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16.06: World of O

Venla 2018: Stora Tuna on top!

Stora Tuna wins the 2018 Venla relay ahead of Göteborg Majorna and MS Parma after a very stron...
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17.06: World of O

Koovee wins Jukola 2018 after great team performance!

Oleksandr Kratov took Koovee from a 12th place at +5:46 to a 1:18 lead on the 4th leg - beating IFK...
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16.06: Sabine Hauswirth Fabebook

Ready for Venla relay?✌?!!! #jukola2018 #raskttogteam ...

Ready for Venla relay?✌?!!! #jukola2018 #raskttogteam #olnorska ...
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16.06: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Preparing for a demanding #jukola2018 realy in Finland w...

Preparing for a demanding #jukola2018 realy in Finland with Koovee suunnistus! #jukol...
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22.06: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

A few video impressions of our victory at #jukola2018......

A few video impressions of our victory at #jukola2018... #jukola #jukolanviesti #orienteering #suunn...
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19.06: Lina Strand

2nd at Venla with #gmokbabes

The Jukola weekend in Finland is over for this year and once again it was some memorable days. As us...
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20.06.2018 - News from UK
18:00 - On The Red Line

Fast Running: Kris Jones

Photo: On The Red Line No two races are the same Kris Jones interview in Fast Running magazine. Kris is selected for the GB team for the forthcoming World Champions ...
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  The dark Finnish forest! 20180620-0937 - Per Harald Löfgren Johansen
  Vila Real City Race 2018 – a prova v... 20180618-1604 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  En problemfri vår fylld av problem 20180618-1357 - Daniel Roos
  TRAIL-O: A BIBIONE PER PREPARARE IL WTOC 20180616-0022 - Italian O-Federation
  Taça Ribatejo Norte 2018 – Fil... 20180614-1314 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  Taça Ribatejo Norte 2018 20180611-1753 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  5DAYS OF ITALY: AL VIA LE SQUADRE REGIONALI... 20180607-1447 - Italian O-Federation
  SdS: seminario: La prestazione sportiva ogg... 20180605-1219 - Italian O-Federation
18.06.2018 - News from UK
10:30 - On The Red Line

2018 WOC Appeal

Photo Composition: GB WOC Team 2018 by On The Red LineA campaign is launched inviting members of the British orienteering community to contribute towards the cost of t ...
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Understanding Terje Mathi @ Attackpoint (05:50)

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15.06.2018 - News from UK
09:55 - On The Red Line

Venla/Jukola Runners

(Update 7am Saturday 16th - list updated, apologies to anyone we have missed, you can let us know at @OnTheRedLineO on Twitter.)We can ...
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08.06.2018 - News from UK
10:35 - On The Red Line

Orienteering Foundation Annual Report

The Annual Report of The Orienteering Foundation Charity for 2017 was published last month.Most of the work of The Foundation involves small grants on a project-by-pro ...
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06.06.2018 - News from UK
23:05 - On The Red Line

Jukola Preview

Photo by Wendy CarlyleThe weekend of 16th/17th June is the Venla and Jukola Relays in Finland. These are enormous. Its a big festival weekend and one of the big compet ...
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01.06.2018 - News from UK
15:00 - On The Red Line

Further GB Team Selections

Photo: Sasha Chepelin, at the European Championships in Switzerland, May 2018.On May 31st several team selections were published by British Orienteering.The GB team f ...
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31.05.2018 - News from UK
17:20 - On The Red Line

World Champs Team

Photo: Megan Carter-Davies, in University of Bristol colours, at the JK, Easter 2018, by Robert Lines.British Orienteering has publis ...
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28.05.2018 - News from UK
15:00 - On The Red Line

Norwegian Sprint Champs Weekend

Squad member Ralph Street won a bronze medal with Bækkelagets Sportsklub in the Norwegian Sprint Relay Championship Race in Stavanger yesterday. Bronze medal ...
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27.05.2018 - News from UK
16:00 - On The Red Line

Matt Speake moves to Bækkelagets Sportsklub

Matt Speake has joined Bækkelagets Sportsklub. They announced his arrival with a website article.Matt, who lives and works in Oslo, is changing from one Osl ...
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20.05.2018 - News from UK
18:43 - On The Red Line

British Champs Weekend

Jo Shepherd of Inverness O.C. and Halden SK won the British Champs race at Balmoral on Saturday 19th.The mens champion is Peter Hodkin ...
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17.05.2018 - News from UK
12:15 - On The Red Line

British Long Championships Preview

Image: Extract of previous map of the Balmoral EstateOn The Red Line editorial note: please click on an athletes name for more informa ...
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08:10 - On The Red Line

British Long Championships - This Weekend

(Photo: Ali McLeod winning the JK, credit Steve Rush)The British Long Championships are on Saturday 19th at the Balmoral Estate in North Scotland. If the name is fami ...
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14.05.2018 - News from UK
13:23 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

European breakthrough

TLDR: After a lot of ‘nearly’ results, I finally managed to win a senior international medal. Bronze at the European Orienteering Championships in the Sprint distance. It felt goo ...
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13.05.2018 - News from UK
18:00 - On The Red Line

Euros Long - Results

photo: Cat Taylor during Thursdays Relays. Cat was the highest placed British athlete today; she was 18th.The European Championships concluded with the toughest races, ...
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02.05.2018 - News from UK
07:30 - On The Red Line

European Championships Brief

Image: Extract of previous map of Carona, the area for the middle qualification.The biennial European Orienteering Championships begin ...
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30.04.2018 - News from UK
11:30 - On The Red Line

Learning to Orienteer, on the Far Side of the World

This Winter I took the opportunity to work on the Orienteering Australia Coaching Scholarship in Melbourne, Victoria. I spent six mon ...
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22.04.2018 - News from UK
19:00 - On The Red Line

Watching TioMila

It is all broadcast online. GPS tracking and many cameras (both setup in close co-operation with the planners) allow the broadcasters ...
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12:00 - On The Red Line

Running TioMila

Photo: Sasha Chepelin at the World Cup Final Meeting 2017Like Hector, my excitement for the upcoming TioMila relay is building. Having recently moved club and locatio ...
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20.04.2018 - News from UK
12:00 - On The Red Line

TioMila Damkavlen

Photo: Jess Tullie in Domnarvets GOIF coloursThis years TiomIla Womens race is in the afternoon of Saturday 28th April. It starts at ...
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10.04.2018 - News from UK
11:43 - Orienteering England

AGM 2018 Minutes

The minutes of the 2018 AGM held at Brereton and Ravenhill Parish Hall, Rugeley on Saturday 31st March 2018 are available from the link below: AGM 2018 Minutes
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09.04.2018 - News from UK
09:00 - On The Red Line

Building The Basics

The prime orienteering season in the UK is condensed into spring and summer with all the major competitions occurring over this period. The winter months are an oppor ...
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08.04.2018 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th

WHEN TRAINING CAMPS GO WRONG (but the views are nice...)

It feels like ages now since my season start. If you read on, you’ll see why. But just last weekend was the JK. I had to wing it a bit, having so much work in the days beforehand. I told myself ...
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07.04.2018 - News from UK

Sprint Scotland 2018 - 19th to 22nd July

Professionally organised sprint orienteering in the heart of Scotland - join us this year for 4 days of sprint orienteering.Read whole story...
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Norwich Urban Weekend - 14/15th April

Come and enjoy a run through the campus of the University and the historical medieval city of Norwich with courses that will physically and mentally challenge youRead whole story...
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06.04.2018 - News from UK
10:15 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

JK 2018

The annual Jan Kjellstrom (JK) Orienteering Festival, the largest orienteering races in the UK, took place last weekend. These races form part of the selections for the GB team and are the first oppo ...
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30.03.2018 - News from UK
00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Writing from the UK, I can say I’ve rarely been happier to run in a rain shower than yesterday evening. Returning to Stockholm after a great camp in Alicante was a shock to the system. I sort of ...
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26.03.2018 - News from UK
15:13 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

Finding my feet

I haven’t done so much orienteering in the last year, so I’ve been aware of the need for a technical focus if I want to achieve my goals this year. I feel like orienteering traini ...
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23.03.2018 - News from UK
09:23 - Charlotte Ward

B is for…

Bergen, Blue Skies and B Final. ——– Before all else, I have to say a massive thank you to the organisers, planners, helpers and anyone other associated with the Bergen Sp ...
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13.03.2018 - News from UK
23:29 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Report and Results

The results and a report on the Interland Cup match held in The Netherlands over the weekend of 10th/11th March can be viewed from the following links: Report | Individual Results | ...
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07.03.2018 - News from UK
12:03 - On The Red Line

Attackpoint Training Logs

Photo: Graham Gristwood, at the British Sprint Relay Champs 2017, by Brian Ward.So much of orienteering happens when a runner is on their own that international runne ...
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05.03.2018 - News from UK
13:15 - Charlotte Ward

Spring Forward

After returning from an amazing training camp in the Catalonia region of Spain I was hoping that the weather would continue to improve in the UK, but The Beast from the East seems to have other ideas! ...
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00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


The first camp of the year didn’t work out exactly as planned. Actually, it didn’t work out at all. Instead of spending three weeks of adventure in the forest and mountains of Scotland, I ...
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03.03.2018 - News from UK
23:10 - Orienteering England

SHI 2018 – Selection Policy

The selection policy for senior competitors for the 2018 Home International competition is now available from the following link: SHI 2018 – Selection Policy
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01.03.2018 - News from UK
23:12 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Final England Team

The Final England team for the Interland Cup 2018 can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2018 – Final England Team
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13:24 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

Stepping out of winter

It took me a while to find but, in the past couple of months, I finally found that familiar winter training groove. The early cross-country season was somewhat of a disappointment with little nagging ...
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12:01 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 for Interland 2018 is now available from the following link: Interland 2018 – Bulletin 2 (PDF format)
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19.02.2018 - News from UK
13:54 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th


At last weeks Armagh 5km, 94 men ran under 15 minutes. This astounding depth is part of the reason the race is one of the most talked about races on the early season calendar. I can attest that it is ...
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06.02.2018 - News from UK

Scottish Spring 23rd-25th March

An action packed weekend with five high quality races including sprint, middle distance, classic and night orienteering. Brought to you by the Great Britain senior squad, SEDS, ScotJos, and our suppor ...
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25.01.2018 - News from UK
12:05 - Orienteering England

Interland 2018 – England Team

The England team for the Interland Cup 2018 can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2018 – England Team
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20.01.2018 - News from UK
23:00 -

Video – Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Champion...

China, 2018: PWT and the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship would like to present the video from the events.
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08.01.2018 - News from UK
18:42 - Orienteering England

JHI 2018 – Junior Selection Policy

The selection policy for junior competitors for the 2018 Home International competition is now available from the following link: JHI 2018 – Junior Selection Policy
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00:00 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 7th


Time to break a long silence. Too long maybe, but it was hard to write until now because every story needs an ending, every problem a solution. And I’ve been having problems. Or one problem, onl ...
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03.01.2018 - News from UK
16:05 - Charlotte Ward

Race Yourself Fit

So my Christmas break is officially over, it’s time to stop eating 4000 calories a day and time to get back to work and the usual routine. I’m back in Sheffield ready to start the ...
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15:46 - Kris Jones. Ranked 605th

2017 in numbers

Training hours Total -> 543 hours 30 minutes 51 seconds -> 5559.8km (3454.7mi) -> 69662m gained Running -> 441 hours 25 minutes 42 seconds -> 5321.0km (3306.4mi) -& ...
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20.12.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

PWT sends seasons greetings

Dec 2017: PWT wishes all the orienteers all around the world happy holidays and a prosperous new year 2018!
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17.12.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship was c...

Guangzhou, China, Dec 2017: The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship was concluded today with two quite different races that were ran in the Huangpu Ancient Port and Haizhu Wetland Park ...
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15.12.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

Guangdong WRE middle victories to Osterbo and Ramstein

Guangzhou, China, Dec 2017: The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship continued today with a middle distance WRE in the forests of Xiqiao Mountain in Foshan. The victories went to Norwa ...
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14.12.2017 - News from UK

UK Elite Orienteering League Returns for 2018

The UK Elite Orienteering League is returning for 2018. Over 10 rounds from March to May athletes will battle through the most technical terrain to determine who is the best all-round orienteer in the ...
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13.12.2017 - News from UK
23:00 -

Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship - 1st eve...

Guangzhou, China, Dec 2017: The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship competitions started today with a sprint in the Yanzhou Island in Zhaoqing.
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12.12.2017 - News from UK
14:33 - Orienteering England

VHI 2018 – Vets Selection Policy

The selection policy for veteran competitors for the 2018 Home International competition is now available from the following link: VHI 2018 – Vets Selection Policy
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Matthias Kyburz Facebook 11th place with Tyrving at the Jukola! Thanks for the action... (17.06 15:10)

Swedish O-Federation Hr r det svenska VM-laget – nytt medaljregn att vnta (13.06 10:43)

Edgars Bertuks Facebook Here we go (again)! Turns out that I wasn’t humble enough... (08.06 07:26)

Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook Since yesterday, I am able to run again.... Last saturday`s ... (07.06 22:08)

Maria Magnusson Hjlp SOFT och Oringen! (29.05 04:00)

Swedish O-Federation Andra raka fr Ridefelt: "Har lyft mig en niv" (09.06 12:30)

Daniel Hubmann Facebook Got the chance to show #orienteering to 120 employees of the... (31.05 14:38)

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