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23.03: Helen Palmer

A Dream Deferred

by Langston Hughes What happens to a dream deferred?Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fe...
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26.03: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

Some training is taking place when there is no time to t...

Some training is taking place when there is no time to travel Helsinki and sign agreements on site! ...
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25.03: Judith Wyder Facebook

Echt cooles Shooting gestern Nachmittag mit nassen F...

Echt cooles Shooting gestern Nachmittag mit nassen Füssen & Eleganz! Danke für den tol...
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20.03: Lauri Sild


Its time to end this unannounced hiatus, from one spring-camp-in-the-south post to another–th...
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23.03: Judith Wyder

Schweizer Illustrierte Sport Artikel

Jetzt an jedem Schweizer Kiosk - die neue Schweizer Illustrierte Sport. In einem Interview erf...
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20.03: Tue Lassen

Pushing the limits

Its been 5 weeks since I first started to feel soreness around my right ribs on our training camp i...
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25.03: Alessio Tenani

Gran Canaria - part 2 & PAN Kristianstad TC in Göteborg

Ultimi giorni a Gran Canaria, tra tanti km in mountain bike e il lavoro sul piede operato per ried...
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22.03: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

The national season started with a good 2nd place at the...

The national season started with a good 2nd place at the night orienteering champs yesterday! map: g...
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25.03: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

Nedomāju, ka es to teikšu, bet ņemam a...

Nedomāju, ka es to teikšu, bet ņemam aprīļa Cosmopolitan numuru, atve...
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26.03.2015 - News from UK
11:19 - Scottish Orienteering Association

bto SOUL 3, Aboyne, May 2

MAROC are hosting this in a new area that is a mixture of old/new housing, with open areas, some intricate path networks, and surrounding mature woodland. Entry via oentries. ...
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  bto SOUL 3, Aboyne, May 2 20150326-1119 - Scottish Orienteering Association
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  Duas ou três coisas que eu sei dela..... 20150326-0500 - Orientovar
  I väntan på gröngräset 20150325-2350 - Kart-Bosse
24.03.2015 - News from UK
08:44 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 4, Glen Dye, May 3

Grampian Orienteers are looking forward to welcoming you all to experience the delights of Glen Dye - an area that includes beautiful mature pine forest over moraine deposits ...
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23.03.2015 - News from UK
14:31 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 85th

A Dream Deferred

by Langston Hughes What happens to a dream deferred?Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore-- And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over-- like ...
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22.03.2015 - News from UK
19:25 - Emily Benham

An unexpected victory – Gorrick Spring Series

This was my first Gorrick Spring Series race. Ever. Each year from January through to April, race organisers Gorrick host a series of 4 to 5 XC races to cater to those needing an off-season/pre-season ...
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20.03.2015 - News from UK
09:56 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SHIs 2015

The selection policy for the Senior Home International 2015 plus the SEDS squad 2015/16 is now available.
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17.03.2015 - News from UK
22:09 - Orienteering Memes

Thanks Tim

Thanks Tim
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11:47 - Scottish Orienteering Association

CompassSport Cup 2015

Congratulations to FVO who won the Scottish heat of the large clubs competition (the Cup) and to MAROC who won the small clubs (the Trophy). MAROC presented this event ...
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16.03.2015 - News from UK
18:37 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Capercaillie SOA/RSPB Agreement

A new Agreement between the Scottish Orienteering Association and the Capercaillie Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group on the use of forests for orienteering compe ...
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15.03.2015 - News from UK
21:23 - Emily Benham

Off Camber XC – The Final Round

I landed 12 minutes early at Heathrow yesterday morning. I hadn’t slept, in spite of the early start, thanks to arriving at Oslo Gardermoen a bit later than planned and needing to leave my b ...
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12.03.2015 - News from UK
14:10 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SCORE magazine, March 2015

This issue brings you reports from the World Masters in Brazil and recent events in Australia, a feature on schools orienteering in various parts of Scotland, an inter ...
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11.03.2015 - News from UK
22:52 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 85th

Safety bearing

DAY 860Is this not over yet?No, not quite.Oh OK.The other night I was out doing some control picking in the dark. I missed a control. Not that there was anything there to miss but theoretically I miss ...
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19:34 - Emily Benham

On the mend at last

I wrote a couple of weeks ago, about an illness I picked up. I stopped training immediately because my body felt so lethargic. A day later I was hacking up my lungs in coughing fits that left me gaspi ...
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09.03.2015 - News from UK
11:14 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 2, Bonskeid Estate, March 22

STAG & ESOC combined to bring you SOL 2 on an area rarely used since Tayside 1985. New map produced in 2014 by Stirling Surveys using LiDAR data. There was a serious comp ...
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08.03.2015 - News from UK
20:40 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Early season round-up

Although we’ve just had the first Scottish O League event, SEDS athletes have been racing on the international circuit in the last month. Here’s a brief ro ...
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03.03.2015 - News from UK
20:00 -

PWT Champions Week 2015 program announced

Changchun, China, Mar 2015: We are happy to announce the preliminary program for Park World Tour Champions Week 2015 in China. The tour will consist of two parts. First part will be run in Northen Chi ...
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02.03.2015 - News from UK
15:28 - Orienteering Memes

The hooligans have entered our sport, the orienteering world ...

The hooligans have entered our sport, the orienteering world is not safe anymore!
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09:31 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Rhoda Grant MSP goes orienteering

Colin Matheson, Professional Officer for the Scottish Orienteering Association met with Rhoda and her Parliamentary Assistant and escorted them around the White course ...
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27.02.2015 - News from UK
11:30 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOA Annual General Meeting 2015

The SOA Board proposes a change to Section 11.8 of the Articles of Association by a Special Resolution at the AGM on 23 May 2015. The AGM will be held on Saturday 23 M ...
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10:00 - Emily Benham

Sickness protocol

Getting sick is usually a fear that borders on a phobia for most athletes (I include myself in that statement!). If a family member had contact with a sick person, out come my special dishes cutlery a ...
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25.02.2015 - News from UK
19:56 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 32nd

POM, a positive start to the year

A week on I’ve finally the time and energy to write a little about Portugal O Meeting! When my planning was so last-minute, I was lucky that the Scottish Elite group (SEDS) let me tag along with ...
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24.02.2015 - News from UK
21:33 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 1, Gullane Bents, March 8

Interløpers are hosting the 1st event at Gullane Bents, a great mix of Dunes terrain and Woodland with excellent views over the Firth of Forth. Details on the Interlà ...
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11:05 - Scottish Orienteering Association

EUOC win BUCS2015

Edinburgh University won the British Universities and Colleges Sport Orienteering Championships held at Devilla and Barr Wood on 21&22 February.
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22.02.2015 - News from UK
19:40 - Orienteering Memes

Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!
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19:31 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 85th


DAY 841Arbeidsoppgaver.
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21.02.2015 - News from UK
11:44 - Scottish Orienteering Association

CompassSport Award for SCORE

The SOA’s SCORE magazine has won a CompassSport Club/Association Magazine -of-the-Year Award, as announced in the recent edition of CompassSport, the UK’s ...
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15.02.2015 - News from UK
21:40 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI 2015

The Scottish team will be selected using the results of the following races. Selections will be announced in the first week of June.
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09.02.2015 - News from UK
16:39 - Orienteering England

Interland 2015 Result

Interland Cup – White Downs, Netley Heath and Sheepleas – 8th February 2014 Congratulations to the English team on their 21st successive win in this competition. Report and Results ...
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08.02.2015 - News from UK
10:10 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 32nd


February arrived in a snowstorm; winter has hit Uppsala properly now! I’m really happy to not only have nice clear lungs again but also, having minimised work commitments, to be able to dedicate ...
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04.02.2015 - News from UK
17:38 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scottish Night Championships (SNC) 2015

STAG hosted these at The Lochview Family Golf Centre, Townhead Road. Results, Winsplits and RouteGadget
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10:57 - Orienteering England

Interland 2015 – Final England Team

The final England team for the Interland Cup 2015 on 8 February at White Downs, Netley Heath and Sheepleas, on the North Downs in Surrey can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2015 Final Eng ...
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02.02.2015 - News from UK
17:58 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 43rd

Earning my stripes

The best-laid schemes o mice an men gang aft agleyAs its not long since Burns’ night it seems appropriate to quote the incomprehensible Scotsman.Things haven’t gone to plan, even though th ...
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23.01.2015 - News from UK
14:04 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Dave Prentice

We are saddened to have to report the death of Dave Prentice, long-time member of TAY. Dave died while hiking in Uganda, after suffering breathing difficulties. Dave w ...
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18.01.2015 - News from UK
21:19 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 32nd

Sand and Snow

2015 is here! After some time in the UK over Christmas with no orienteering, January 2nd was already time for the first training camp. Not in the same league of exciting as the World Cup races in Tasm ...
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13.01.2015 - News from UK
16:27 - Orienteering Memes suunnistuskartat/ <-- This guy... suunnistuskartat/ <-- This guy makes the coolest orienteering of them all! All credits to Miika!
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14:03 - Scottish Orienteering Association

SOL 3, Mark Hill, Apr 12

Solway Orienteers are pleased to announce that comprehensive preliminary details for SOL 3 to be held on Sunday 12 April 2015 at Mark Hill, near Dalbeattie, are now av ...
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12:56 - Scottish Orienteering Association

bto SOUL 2, Erskine, Feb 14

CLYDE hosted the Scottish Sprint Orienteering Championships today at Erskine. High octane racing on all courses, with EUOC taking home the top trophy on Mens and Women ...
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12:40 - Scottish Orienteering Association

bto SOUL 1, Riccarton, Jan 31

Results and routegadget from bto SOUL 1 now available on the ESOC website. SOUL points added to the league tables here More info about bto SOUL 2 incorporating the S ...
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10.01.2015 - News from UK
10:36 - Orienteering England

VHI 2015 – Selection Policy

The selection policy for the Veteran Home International 2015, Wales 3rd/4th October, is now available from the following link: VHI 2015 Selection Policy
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08.01.2015 - News from UK
15:48 - Orienteering Memes

Whats the point of organizing a World Cup round where only ha...

Whats the point of organizing a World Cup round where only half of the best runners are running?
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01.01.2015 - News from UK
11:17 - Orienteering Memes

The World Cup starts tomorrow, make sure you enter this compe...

The World Cup starts tomorrow, make sure you enter this competiton to prove your knowledge about international orienteering!
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25.12.2014 - News from UK
15:06 - Orienteering Memes

From some guy on Attackpoint! Also Merry xmass to all the non...

From some guy on Attackpoint! Also Merry xmass to all the non scandinavian people who actualy celebrate it on the right day :D
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24.12.2014 - News from UK
09:46 - Orienteering Memes

And now were finally here! Merry Christmas to all of our foll...

And now were finally here! Merry Christmas to all of our followers and our Christmas presents to you is the end of our Christmas calendar: The best orienteers of all time! 1: Thierry Gueorgiou (Franc ...
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23.12.2014 - News from UK
17:53 - Orienteering Memes

Number 2: Øyvin Thon (Norway) & Annichen Kri...

Number 2: Øyvin Thon (Norway) & Annichen Kringstad Øyvin won the individual race at WOC both in 1979 and 1981 and finished second in 1983. From 1981 to 1989 he was a key member ...
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22.12.2014 - News from UK
21:28 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 32nd

For the collection

Someone once said something about clouds having silver linings and that’s certainly summed up the month so far. December brought frosty pavements and half-frozen forest, but for me the last week ...
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15:29 - Orienteering Memes

And we have finally arrived to the top 3! 3: Daniel Hubmann ...

And we have finally arrived to the top 3! 3: Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) & Marita Skogum (Sweden) Daniel have won everything in international orienteering. He have won 4 golds at WOC, 3 gold ...
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21.12.2014 - News from UK
17:15 - Orienteering Memes

4: Petter Thoresen (Norway) & Minna Kauppi (Finland) ...

4: Petter Thoresen (Norway) & Minna Kauppi (Finland) Petter won 5 gold medals at WOC, where 3 of them were individual golds. From the first long distance gold in 1989 and to the last relay gol ...
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20.12.2014 - News from UK
14:56 - Orienteering Memes

5: Jörgen Mårtensson (Sweden) & Han...

5: Jörgen Mårtensson (Sweden) & Hanne Staff (Norway) Jörgen made his debut in WOC in 1978 at age of 18 and competed in 11 WOCs in a row. He won the long distance twice, both in ...
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19.12.2014 - News from UK
18:20 - Orienteering Memes

And the last one before we enters the top 5. Maybe you can gu...

And the last one before we enters the top 5. Maybe you can guess whos remaining? 6: Bjørnar Valstad (Norway) & Ulla Lindkvist (Sweden) Bjørnar have 4 gold medals from WOC, where ...
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18.12.2014 - News from UK
12:46 - Orienteering Memes

7: Jørgen Rostrup (Norway) & Liisa Veijalain...

7: Jørgen Rostrup (Norway) & Liisa Veijalainen (Finland) Jørgen became the youngest male world champion of all time when he won the short distance in 1999. The following WOC he ...
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17.12.2014 - News from UK
15:22 - Orienteering Memes

8: Andrey Khramov (Russia) & Arja Hannus (Sweden) And...

8: Andrey Khramov (Russia) & Arja Hannus (Sweden) Andrey won a gold medal in 6 straight WOCs from 2005-2010! Out of 12 WOC medals he have 3 individual golds and during his career he have won b ...
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