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22.02: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Finding the right way in Vico del Gargano is difficult, ...

Finding the right way in Vico del Gargano is difficult, but fun! #orienteering #swissorienteering #s...
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12.02: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Sprint (Northern) Ireland 🍀 Love exploring new areas....

Sprint (Northern) Ireland 🍀 Love exploring new areas. Fun trip to Armagh and Dublin for my 5...
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21.02: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Ferme Toer Trail 26km 🏆 In the footsteps of PJ Hanne...

Ferme Toer Trail 26km 🏆 In the footsteps of PJ Hannes around Ferme Koer last weekend. A new...
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22.02.2024 - News from UK
17:23 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Juniors make your voice heard!

As part of the process of devising a new Strategy for Scottish Orienteering post WOC, for the period from 2025-2029, […]
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21.02.2024 - News from UK
01:13 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Maximus o-meeting and talk with Mathieu Perrin

This episode is about Maximus o-meeting in Spain, Norte Alentejo o-merting in Portugal and A talk with Mathieu Perrin!
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19.02.2024 - News from UK
19:41 - Scottish Orienteering Association

To Birnam Hill all but SOLWAY flocked!

The weather was kind to all those clubs who joined Forth Valley Orienteers (FVO) at Birnam Hill near Dunkeld for […]
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16.02.2024 - News from UK
15:10 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Orienteering Edinburgh: Lessons and Moving Forwards

Over the past 8 weeks, with a break over Christmas, Scottish Orienteering development team with the support of local volunteers […]
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14.02.2024 - News from UK
01:05 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Portugal o-meeting and talk with Joey Hadorn

News, silly season, Portugal o-meeting, good talk with Joey Hadorn and preview before Maximus o-meeting!
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07.02.2024 - News from UK
19:29 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Contribute to the formulation of the Scottish Orienteering St...

The last Scottish Orienteering Strategy document prepared covered the period 2020- 2024 and therefore the Scottish Orienteering Association Board are […]
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06.02.2024 - News from UK
01:16 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Hanna Lundberg, Oceanian champs, Antalya o-meeting and news!

Good news, nice talk with Hanna Lundberg , Oceanian champs, Antalya o-meeting and looking forward to Portugal O-meeting
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05.02.2024 - News from UK
20:02 - Scottish Orienteering Association

2024 Scottish Inter Club Championship gets off to a Big Weeke...

Edinburgh University’s Big Weekend saw the start of this year’s Scottish Inter Club Championships at the first Scottish Orienteering Urban […]
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02.02.2024 - News from UK
15:22 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Is your area/ club are represented on the SOA Board?

You will be aware from SOA communications over the last few months that there are gaps currently on the SOA […]
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30.01.2024 - News from UK
12:18 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Volunteer day – Glenmore Lodge, new date 2nd June 2024

A volunteer day is taking place in the glorious surroundings of Glenmore Lodge on Sunday 2nd June (note revised date) […]
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01:02 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Big Weekend Edinburgh , Oceanian champs, news and Kris Jones!

News, races in Big Weekend Edinburgh and Oceanian champs and A nice talk with Kris Jones!
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29.01.2024 - News from UK
11:11 -

PWT China tour 2024

We are proudly announcing that we plan the PWT China tour for the second half of October 2024. Save the date! Most of the races will be World Ranking Events, and all races will have prize money. More ...
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23.01.2024 - News from UK
01:52 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Simona Aebersold and silly season!

A good talk with Simona Aebersold, some news from silly season and upcoming events in Scotland and New Zealand!
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18.01.2024 - News from UK
20:28 - Orienteering England

Interland 2024 – England Team

The England Team for the Interland Cup 2024 on 24 March at Habay-la-Neuve, southern Belgium can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2024 – England Team
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17.01.2024 - News from UK
13:22 - Scottish Orienteering Association

2024 sees Course Allocation changes and a new BOF Trans Polic...

BOF updated rules As your club controllers will be aware the BOF Rules of Foot Orienteering have been amended as […]
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16.01.2024 - News from UK
19:46 - Orienteering England

VHI 2024 – Selection Policy

The selection policy for the Vets International 2024 can be viewed from the link below: VHI 2024 – Vets Selection Policy
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01:16 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News and talk with Daniel Hubmann!

In this episode we present news, Madeira Orienteering Festival and A nice talk with the running legend - Daniel Hubmann !
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15.01.2024 - News from UK
17:24 - Orienteering England

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 2

FRSO, the hosts of Interland 2024 on 24 March at Habay-la-Neuve in southern Belgium, have issued Bulletin 2 which can be found from the following link: Interland 2024 – Bulletin 2
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11.01.2024 - News from UK
19:37 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Orienteering Edinburgh Report

OverviewThe main focus of the Orienteering Edinburgh initiative is to increase the profile of thesport as part of the build […]
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09.01.2024 - News from UK
17:52 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Coaching Courses this Spring

Would you like to help others to improve their orienteering? This spring, Scottish Orienteering has several courses available to teach […]
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01:15 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Talk with Pia Young Vik and news!

Some Orienteering news and A good talk with Pia Young Vik!
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08.01.2024 - News from UK
20:16 -

PWT China Tour concluded in Dongziguan

Another tricky sprint in Dongziguan, a village with a new architecture combined with old Chinese style. The men & women elite run the same course and again there was a big number of Chinese runner ...
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18:09 - Orienteering England

VHI 2023 – Report

A report on the Veterans Home International event, and a link to the results, held in the Forest of Dean, England in September 2023, can be viewed from the following link: VHI 2023 – Report
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07.01.2024 - News from UK
06:22 -

Challenging third day on PWT China Tour

The sprint in Longmen Old Village proved to be a very tricky one. The courses were set in a pedestrian area with some very narrow streets and alleys. Many local runners joined the event and the best C ...
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04.01.2024 - News from UK
21:36 -

Meeting with Hangzhou high school for a cultural exchange.

In days between racing in PWT China Tour, local high school students were challenged by elite runners on a super sprint race , while testing a brand new time keeping system, touch free and a vibrating ...
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21:29 -

Orienteering in India takes steps forward

While the PWT China Tour is ongoing, orienteering activities supported by the PWT take place also elsewhere. In these days in New Delhi, the first orienteering club in India “New Delhi Orienteering ...
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09:47 -

2024 kicked off with the second race of PWT China Tour

The second WRE of the PWT China Tour was organized in collaboration with LearnJoy in another part of Dinghai forest park on Zhoushan Island. This first race of 2024 was on a nice mixed terrain, starti ...
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09:41 -

PWT China tour 2023-24 started

PWT China Tour started with a WRE on 31st Dec 2023 in Dinghai Forest Park, on Zhoushan Island. Many runners from all over the World joined and enjoyed the race, which included a bamboo forest, a tunne ...
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02.01.2024 - News from UK
13:41 - Orienteering England

Interland 2024 – Vets Selections

The Vets selections for Interland 2024 can be viewd from the following link: Interland 2024 – Vets Selections
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01:05 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Predictions 2024, news and talk with Ruslan Glebov

When we turn in to A new year there are opportunity to predict what to come! We look at WC, WOC, EOC, JWOC and the big relays in 2024. Pick up the news and have A nice talk with Ruslan Glebov!
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23.12.2023 - News from UK
13:25 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Christmas special with Olli Ojanaho

Good talk with Olli Ojanaho, some news , silly season and merry Christmas!
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19.12.2023 - News from UK
21:11 - Orienteering England

WJHI 2024 – Junior Selection Policy

The selection policy for the Ward Junior International 2024, to be held in East Anglia on 12th and 13th October can be viewed from the link below: WJHI 2024 – Junior Selection Policy
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01:22 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Talk with Riccardo Scalet and Søren Thrane Ødum...

Some interesting news for the Orienteering World, silly season and nice talk to both Riccardo Scalet and Søren Thrane Ødum!
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12.12.2023 - News from UK
01:02 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News, silly season and talk with Jakub Chalupsky

In this week we Are looking at news, races in Spain and at Madeira, silly season and A good talk with Jakub Chalupsky!
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05.12.2023 - News from UK
01:03 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News, Madeira, silly season and talk with Aston Key!

This episode have A buffet of news, Madeira O-meeting, silly season and A really good talk with Aston Key!
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28.11.2023 - News from UK
01:05 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News, silly season and talk with Ane Dyrkorn

Silly season, news and A nice talk with Ane Dyrkorn Are what you can look forward to in this episode!
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21.11.2023 - News from UK
15:11 -


2023 ACTIVITY REPORT AND 2024 GREAT NEWS (read until the end!) One year after the very first international competition, 3 Days Mauritius Orienteering, held in cooperation with Park World Tour and with ...
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01:06 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Many news from silly season, talk with Martin Hubmann and Ale...

We cover some big news in silly season about that we have A talk with Martin Hubmann . Then we also talk with Alexandra Hornik about taking the last step to the top!
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20.11.2023 - News from UK
20:01 - Orienteering England

JHI 2023 – Team Manager’s Report

The team manager’s report on the Ward Junior Home International event held in The West Midlands, England in October 2023 can be viewed from the following link: JHI 2023 – Team Mana ...
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19.11.2023 - News from UK
19:37 - Orienteering England

Interland 2024 – Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 for Interland 2024 in the Ardennes, Belgium on 24 March is available from the link below. The England team of all ages: W and M14 to W and M60+: race against two Belgian teams (Flemish and ...
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17.11.2023 - News from UK
10:30 -

PWT China Tour 2023-2024 news

The tour is confirmed from 30th December 2023 to 7th January 2024 in Shanghai, Zhoushan, Zhejiang areas. All local costs In China, after your arriving, will be covered by local organizers.  The e ...
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14.11.2023 - News from UK
01:10 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

News, talk with Sandra Grosberga and silly season!

We have A good talk with Sandra Grosberga, updates on the o-news and A bit from silly season.
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10.11.2023 - News from UK
09:52 -


Local organizers are working on this event but need to postponed it to 2024. All interested runners were already contacted. If you want to join, contact us!
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07.11.2023 - News from UK
01:02 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Tomas Krivda, Big News from Denmark and Autumn Spartacus Cup

This episode has A good talk with Tomas Krivda. We Are also talking about the national team selections in Norway and Austria , big news from Denmark, autumn Spartacus cup in Hungary , national champs ...
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31.10.2023 - News from UK
01:05 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Talk with Jannis Bonek and Silly season

In this episode we pick up silly season updates and have A really good talk with Jannis Bonek from Austria !
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24.10.2023 - News from UK
00:23 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Blodslitet, Halikko viesti and A lot of national champs!

Good talk about Blodslitet, Halikko viesti and national champs in Austria , Spain, New Zealand. Also picking up o-runners in mountain running, cross country running and road races.
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17.10.2023 - News from UK
19:30 - On The Red Line

Euromeeting Sprint Races

The route choice for leg 1-2 split the field in the mens knockout final Forth Valley Orienteers hosted Euromeeting last weekend as p ...
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00:14 - Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast

Euromeeting , Finnish ultra long dist champs and Czech champs...

Pre WOC2024 or Euromeeting Are the hot topic, but we also talk about the Finnish champs in ultra long distance and the Czech champs in relay !
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13.10.2023 - News from UK
23:35 - On The Red Line

Euromeeting Sprint Relay

There was live tracking of the Sprint Relay at Euromeeting Forth Valley Orienteers are hosting Euromeeting this weekend as part of th ...
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12.10.2023 - News from UK
20:10 - On The Red Line

European Champs Knockout Sprint

Freddie Carcas just missed out on the knockout stages. He was tied in the final qualification spot in heat 3 and lost out because he ...
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Fjord-O 2024 is organized in beautiful Fjord Norway with two races close to Bergen (Totland) and two races in the mountain terrain in Kvamskogen, one hours drive from Bergen towards the Hardanger Fjord.

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