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17.11: World of O

Florian Howald: About Course of the Year 2017

Swiss world class athlete Florian Howald chose a sprint course as his favourite course in 2017.&nbs...
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14.11: World of O

Course of the Year 2017: Submit your suggestions!

What was the best orienteering course of 2017? The last stage of France 5 won in 2016, the World Ch...
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16.11: World of O

Tranchand: About the Course of the Year 2017

-  The courses and terrain were demanding enough and offered decisive route-choices possi...
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14.11: World of O

Elena Roos: - I think it was a really good long di...

The course Elena Roos chooses as her absolute favourite this year is one of the toughest races this...
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15.11: World of O

Emily Kemp: - The type of orienteering course I dr...

- The course really used the tough Estonian terrain to create a challenging race that kept me on my...
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17.11: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Made it to the list of the top 15 Swiss athletes of the ...

Made it to the list of the top 15 Swiss athletes of the year. But to be realistic, theres no big cha...
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01.11.2017 - News from UK

How To Be Good At Orienteering

Now, orienteering is rightly described as one of the most weird and unknown sports activities in the world. However, orienteering is gradually gaining traction, and people are beginning to key into it ...
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05:01 -

PWT China tour 2017 total points & official video

Beijing, China, Oct 2017: PWT, Beijing O Week and Learnjoy would like to present the official video of Beijing O Week & PWT China tour 2017 made by the Beijing O Week organizers. We also calculated th ...
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31.10.2017 - News from UK
05:00 -

PWT China tour 2017 concluded with stage 5

Linqigu, China, Oct 2017: The fifth and final race of PWT China tour 2017 was run in the beautiful surroundings of Stavsjö Resort in Linqigu (Langfang region). Organized in accordance with the Ch ...
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Silly Season 2018 @ Orienterare (16:32)
Course of the Year 2017: Tomi N&a @ (16:18)
Orienteringens demokrati? @ Orienterare (15:35)
wirksames Antizeckenmitte Hanspete @ SOLV (11:27)
Course of the Year 2017: Blair Tr @ (09:46)
Purple Pen & Course w @ Attackpoint (08:41)
Bifall eller Avslag till @ Orienterare (07:54)
Navy NJROTC area and nati @ Attackpoint (07:16)
Course of the Year 2017: Jan Kocb @ (00:12)

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30.10.2017 - News from UK
14:00 -

PWT China tour 2017 stage 4

Beijing, China, Oct 2017: The PWT China tour 2017 continued today in Beijing with a sprint race (WRE) in the The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan park, the Old Summer Palace. The weather was truly pleasing the a ...
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29.10.2017 - News from UK
18:50 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Rome Orienteering – Day 3

Finally after 2 days in Rome’s outlying parkland came the main reason for the trip, an urban orienteering race in and around the old city of Rome. The finish start and assembly area were all adj ...
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18:48 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Rome Orienteering – Day 2

Day 2 was in another large park in Rome – this time Villa Pamphilj , the weather a little warmer and this time slightly longer courses, planned as a middle distance race. As we had split start t ...
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10:00 -

PWT China tour 2017 stage 3

Beijing, China, 2017: The tour continued today under a beautiful sunny autumn weather with sprint distances taking place together with the Beijing Students Orienteering Championships. Thus, there were ...
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27.10.2017 - News from UK
16:24 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Rome 2017 – Day 1 – Sprint

We arrived in Rome on the train from Naples and it was a simple journey on the Metro up to Caffarella, a parkland. After handing over a Doctors Certificate (as is normal in France and Italy) buying a ...
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14:00 -

PWT China tour 2017 stage 2

Beijing, China, 2017: The second stage of this years tour in China was a middle distance race ran in the Forest Park of Green Dragon Lake, situated in the western outskirts of Beijing. The event cente ...
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24.10.2017 - News from UK
21:32 -

PWT China tour 2017 stage 1

Beijing, China, 2017: The first competition of this years PWT China tour was ran today in Huairou, 60km north from Beijing. The event was set in the Hongluo Temple (Red Temple) area. Among the varying ...
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20.10.2017 - News from UK
22:13 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Off to Rome!

Holly and I are off to Italy on Monday to for a few days R&R and then 3 days of racing around Rome. The Sunday Urban is around the ancient centre! for more detai ...
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19.10.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

PWT China Tour 2017 about to kick off

Beijing, China, 2017: The PWT China tour 2017 is just few days away with first athletes already arriving the site. A variety of races will be organised in cooperation with Beijing O Week and the main ...
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17.10.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


I really have been tired this last week. After 25manna, the last serious race of the year, it suddenly all caught up. There’s a lot to recover from, not least because between the jet-setting I c ...
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12.10.2017 - News from UK
12:26 - Orienteering England

VHI 2017 – Team Manager’s Report

The team manager’s report for VHI 2017, held in Scotland on the 23rd and 24th September 2017, plus links to the Individual and Relay results, can be viewed from the following link: VHI 2017 & ...
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09.10.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

PWT China Tour 2017

Beijing, China, 2017: Park World Tour will go to China once again for another fantastic PWT China Tour. A variety of races will be organised in cooperation with Beijing O-week and main sponsor Learnjo ...
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06.10.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Last weekend I ran at the final World Cup races of the year in Grindelwald, Switzerland. In summary I ran two okay races in the long and middle distances, they weren’t my best ever and both had ...
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05.10.2017 - News from UK
10:24 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Senior Selection Policy

The selection policy for senior competitors for the 2018 Interland competition is now available from the following link: Interland 2018 – Senior Selection Policy
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25.09.2017 - News from UK
15:20 - Orienteering England

SHI 2017 – Final Selections

The final selections for the England Senior Home International Team can be viewed from the following link: England Senior Home International Final Selections
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14.09.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


I’m back! From a whirlwind racing tour that spanned four countries and two seasons. It feels like ages ago now that it all started by boarding the midweek Stockholm-Riga ferry to the World Cup, ...
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13.09.2017 - News from UK
13:01 - Orienteering England

SHI 2017 – Team Manager’s Report

The team manager’s report for SHI 2017, held in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on the 9th and 10th September 2017 can be viewed from the following link: SHI 2017 Team Manager’s ...
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12.09.2017 - News from UK
15:37 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

Downtime and into the new season

The World Orienteering Championships didn’t go to plan for me but getting injured before a big competition is nothing new. I hope that I have learnt something from this experience, but in t ...
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25.08.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


World Cup time again! It’s an odd one, six weeks after the World Championships. Have I been hard at work or on holiday? I’m certainly not as finely prepared as last time I took this road o ...
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14.08.2017 - News from UK
20:02 - Orienteering England

JHI 2017 – Selections

The full selections for the England Junior Home International Team can be viewed from the following link: England Junior Home International Team
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25.07.2017 - News from UK
20:31 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

World Games 2017 Sprint – Wroclaw

Randomly we found ourselves in Wroclaw for a couple of days at the same time as the World Games – completely unplanned! The World Games is full of sports that don’t quite have the worldwid ...
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00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


I never really look beyond the World Champs until it’s happened, and especially this year I left options very open, i.e. there was no plan at all. But now when at last I’ve got some compe ...
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11.07.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


This year’s World Championships has been and gone and I’ve been a somewhat low key participant in southern Estonia. I raced twice with our relay teams, starting by running the opening leg ...
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09.07.2017 - News from UK
21:13 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Junior Selection Policy

The selection policy for Juniors for the 2018 Interland is now available from the following link: Interland 2018 – Junior selection Policy
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08.07.2017 - News from UK
13:34 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

WOC 2017

Injuring my calf three weeks before the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) wasn’t ideal, but given the nature of the injury I was still confident of performing on the day. I threw mysel ...
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02.07.2017 - News from UK
17:00 - Orienteering England

VHI 2017 – Vets Final Selections

The full selections for the England Veteran Home International Team can be viewed from the following link: England Veterans Home International Selections
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14:49 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Ride Staffs Sportive and Cycling Festival 2017

I’ve never done a sportive before, the thought of paying to ride around some open roads to be honest hadn’t appealed to date but I thought I should be it a go and it was another ch ...
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26.06.2017 - News from UK
19:36 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Poland Cup – MTBO World Masters Series – Long

The long race was to the north of the previous 2 days, characterised by very steep sided  valleys and spurs and a complete mix of track ride-ability from flat out to a shoulder carry. After m ...
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19:25 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Polish Masters Sprint Championships 2017

A hot afternoon brought us back to the same start as the middle earlier in the day. We watched as most starters turned right up the 60 metre climb and wondered how ‘sprinty’ the event was ...
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25.06.2017 - News from UK
22:10 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 702nd

Ups and downs

Just after finishing the very tough and tricky British long championships at High Dam in the Lake District.A lot has gone on since my last post, which is half an excuse for not updating the blog. The ...
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23.06.2017 - News from UK
09:30 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Vets Selection Policy

The selection policy for Vets for the 2018 Interland is now available from the following link: Interland 2018 – Vets selection Policy
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11.06.2017 - News from UK
05:57 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

A debut to forget

Selection to the British team for the 10,000m European Cup in Minsk was a dream come true and was just another way I surpassed my own expectations in what could be considered my first real ‘ ...
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07.06.2017 - News from UK
19:12 - Emily Benham

Crash course in MTBO!

Sunday 28th May Without warning I found myself 6 days away from the first round of the MTBO World Cup. The first part of the season had been a combination of average, sickness, and beyond expecta ...
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01.06.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Summer is here! Four weeks until the World Championships. I’ve been and explored the terrain a bit, (importantly) been selected for some races and now it’s time to put in the last hard wor ...
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24.05.2017 - News from UK
14:20 - Orienteering England

SHI 2017 – Selections

The full selections for the England Senior Home International Team can be viewed from the following link: England Senior Home International Team
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21.05.2017 - News from UK
07:16 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th


Firstly, and this cannot be understated; what an amazing event! Video Highgate Harriers, Ben Pochee and everyone involved in the organisation deserve huge kudos. I haven’t experienced atmos ...
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06.05.2017 - News from UK
20:51 - Orienteering England

Interland 2017 Report

England won Interland 2017 and a report on the match held in the Ardennes region of southern Belgium and the first bulletin for Interland 2018 are available from the links below: Interland 2017 Report ...
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05.05.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


After a whole week, I think I’m just about recovered from Tiomila in Gothenburg. Last Saturday I arrived in style to the arena with teammate Louise on the public bus from the city centre. I wond ...
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26.04.2017 - News from UK
14:37 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

Taking and missing opportunities.

I’m trying to put myself into unfamiliar territory this year. Over the last 6 months I have been in great shape and I have surprised myself with my results on a number of occasions. I have ...
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23.04.2017 - News from UK
08:50 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

JK 2017

So it has been a week since the British orienteering season opened with the JK. This year, the JK was pretty simple for me given that my focus is on the sprint and this race would be the first race o ...
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08:21 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 702nd

JK round up

Well that went better than I could have hoped. Three tightly fought individual races and mostly the seconds were almost always on my side. I won the sprint by 5, the middle by 19, lost the long by 5, ...
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22.04.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Crunch time! Spring is here even though it doesnt always feel it in the air, and with it came the first really important races of the season. Last weekend I travelled to London to race at the JK ...
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24.03.2017 - News from UK
12:38 - Charlotte Ward

Twelve Weeks Later…

I always find that my optimism at the start of an injury is high, I always expect to be back way sooner than is possible and this has really been highlighted to me with this achilles injury. Despite n ...
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17.03.2017 - News from UK
17:19 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 702nd

Early season tests

Over the last few weeks Ive put myself to the test to see where Im at technically and physically so that I can make some changes before the main season starts. As my last season was 2014, I thought&#x ...
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21.02.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Winter’s still on in Farsta and the snow has been falling all morning. The winter weeks have rolled by pretty much as planned and despite the ice causing some minor cuts and bruises&nb ...
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25.01.2017 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


I’m back online! After quite the break. It turned out that renewing domains can be made into quite a complex process, and this whole site needed a bit of a new year overhaul anyway. I was lucky ...
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23.01.2017 - News from UK
15:14 - Charlotte Ward

A New Year

These three pictures show how my year has started; injury. I’ve said it before, but it seems that I run out of luck just when things are going well. A small niggle in my left calf, unattende ...
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