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23.03: Gustav Bergman

Winter training (mostly indoors or abroad)

Ahead of this winter I have reshifted my focus from sprint back to forest, and particulary hills, ah...
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11.03: Matthias Kyburz

Im Fahrplan

Da ich im Jahr 2022 nur wenige Stunden mit Karte und Kompass in Wäldern unterwegs war, bestand eini...
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14.03: Ursula Kadan Facebook

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My o...

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My own performances could have been a bit better...
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24.03.2023 - News from UK
13:32 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Community Conversation: relaunch with a look at SOA finance

Our monthly series of Community Conversations is relaunching on Monday 3rd April with a conversation with our Treasurer about the […]
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  WOC Tickets for Swiss O Week Participants 20230324-0937 - Swiss O-Week
  TRAIL-O: IL 26 MARZO A BOSCO DI TRETTO 20230322-1648 - Italian O-Federation
  TRAIL -O: ZANCANARO E CERA VINCONO A MARZAB... 20230314-1032 - Italian O-Federation
  LE CONVOCAZIONI PER IL CAMP DI PILSEN E CES... 20230310-1000 - Italian O-Federation
  Interland 2023 – Report 20230309-1359 - Orienteering England
  280 NEI BOSCHI DI CARREGA 20230309-1121 - Italian O-Federation
  A participant cap of 4'000 persons at s... 20230306-1300 - Swiss O-Week
  DOMENICA SI CORRE A CARREGA 20230303-1105 - Italian O-Federation
23.03.2023 - News from UK
11:34 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Why be a controller? Your sport needs you!

A Grade C controllers’ course is being run on 22nd April at Kinnoul Hill near Perth. If you are interested […]
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O-Ringen 2023 — til @ Orienterare (23:44)
Idrottsbojkott av Rysslan @ Orienterare (22:14)
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Vad anser vi om förs @ Orienterare (21:45)
Pig takes to the air wave @ Attackpoint-Events (20:33)
Lodge room OR cottage ava @ Attackpoint-Events (18:57)
Förslag till framtid @ Orienterare (16:57)
British Champs M21E Homer @ Nopesport (14:31)
Tiomila 2023 @ Orienterare (13:46)
-Arrangemangsreklam- @ Orienterare (13:45)
Ranking Scheme bias? awk @ Nopesport (13:36)
Tävlingar som krocka @ Orienterare (09:50)
US Team Blog! @ Attackpoint (08:41)
New research on orienteer @ Attackpoint (08:24)

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21.03.2023 - News from UK
15:58 - Scottish Orienteering Association

BUCS Orienteering 2023

Last weekend was BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Orienteering. Students travelled from 23 different institutions from across the UK […]
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01:19 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Lipicia Open, Gøteborgspremieren and talk with Kasper ...

Races in Slovenia and Sweden last week are analysed. We are also talking with Kasper Fosser about WOC prep!
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20.03.2023 - News from UK
22:25 - Scottish Orienteering Association

The middle distance was swiftly followed by a big climb this ...

Well some may say that the best things come in small packages and perhaps the same could be said about […]
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19:40 - On The Red Line

British Champs Preview

Cold Ash Mapclip, from Routegadget The British Long Champs are next Saturday 25th March, in rolling mixed woodland of Southern England ...
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17.03.2023 - News from UK
12:40 - On The Red Line

Federation Table

photo:Jane Courtier, from the British Champs website While were waiting, lets mention the IOF World Federation League Table and pose a ...
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16.03.2023 - News from UK
10:51 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Club Conference – 15th April 2023

The Club Conference will take place 10am – 4 pm on 15th April 2023 in Perth.  The exact agenda is […]
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15.03.2023 - News from UK
16:30 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Obituary: Ken Davidson (INVOC)

Following notification of his death, the SOA would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of Ken Davidson […]
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14.03.2023 - News from UK
22:44 - Scottish Orienteering Association

2023 Scottish Orienteering Night Championship Trophies all no...

In Errochty on Sunday the final 2023 Scottish Night Championship Trophies found their recipients. Thank you to MAR Orienteering Club […]
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01:59 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Nord Jysk, Hallandspremieren, Lipicia Open and Orienteering i...

Races both in Denmark, Sweden and Slovenia. Exotic story about developing orienteering in Georgia!
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13.03.2023 - News from UK
22:08 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Great start to 2023 in Errochty with winners from 2022 awarde...

What a way to start the 2023 Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League (SOL)! There was snow, some great terrain (albeit […]
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09.03.2023 - News from UK
13:59 - Orienteering England

Interland 2023 – Report

The 2023 Interland match on 5 March was hosted by Orienteering Vlaanderen – the Flemish Belgian federation. Our hosts won comfortably with England second and the French Ligue des Hauts de Fr ...
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07.03.2023 - News from UK
17:17 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Looking forward to the Scottish Inter -Club Championships Mar...

The Compass Sport Cup heat at Faskally – hosted successfully by St Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) (STAG) – provided an […]
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01:21 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Sverigepremieren, Swiss champs in cross and Ivarnational Hall...

Really fast races in south of Sweden, fast o-runners in the Swiss champs in cross country running, sprint tactics and Ivarnational Hall of fame!
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06.03.2023 - News from UK
18:13 - Scottish Orienteering Association

East off to a flying start

Sunday saw the East Area Junior training sessions get off to a flying start. Nearly 30 juniors, parents and coaches […]
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02.03.2023 - News from UK
00:20 - On The Red Line

Domestic Update

Duncan Birtwistle leads off the Mens Open at the Icenian Sprints UK Elite League Race, photo:Dik Ng March is here and with it the Brit ...
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28.02.2023 - News from UK
01:05 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Costa Calida, Costa Alentejana and o-week for Ukraine!

Looking at and analysing the races in Spain and Portugal . Also giving A shout out for o-week for Ukraine
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22.02.2023 - News from UK
13:10 - Orienteering England

Interland 2023 – Belgium – Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 for Interland 2023 can be viewed from the link below. Final details will follow shortly. Interland 2023 – Belgium – Bulletin 2
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01:35 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Portugal O-meeting and other updates

Portugal O-meeting, o-runners in running races and other snacks from Orienteering
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14.02.2023 - News from UK
01:01 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Maximus O-meeting, Norte Alentejano O-meeting and talk with S...

High quality events in Spain and Portugal Are summarized, we talk with Sara Hagstrøm and look forward to Portugal O-meeting. All this together with snacks from the o-World
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07.02.2023 - News from UK
01:51 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

The first European WRE-races of the season, talk with Karolin...

The first WRE events in Europe this season, good talk with Karolin Ohlsson, silly season, snacks and looking at the upcoming events in Spain and Portugal!
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06.02.2023 - News from UK
18:02 -

Applications for O-Ringen Academy 2023

The application period for O-ringen Academy 2023 is now open. Park World Tour is in charge to manage the O-Ringen Academy 2023, following the agreement with O-Ringen AB. O-Ringen Academy is one of IOF ...
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05.02.2023 - News from UK
06:56 -

Seminar in India continues

Yesterday, PWT was welcomed by two other important Universities in the area. Dr. Ashok Poonia, Sports Officer of Poornima University – Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Dr. Arun Mathur, Director Sports of ...
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04.02.2023 - News from UK
07:08 -

PWT is helding a seminar in India

Park World Tour officials are currently visiting India to help build orienteering in the country. PWT started the first on-site orienteering seminar of India in the APEX University in Jaipur, Rajastha ...
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31.01.2023 - News from UK
01:55 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Talk with Magne Dæhli, fast o-runners and orienteer of ...

We have A good talk with Magne Dæhli , looking at some good running results from o-runners at 3000m and 1500m, then we also look at the start field for the first WRE in Europe this season.
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24.01.2023 - News from UK
01:15 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Big interview with Thierry Gueorgiou and other snacks

Thierry Gueorgiou talks about what got him to the top of the Orienteering World and how he now works to Get success in Finland and we also have some other snacks about Orienteering
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23.01.2023 - News from UK
19:32 - Orienteering England

Interland 2023 – Final England Team

The final England Team for the Interland Cup 2023 on 5 March at Kattenbos, near Lommel, Belgium can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2023 – Final England Team
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13:15 - On The Red Line

Looking Ahead

Graham Gristwood was the highest placed GB runner at last Autumns World Cup Final Middle race in Switzerland, photo: Christian Aeberso ...
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18.01.2023 - News from UK
17:00 - Orienteering England

VHI 2023 – Vets Selection Policy

The selection policy for the Veteran Home internationals in 2023 can be viewed from the link below: VHI 2023 – Vets Selection Policy
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17.01.2023 - News from UK
23:40 - Orienteering England

Interland 2023 – Vets Selections

The final selections for England Team for the Interland Cup 2023 on 5 March at Kattenbos, near Lommel, Belgium can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2023 Vets Selections
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01:18 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Madeira o-festival and talk with Andrine Benjaminsen!

Good runners at Madeira O-festival and Oceania championship, also interesting talk with Andrine Benjaminsen!
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11.01.2023 - News from UK
02:12 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News Update! Training camps in Tenerife, Madeira, Kenya and U...

Looking at the training camps that o-runners take part in this weeks in early january. Both Tenerife, Madeira, Kenya and Uganda Are on the list. We also talk with Albin Ridefelt from his camp life at ...
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07.01.2023 - News from UK
17:02 - Orienteering England

Interland 2023 – England Team

The England Team for the Interland Cup 2023 on 5 March at Kattenbos, near Lommel, Belgium can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2023 England Team
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04.01.2023 - News from UK
12:58 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

2023! We Are looking at the year and season in front of us!

The episode with all the predictions for 2023! Both for WC, WOC, EOC and the big Club relays. Also some update about silly season.
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30.12.2022 - News from UK
01:00 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Bonus episode - Tomazs Pabich - Christmas 2022

A good talk with the man behind the YouTube account «into the forest I go». Hear about how he spread the Orienteering around in different ways!
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27.12.2022 - News from UK
01:55 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Bonus episode - Axel Elmblad - Christmas 2022

Good talk with the really talented Axel Elmblad - Bredaryd, Sweden. About heart trouble this fall, training philosophy and how to reach the senior elite!
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21.12.2022 - News from UK
12:37 - Orienteering England

WJHI 2023 – Selection Policy

The selection policy for the Ward Junior International 2023, to be held in the West Midlands on 7th and 8th October can be viewed from the link below: WJHI 2023 – Selection Policy
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20.12.2022 - News from UK
01:45 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Pre Christmas Special!

Summary of 2022 with orienteer of the year, best performance, biggest surprise, best relay leg - talking about number of competitions during A season and the last runner in Team Emit
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13.12.2022 - News from UK
01:32 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Quick update from the Orienteering World

Running races with o-runners taking part, silly season, christmas calenders and also A new Orienteering podcast in monitor!
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06.12.2022 - News from UK
02:03 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Team Emit selection, update from Austria and IOF. Looking at ...

Team Emit have selected their team for 2023 and we Are analysing the selection, Austrian national team selection, IOF approves new World ranking scoring system and interesting Orienteering names at th ...
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29.11.2022 - News from UK
02:12 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Belgium special - included good talk with Yannick Michiels!

A lot about Orienteering in Belgium and the BeArrows project, included interview with Yannick Michiels . Also some news about 10mila 2024 and their troubles and prediction of Kris Jones on marathon!
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22.11.2022 - News from UK
02:07 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Silly season special!

Mauritius 3-days, national teams of Sweden and Denmark , silly season with runners changing Clubs and prices in Sweden !
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20.11.2022 - News from UK
11:21 -

Mauritius 3 days Orienteering 2022 was a success

The first ever Mauritius 3 days Orienteering was concluded today with sprint distances in the SSR Botanical Gardens. The first stage (sprint) took place in Palmar Beach and the second in Domaine de La ...
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15.11.2022 - News from UK
02:40 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

National team selections and the comeback of Maja Alm!

Swiss Grand Slam Final, National team selections in Switzerland , Czech Republic and Norway, Mauritius 3-days and the comeback of Maja Alm!
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14.11.2022 - News from UK
18:06 -

Press Release – Mauritius 3 days Orienteering 2022

The first ever international orienteering event in Mauritius, the Mauritius 3 days Orienteering 2022, takes place on 17th to 20th November. The event is organized in a collaboration between Orienteeri ...
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13.11.2022 - News from UK
18:32 -

Preparations continue in Mauritius

We welcomed the World Champion Megan-Carter Davies and Ben Mitchell in Mauritius today. It was a long day out but we completed the checking of Domain de Lagrave and SSR Botanical Garden Pamplemousses. ...
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18:20 -

First day of checkings ✔️ in Mauritius

Thanks for all the beautiful people of Mauritius that are involved in this event with passion!
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17:38 -

Mauritius 3 days – Last minute information

1. Friday’s Stage 2 will start one (1) hour earlier than originally announced = all start times have been moved one hour earlier. New start times are on the web site: https://www.parkworldtour.o ...
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10.11.2022 - News from UK
02:34 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Bonus with news from the o-World !

There Are some interesting things going on that will help Young runners!
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Martin Hubmann Facebook Soon ready to start the season… 🏎️ 🚥 📸 Orientee... (23.03 11:23)

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