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20.10: Ines Brodmann

Ein schöner Abschluss!

Ein einmaliges Wochenende im Baselbiet ist Geschichte. In drei Tagen ...
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24.10: Helen Palmer

Scotland: The idea of home

Small talk, by convention, involves the question Where are you from?For me, this simple question req...
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20.10: Daniel Hubmann

Schottland im Fokus

Nachdem ich im September bereits eine Woche mit dem Nationalteam in Schottland verbrachte, hab...
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22.10: Riina Kuuselo

Finnish Ultra Long Championships

Finnish Ultra LongChampionshipswere held in tough and challenging terrain of Kytäjä, part...
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19.10: Gernot Kerschbaumer

Sog` ma, es wor nix....

(free english translation: lets say, there was no night competition yesterday....) But there was the...
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21.10: Matthias Kyburz

Erfolgreiches Saisonende

Letztes Jahr sicherte ich mir in Baden, 50 Kilometer von zu Hause, den Titel im Gesamtweltcup. Dass....
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25.10.2014 - News from UK
11:43 - Orienteering Memes


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  Classic! 20141025-1143 - Orienteering Memes
  Att mrkna ner ... 20141024-2350 - Kart-Bosse
  Wer gewinnt den Schuttmatch 20141024-1411 - Stü
  Ist es legitim das Athleten f&uum... 20141024-1409 - Stü
  Vorschau die Schlacht auf der Bodenweid 20141024-1200 - Stü
  27th Tinto Twin 20141023-2320 - Scottish Orienteering Association
  Erfolgreicher Saisonabschluss 20141023-1420 - Wartbichler and Linhart
  Urban League 2014 20141023-0803 - Scottish Orienteering Association
24.10.2014 - News from UK
14:01 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 84th

Scotland: The idea of home

Small talk, by convention, involves the question Where are you from?For me, this simple question requires a complicated answer. Instead of searching inside myself and my past for an honest and/or leng ...
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23.10.2014 - News from UK
23:20 - Scottish Orienteering Association

27th Tinto Twin

The 27th running of the Night - Day Tinto Twin is being held on Carmichael Hill and Happendon Wood this weekend, 25th & 26th October. Extra maps have been printed ...
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08:03 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Urban League 2014

The 2014 bto SOUL prizegiving was held at a lively SEDS ceilidh following SOUL 8 at Kingussie on 27 Sept. A full report on the 2014 season will appear in the next edit ...
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22.10.2014 - News from UK
15:47 - Orienteering England

SHI 2014 – Team Manager’s Report

A report on the Senior Home International match held at Deeside in Scotland on the 18-19 October 2014 can be viewed from the link below: SHI 2014 Report
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13:43 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scotland victorious on home soil!

Scotland win the Senior Home International 2014 The last week has seen some great races in Scotland and the home nations took advantage of these to hold the Senior Hom ...
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12:05 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 19th

Deeside: Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

As ever, Scotland and Deeside lived up to high expectations! It was great to have a World Championships training camp without needing to cram in as much as possible. I reacquainted myself with this fa ...
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19.10.2014 - News from UK
20:14 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Race the Castles 2014

Full details and results available on the Race the Castles website Scotland were the winners of the Senior Sprint Home International competition. Scotland also won th ...
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16:04 - Orienteering Memes

Its something!

Its something!
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17.10.2014 - News from UK
14:06 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 45th

Limone Xtreme skyrace

You seem like youve been in a gladiator fight said the commentary lady jabbing a microphone in my face 30 seconds after finishing.Maybe thats a bit melodramatic but I certainly feel like Ive been in b ...
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16.10.2014 - News from UK
21:13 - Orienteering Memes

The contours never change

The contours never change
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15.10.2014 - News from UK
16:39 - Orienteering Memes

Totally look alikes! Anders Holmberg (retired from internatio...

Totally look alikes! Anders Holmberg (retired from international orienteering after the last WC-race) and Olle Kalered (winner of Långa Natten at 10Mila this year) obviously knew each other in a ...
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13:10 - Orienteering England

SHI 2014 – Final England Team

The final team to represent England in the 2014 Senior Home International can be found at the link below: SHI 2014 – Final England Team
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10:42 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Quarrelwood, 2nd November 2014

Quarrelwood is conveniently placed beside the A96, near Elgin. The map has been updated recently, and tea/cakes are available in the village hall afterwards. Full deta ...
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14.10.2014 - News from UK
16:12 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Bridging the gap

Final touches including new gates are being made to the bridge over the Abhainn Deabhag (Glen Affric) commissioned by the Scottish Orienteering Association on behalf o ...
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16:07 - Orienteering Memes

You know its gonna be a bad day when the season is about to e...

You know its gonna be a bad day when the season is about to end and youre not going to any races in the weekend...
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10:00 -

PWT raced the castles of Edinburgh and Stirling

Edinburgh, Scotland, Oct 2014: Last weekend saw PWT returning to Scotland as our Scottish friends took it to the castles. Organized together with the Race the Castles competitions, it was also two wor ...
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13.10.2014 - News from UK
09:34 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Regular Orienteering Map Programme

ROMP joins WOC training again - now at Inshriach. Top-notch technical training open to all, plus the chance to rub shoulders with the world’s best orienteers. In ...
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12.10.2014 - News from UK
20:43 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 19th

Autumn racing: Switzerland, Stockholm, Scotland!

Last weekend was time for the World Cup final rounds in Switzerland, my last races for the British team this year (I kind of hope it was also the last in the current kit as the blood still won’t ...
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09.10.2014 - News from UK
14:55 - Emily Benham

Racing fatbikes

When HJ mentioned there was a local MTB race yesterday evening (he mentioned it at about 3pm with the race starting at 6pm) I thought ‘hey, why not?’! It was most certainly a local ...
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06.10.2014 - News from UK
21:47 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Compass Point Scottish O League 2014

Scores after SOL6 now available by course and age class.
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17:52 - Scottish Orienteering Association

National Centre course schedule

LATEST ITEMS: Date confirmed for Grade C Controllers’ course: 29th November 2014. UKCC dates for 2015, including new Level 3 modules and Coaching Foundation cou ...
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15:10 - Orienteering Memes

Ive been waiting so long for a online Orienteering Manager ga...

Ive been waiting so long for a online Orienteering Manager game, and now its here! Register and play at
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05.10.2014 - News from UK
18:50 - Orienteering Memes

When you are following someone without reading the map, and t...

When you are following someone without reading the map, and the guy you follow makes a big mistake...
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04.10.2014 - News from UK
17:31 - Orienteering Memes

Cmon, its really not that hard...

Cmon, its really not that hard...
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09:46 - Orienteering England

SHI Sprints 2014 – England Team

The England team for the SHI Sprints 2014 can be found from the link beloe: SHI Sprints 2014 – England Team
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01.10.2014 - News from UK
16:09 - Orienteering Memes

Dont you just hate it when this happens?

Dont you just hate it when this happens?
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29.09.2014 - News from UK
13:31 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Condes for course planning

The Condes User Guide has been updated for use with version 9 of the Condes software, which offers several improvements in both functionality and interface. Of particu ...
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28.09.2014 - News from UK
18:36 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 19th

SM: Just Something I Did

News! Finally! Building up training slowly after being sick has meant a slower time, in many ways. The last few weeks have been spent building some life layers; first a stable routine in my new home, ...
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18:24 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Highland Wolf 2014

Incorporating SOL 6, SOUL 7 & the North Area Inter-Club Junior Trophy Results, Points, Winsplits, Routegadget for all events
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26.09.2014 - News from UK
08:37 - Emily Benham

Bulletins for 2015

I don’t know about anyone else, but as of Monday (or Wednesday, I’m undecided!) it’s 2015 for me. MissionCzech will start and another of hard work towards that elusive WO ...
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24.09.2014 - News from UK
20:35 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 7, Balmoral, Sat Oct 18

SOL 7 is part of the Race the Castles series. Please take note that it is on Saturday, and that the closing date for entries was Friday 3rd October. The early closing ...
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08:12 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Regional Development Officer, Highland

Scottish Orienteering is very pleased to welcome Johannes Felter as a Regional Development Officer. Johannes will start work on the 3rd October, but some of you will s ...
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07:43 - Scottish Orienteering Association

EUOC 50th Anniversary

Come help EUOC celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are inviting all alumni and members to a sit down meal on the 11th October 2014 at The Playfair Library. It is the sa ...
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21.09.2014 - News from UK
20:02 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SEDS Training 2014/15

SEDS Calendar of Training Announced. After a successful planning weekend we have a calendar of training devised which we hope wil push Scottish athletes forward towards WOC 2 ...
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19.09.2014 - News from UK
15:23 - Orienteering Memes

Norwegian relay champs. Last leg. Fight for gold. WTF?

Norwegian relay champs. Last leg. Fight for gold. WTF?
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18.09.2014 - News from UK
19:38 - Orienteering England

VHI 2014 – Report

Th team manager’s report on VHI 2014 can found from the link below: VHI 2014 Report Photographs of the VHI 2014 individual day courtesy of Philip Baxter Photographs of the VHI 2014 relay day ...
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16.09.2014 - News from UK
13:00 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Coach CPD Days for 2014

We are pleased to announce more detail of the Coach CPD days for 2014. Dates and venues are now available for the series of highly practical coaches’ workshops a ...
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14.09.2014 - News from UK
21:25 - Orienteering Memes

500 NOK for banquet but no alcohol included? Are we gonna par...

500 NOK for banquet but no alcohol included? Are we gonna party in hilton hotel and eating lobsters? 150 Nok for transport to long distance? Are we gonna be riding in limosines?
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20:04 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Veteran Home International 2014

These were held in conjunction with the Caddihoe Chase event. Overall result: England 254 pts, Scotland 215, Wales 158, Ireland 108 Full results here, Photos by Stephe ...
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19:57 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 5, Craig a’ Barns, Sept 14

ESOC hosted this round. Full results on the ESOC website
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19:23 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 84th

NM: The happy ending

Despite recent illness problems and lack of continuity in training, I went to NM with the intention of getting my happy ending to this fantastic chapter with LOL. I always have good intentions. I dont ...
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07:31 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scottish Inter Club (8 person) Team Relay & Junior Inter ...

This year the inter club relay was held as a combined event with the junior inter area relays. Results for Scottish Inter Club Team Relay 1st ESOC Express, 2:13:18 2nd ...
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12.09.2014 - News from UK
12:54 - Orienteering England

WJHI 2014 Report and Results

A report on the Ward Junior Home International held at Kilbowie Outdoor Centre, Oban plus links to the results can be found from the link below: WJHI 2014 Report and Results
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11.09.2014 - News from UK
16:10 - Kris Jones. Ranked 450th

One Silver, One Gold

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10.09.2014 - News from UK
07:38 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 45th

Double British Champion

The summer has ended on a high with wins in both the British Sprint and Middle distance championships. The September scheduling meant there was a reduced start field but I was pleased all the same to ...
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09.09.2014 - News from UK
13:30 - Scottish Orienteering Association

World Schools’ Orienteering 2015

The selection races for next year’s World Schools’ Championships are now confirmed for Sunday 5 October at Tentsmuir, Fife. The races are being held in con ...
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08:21 - Emily Benham

World Cup season review

At first this was just meant to be a post about the World MTBO Champs in Poland. But given my lack of gold, it’s hard to write about just the one event, because the earlier season had such a ...
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08.09.2014 - News from UK
17:16 - Orienteering England

VHI 2014 – England Team

The team to represent England in the 2014 Veteran Home International can be found at the link below: 2014 England VHI Team
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07.09.2014 - News from UK
20:05 - Featured on WoO-TV

Proper orienteering training day Orienteering Video by biggpe...

Proper orienteering training day Orienteering Video by biggpetr. How to do proper orienteering? Miloš Nykodm will show you how. Length: 01:40 min. Author: biggpetr » View video on WoO- ...
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