC Sprint Relay. The highlight for the small number of Australians present along with the rest ...
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02.08.2015 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia National Team

Hanny 5th in WOC Sprint Final!!

Tomorrow is a rest day for the Australian team but we are still going to be very busy. In the morning most of the team will be heading out into the forest for the middle model. In the afternoon the te ...
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22:09 - Australian O-Federation

Fantastic Sprint Final- Hanny 5th place

Oi Oi- Hanny 5th in Sprint Final at WOC 2015 “Every picture tells a story” In an even more exciting Sprint Final today than yesterday’s Sprint Relay Hanny Allston ran herself ...
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16:00 - Australia National Team

Sprint Final

The Sprint Final is tonight and if the previous sprints are any indication it should be fast paced and very exciting. Australia have two runners competing, Rachel, starting at 4:53pm local time and Ha ...
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01.08.2015 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia National Team

The Sprints

Two out of three sprints are over and they have been very exciting! The sprint qualification on Friday night was an overall success, with both Hanny (5th) and Rachel (15th) qualifying for the final an ...
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22:10 - Australian O-Federation

Exciting Win for Denmark in Sprint Relay

Exciting Win to Denmark in Sprint Relay Today in the small town of Nairn beside the Moray Firth, on a sunny but cold afternoon the WOC Sprint Relay was a very exciting event. The arena … Rea ...
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31.07.2015 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia National Team

The Dawn of WOC 2015: The Sprint Qualification

Today we preview our six runners competing in the sprint qualifier, which is tomorrow! The first starts are at 6pm (UK time, GMT+1), and the start lists are available here (http://eventor.orienteering ...
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29.07.2015 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia National Team

The Beginning

Gday everyone, and welcome to the first blog entry for this years world orienteering championships, in rainy Inverness, Scotland! While the sun has not shown its face for more than a few minutes this ...
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08.07.2015 - News from AUS
05:00 - Australia JWOC Team

UPDATE: Sprint, Middle Qual and Middle Final

Thought I’d give you an update on our 2015 JWOC progress.The week started with an opening ceremony in Rauland, a simple athlete procession and a taste of some Norwegian music.We are staying in t ...
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03.07.2015 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Team Profiles

Name: Aidan DawsonNickname: A-trainBirth year: ‘96JWOC class: FreshmanWhat are you most looking forward to at JWOC?: Experiencing everything JWOC has to offer.Sprint, Middle, Long o ...
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02.07.2015 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Let the training begin

Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the last week but we’ve been kept pretty busy finishing season one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, having some epic battles on QuizUp and making the most of the ...
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25.06.2015 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia JWOC Team

The Prelude

After a tough flight complete with a toddler that conveniently slept for 11 hours and some people that would not stop laughing, I arrived in Sweden to have my Dad pick me and take me straight out to m ...
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22.06.2015 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia JWOC Team

We're making our way to Norway!

The first reunion among the 2015 team in Scandinavia took place at Jukola, immediately post Henrys stella run on first leg for OK Linne. Hero, otherwise known as Henry, had a fantastic race and brough ...
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01.08.2014 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Final Event - The Relay, (not counting the nightclub of cours...

Well the bad weather was predicted to avoid us until early afternoon however with about half an hour before the start of the womens relay, it bucketed down. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain meant bra ...
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31.07.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia JWOC Team


Apologies for the delay in getting the remainder of the team member profiles up on the blog, but they werent all complete prior to competition and then things got quite hectic reporting on results.Nam ...
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26.07.2014 - News from AUS
18:00 - Australia JWOC Team

The Middle Qualification and Final

Well a 40-60 min drive (depending which bus you were on) took the athletes from Borovets to Zheleznica, a hilly map with lots of contour detail. Mixed forest with some tracks although recent summer gr ...
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25.07.2014 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia JWOC Team

UPDATE: Sprint, Long and Rest Day

Thought it was about time we gave you all an update on the success of the 2014 Aussie JWOC team.The week started with a sprint in Samokov. Summer in Bulgaria has proven to be a touch temperamental wit ...
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21.07.2014 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia JWOC Team

Team Member Profiles

With competition week upon us its a good time for you to get to know your Australian team. Here are a few personal details for half of the team members.OLLE POLAND Nickname: The Bearded ...
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20.07.2014 - News from AUS
05:51 - Australia JWOC Team

MasterOrienteer Pressure test - Sprint essence and a dash of ...

Todays dish requires not only a large amount of preparation but also, dedication, expectation and lunch time communication! You will not only encounter some of Bulgarias most technically challenging t ...
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18.07.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

That's all folks!

Hi everyone,Well, thats it for another year at the World Champs. Time always flies at these events, and theres no doubt thats because they are a heap of fun, in large part to all the awesome people in ...
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17.07.2014 - News from AUS
12:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Training, Training, Training!

The training camp began in stella fashion; buffet breakfast at the hotel. Following a relaxing morning, we headed out for session number one, a map walk at Shiroki Dol. Team members headed off in grou ...
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15.07.2014 - News from AUS
22:00 - Australia JWOC Team


Fortunately, our travels around Bulgaria didnt require us passengers to yell this particular phrase out too many times, but driving in Bulgaria was an eye-opener in more ways than one. As a driver it ...
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11.07.2014 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia JWOC Team

First Taste of Bulgaria... Delicous

Matt, Ashley and I arrived in Sofia early Monday morning to be confronted by a shifty looking character who offered us a taxi. We had be warned about these dodgy characters so opted for the legit taxi ...
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12:00 - Australia National Team

The Middle.

Well the week is coming to a close shortly, but before the week finishes we still have 2 more exciting races to go, and in my humble biased opinion the 2 best ones 2 run (really just the 2 that if I w ...
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09.07.2014 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia National Team

The Long Distance....

Well the long distance is just about to start. First womens start is at 12.21 I believe.The rain has currently gone away so it should be a nice day to spectate. Hanny is the first Australian off at 12 ...
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08.07.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

Thursday Arvo Picnic

To all our supporters currently in Italy, please join us, this Thursday at 3pm, on the southern shores of Lago di Lavarone for afternoon tea. Normally we the team provide the food and drink, but I am ...
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07.07.2014 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia National Team

Mixing it up

Well that was a exciting evening! The mixed sprint relay produced a exciting jam packed hour of racing. If your back home in Australia but were too concerned about tiredness to stay up to watch it - y ...
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05:00 - Australia National Team

What you need to know about the mixed sprint relay.

So the WOC week is well and truly under way. A very scenic sprint happened in Venice on Saturday. Today saw the opening ceremony in the mountain town of Asiago and tomorrow all eyes will turn to the f ...
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05.07.2014 - News from AUS
08:00 - Australia National Team

The day is here

Well I would have given you a little bit more of a race preview yesterday if the internet at our hotel was able to handle the amount people that were trying to use the internet... I think the Russians ...
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03.07.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

A Day in the Life of an Aussie Training Camp

While Toph and I are chilling in our beautiful hotel in the mountains, we thought wed share with you a typical day of an orienteering training camp. Its days like these that make me want to quit my jo ...
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02.07.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia National Team

Pre WOC Training

Well we are now just 3 days before WOC 2014 starts, so you might be wondering how the preparation is going? Well this week not much is happening. The whole aim of this week is to relax as much as poss ...
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10:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Alpe Adria Cup 2014

Over the past few days I have been competing in the Alpe Adria Cup, held in Cansiglio, Italy. The competition consisted of four races; long, relay, sprint and middle, held over three days.Day 1-Long:A ...
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30.06.2014 - News from AUS
23:50 - Australia National Team

Alpe Adria

The weekend that has just passed saw all of the WOC team head to Cansiglio for a 3 day event, Alpe Adria. The weekend provided some interesting competitions in tough terrain, which was quite idealprep ...
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28.06.2014 - News from AUS
05:00 - Australia JWOC Team

JWOC Middle – What to expect

The Course SetterKiril Nikolov is a current Bulgarian Elite orienteer. He has run WOC several times with top 15 placing’s on several occasions. He won silver in the 2012 European champs Sprint. ...
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19.06.2014 - News from AUS
20:00 - Australia National Team

WOC 2014!

Gday everyone, and welcome to the Australian WOC team blog for another year.Our athletes and coaches are in preparation and soon will be making their way to Italy. For some, this is just a short fligh ...
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13.06.2014 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Across the Ditch

At the beginning of June I packed my bags and flew across the ditch to Wellington, New Zealand to compete in their Queens Birthday weekend races. Obviously competing in some high quality races was a b ...
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08.06.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat (Part 3)

Chapter 6: There is no route choice, only weakness (by Matt Doyle)I had a really great Easter, putting together some of my best races in recent memory, and this has put me on a bit of a motivational h ...
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05.06.2014 - News from AUS
16:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat (Part 2)

Chapter 4 - Smooth Sailing (By Ashley Nankervis)The last 5 weeks have been some of the best training I have been able to put together. Other than 1 week where the intensity had to drop down a lot due ...
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04.06.2014 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia JWOC Team

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat (Part 1)

Our JWOC team has been very busy over the last 5 weeks. The following is part 1 of the story I am calling, eat, sleep, train, repeat.Chapter 1 - Strength and Speed (By Michele Dawson):One of my goals ...
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02.06.2014 - News from AUS
14:00 - Australia JWOC Team

The Road to JWOC

The last 5 weeks have been very busy for all of the JWOC team, trying to balance training with the increasing pressure of school, work and uni. The following blog posts include reflections of the team ...
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