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News are collected from web-sites at regular intervals. Below you see the status of the web sites when news was collected last time, at Fri Apr 28 20:00:25 2017.

Page nameStatusNews itemsTimeDate/time statusNewest entry
Kart-BosseOK6 items1 secNo time info found. 20160822-2000
Olle KärnerOK0 items0 secNo time info found.
Emiliano CoronaOK4 items1 secNo time info found. 20170426-0500
Fana OrienteringFailed getting web page 404 Kategorien ble ikke funnet. An Error Occurred

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404 Kategorien ble ikke funnet
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6 items0 secNo time info found. 20160528-2350
SuunnistusNetFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

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404 Not Found
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0 items2 sec
OK AzimutFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
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1 items0 secNo time info found. 20150623-1200
Eva JurenikovaOK1 items1 secNo time info found. 20150725-1400
Ines BrodmannFailed getting web page 500 Can't connect to (connect: timeout). An Error Occurred

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0 items30 secNo time info found.
Rahel FriederichOK0 items0 secNo time info found.
Czech Orienteering TeamOK6 items3 secNo time info found. 20170424-2300
Peter ÖbergOK0 items0 secNo time info found.
Australian O-FederationFailed interpreting rss feed0 items5 sec
Susen LöschOK5 items1 sec20170421-2208
GBR JWOC TeamFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
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0 items1 sec
Martin HubmannOK10 items0 sec20170423-1800
Olle BoströmOK0 items1 sec
Alessio TenaniOK25 items1 sec20170421-1134
Andreas BoesenOK5 items0 sec20160910-1423
Gustav BergmanOK7 items1 sec20170409-1748
Topi AnjalaFailed getting web page 401 Unauthorized. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

401 Unauthorized
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0 items0 sec
Carl Godager Kaas FacebookOK8 items3 sec20161029-1620
Julian DentFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Rafal PodzinskiOK0 items0 sec
Austrian O-FederationOK10 items0 sec20170427-2214
Italian O-FederationOK50 items1 sec20170428-1152
PWT.orgOK10 items0 secNo time info found. 20161228-1800
Kondis.noOK10 items1 sec20170428-1253
Radu MileaOK0 items0 sec
German O-FederationOK10 items1 secNo time info found. 20170427-0500
Anton TynongOK0 items2 sec
Franz GlanerOK2 items1 sec20160724-0624
Naked Aas BoyzOK0 items0 sec
Olga VinogradovaOK0 items2 sec
Czech O-FederationOK30 items3 sec20170424-0926
Tim Robertson FacebookOK24 items2 sec20170426-2130
Dan Chissick - IsraelOK10 items2 sec20170328-2000
Silje Ekroll JahrenOK9 items0 sec20170423-1543
Swedish O-FederationOK15 items1 sec20170428-1130
Jan ProchazkaOK2 items1 sec20160516-1257
Blazo MaksimovicOK0 items0 sec
Elena RoosOK16 items1 sec20170423-1947
Severin&Florian HowaldOK0 items1 sec
New Zealand Orienteering FederationOK9 items1 sec20160817-0052
Team KvåleOK0 items0 sec
Nydalens Skiklub EliteOK10 items1 sec20170308-1737
Orienteering EnglandOK10 items1 sec20170423-1826
Raffael HuberOK5 items0 sec20170404-0500
Gene BeveridgeOK10 items2 sec20170421-0803
Anton ÖstlinFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Kristiansand OK EliteOK5 items2 sec20151007-1555
MTBOrientering.dkFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Simone NiggliOK0 items0 secNo time info found.
World of OOK4 items1 sec20170306-1315
Orienterare.nuOK28 items0 sec20170322-1018
World Orienteering ChampionshipsOK6 items1 sec20160915-1713
Natalia GemperleOK2 items0 sec20160806-1800
Johan RunessonOK10 items1 sec20170220-2054
Kaspar HäglerOK3 items0 sec20161019-1731
Fredrik JohanssonOK6 items1 sec20150716-2040
Pre-o ElitenOK25 items0 sec20170214-2151
Anna ForsbergOK5 items1 sec20170418-1913
Göran WinbladOK10 items0 sec20170428-1403
Edgars BertuksOK10 items1 sec20161209-1600
Gernot Kerschbaumer FacebookOK25 items4 sec20170416-1630
Maria MagnussonOK25 items0 sec20170424-1948
NOPESPORTOK9 items1 sec20161031-0224
Jan Petrzela FacebookOK25 items3 sec20170402-1727
Helena JanssonFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Martin Hubmann FacebookOK23 items4 sec20170428-0919
Spanish Bomb KidsOK8 items2 sec20151119-2238
Sarina JenzerOK9 items0 sec20170318-0832
Riina KuuseloOK20 items1 sec20170413-0724
Nick SimoninOK0 items0 sec
Joao FigueiredoOK20 items1 sec20170421-2225
O-ZeugsOK12 items0 sec20161107-1153
Ronnerdals O- og tur-bloggOK0 items0 sec
Daniel HubmannOK10 items1 sec20170426-2039
Anastasia DenisovaOK3 items0 sec20161023-0706
Petteri MuukkonenOK20 items0 sec20161030-1600
Karin LeonhardtFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Danish O-FederationFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
30 items1 sec20161223-1700
Stüetz.beOK10 items0 sec20170110-2159
JG-OOK0 items2 sec
Hans Jørgen KvåleOK1 items0 sec20150613-1840
Anne Margrethe Hausken NordbergOK4 items1 sec20160310-1705
Charlotte WardOK4 items0 sec20170324-1238
WC SwitzerlandOK5 items1 sec20170208-0955
Biegnaorientacje.plOK10 items0 sec20161211-1833
NTNUI EliteOK8 items1 sec20170423-1957
Graham GristwoodOK1 items0 sec20150901-0930
Klaus CsucsOK0 items0 sec
Lizzie InghamOK5 items1 sec20160321-2200
Orimaps BlogOK1 items1 sec20150719-1743
Australia JWOC TeamOK7 items1 sec20160709-1600
Norwegian O-FederationOK10 items1 sec20170428-0918
Yannick Michiels FacebookOK25 items2 sec20170428-1922
SE East European Orienteering Work GroupOK6 items2 sec20151020-0750
Martin JohanssonOK3 items2 sec20170331-1249
Albin RidefeltOK3 items1 sec20161030-0804
Julia GrossOK10 items2 sec20170423-1449
Tue LassenOK25 items1 sec20170425-1628
Matthias Kyburz FacebookOK24 items3 sec20170424-2028
Kontrakurs.seOK1 items1 sec20151218-0900
Jonas EggerOK10 items6 sec20170409-1816
Baptiste RollierOK0 items0 sec
Swiss OrienteeringOK4 items1 sec20170217-1045
Mårten BoströmOK10 items1 sec20170301-1758
O-RingenOK65 items2 sec20170419-1200
Sandrine MüllerOK2 items1 sec20160306-1935
Matthias KyburzOK10 items0 sec20170402-2200
Olli OjanahoOK10 items1 sec20161005-0444
Tove AlexanderssonFailed interpreting rss feed0 items0 sec
Riccardo ScaletOK10 items1 sec20170315-1600
Swiss Ski-o TeamOK10 items0 sec20170307-1208
Latvian Orienteering FederationOK10 items1 sec20170408-2340
Team USAOK19 items0 sec20160824-1651
International O-FederationOK10 items0 sec20170428-1349
Jana KnapovaOK0 items1 sec
Jerker LysellFailed getting web page 401 Authorization Required. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

401 Authorization Required
. Read from file instead
8 items0 sec20161123-1600
Rune OlsenOK0 items1 sec
Erik Nilsson-SimkovicsOK3 items2 sec20151228-1049
Vinogradov BlogOK23 items0 sec20170217-1332
Varegg OrienteringOK7 items1 sec20170423-1928
Gernot KerschbaumerOK7 items0 sec20160316-0900
South Africa Junior TeamOK12 items0 sec20160503-2137
David SchneiderFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
0 items0 sec
Ross MorrisonOK0 items0 sec
Ralph StreetOK0 items1 sec
Orienteering CanadaOK10 items1 sec20170427-1857
Swedish O-FederationOK15 items0 sec20170420-1335
AndyBary.comOK19 items0 sec20151125-1404
OKansas - daily thoughts about OOK0 items1 secNo time info found.
Portuguese Orienteering BlogOK25 items0 sec20170428-1508
South Africa Orienteering TeamOK9 items0 sec20150801-1400
Australia National TeamOK6 items1 sec20150804-2200
Diogo BarradasOK3 items0 sec20150616-2139
Tobia PezzatiOK10 items1 sec20170421-2012
Damian KonotopetzOK2 items0 sec20150729-1148
Martin RegbornOK10 items0 sec20170426-1152
Lauri SildOK0 items1 sec
Ivar LundanesOK0 items0 sec
Thomas DlabajaOK10 items1 sec20170226-1800
Tessa HillOK7 items1 sec20170423-0821
Catherine TaylorOK20 items1 sec20170422-0000
Wojciech KowalskiOK0 items0 sec
O-training.netOK1 items4 sec20150802-1400
Edgars Bertuks FacebookOK22 items2 sec20170427-2118
Emily KempOK0 items0 sec
Josefine EngströmOK5 items1 sec20161111-1629
Thomas ReynoldsOK10 items0 sec20160704-0854
Raul FerraOK25 items1 sec20170418-1557
Johan MacLassenOK0 items0 sec
Featured on WoO-TVOK0 items0 sec
Øystein Kvaal ØsterbøOK4 items0 sec20150910-0758
Vetle Ruud BråtenFailed interpreting rss feed0 items0 sec
Portin and StenlundOK0 items0 sec
Denis GrishmanOK2 items1 sec20161121-1200
Baptiste RollierOK24 items4 sec20170407-2139
Minna KauppiOK3 items0 sec20151231-1153
Ursula Kadan FacebookOK25 items5 sec20170422-1922
Judith Wyder FacebookOK24 items3 sec20170423-1107
Matt OgdenOK1 items1 sec20150814-0753
Ski-O Blog ItalyOK0 items0 sec
Orienteering Mappers Int. FacebookOK25 items4 sec20170421-0841
Kristine FjellangerOK6 items1 sec20160419-2107
Bergen Sprint CampOK25 items0 sec20170212-1830
Vera AlvarezOK0 items1 sec
Mariana MoreiraOK1 items1 sec20151224-1412
Kinneberg and RisbyOK0 items0 sec
Jani LakanenFailed interpreting rss feed0 items17 sec
Sandro SchachnerOK0 items1 sec
Thierry Gueorgiou Training LogFailed interpreting rss feed0 items3 sec
Anna Nilsson-SimkovicsOK5 items3 sec20170301-2217
Gaute Hallan SteiwerFailed getting web page 500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname ''). An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '')
. Read from file instead
0 items0 sec
Gneist OrienteringOK10 items1 sec20160214-2300
Alison CampbellOK1 items0 sec20160728-2217
Orienteering MemesFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
20 items1 sec20150613-1422
Mari FastingOK7 items0 sec20170205-0743
Halden SK EliteOK14 items1 sec20170306-1134
Gular sladderOK0 items0 sec
Christian BobachOK0 items0 sec
Viking Orientering FacebookOK25 items2 sec20170424-0947
@WorldofO - TwitterOK0 items8 sec
WoO FacebookFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
0 items2 sec
Matija RazumOK3 items1 sec20160308-1233
Andrei GoloveiOK10 items1 sec20170415-0831
Markus PlohnOK3 items4 sec20160415-0700
Murray StrainOK0 items0 sec
Scottish Orienteering AssociationOK0 items0 sec - TwitterOK0 items2 sec
Lena EliassonFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
4 items0 sec20160327-0125
French Orienteering FederationOK15 items1 sec20170428-0914
Pasi IkonenOK2 items0 sec20160221-1000
Hordaland O-kretsFailed getting web page 404 NOT FOUND. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

. Read from file instead
10 items1 sec20160116-1158
JWOC 2016OK33 items0 sec20160715-1555
De Laatste PostOK18 items0 sec20170418-1838
MTB-O: Mark StodgellOK8 items2 sec20170428-1542
Daniel Hubmann FacebookOK17 items3 sec20170426-2050
Ireland National TeamOK0 items1 sec
Heidi BagstevoldFailed getting web page 401 Unauthorized. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

401 Unauthorized
. Read from file instead
0 items0 sec
AlfonssoonOK0 items0 sec
Judith WyderOK15 items1 sec20170327-0929
Frederic TranchandOK2 items0 sec20150811-0006
Sabine HauswirthOK5 items0 sec20170109-1701
Ida Bobach FacebookOK23 items2 sec20170215-1800
Wolfgang KampelOK0 items0 sec
Florian SchneiderOK10 items0 sec20170215-1000
Tommaso ScaletOK7 items1 sec20170108-1842
Miguel SilvaOK0 items1 sec
Ausrine KutkaiteOK7 items0 sec20160219-0743
Olli-Markus TaivainenOK0 items1 sec
Bedriftsorientering HordalandOK10 items0 sec20170426-2207
Joaquim SousaOK10 items1 sec20170425-1455
Lina StrandOK5 items1 sec20170424-0832
Carlotta ScaletOK4 items0 sec20160912-2023
Tiago LealOK1 items0 sec20150501-2100
HOK BloggenOK0 items2 sec
VM-Bloggen Swedish OrienteeringOK10 items0 sec20170421-1323
Nordhordland Orientering FacebookOK25 items3 sec20170421-0757
Jan PetrzelaOK10 items2 sec20161116-1326
Malungs OK EliteOK0 items1 sec
Finnish Orienteering FederationFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
0 items2 sec
Martin VisterOK10 items0 sec20160501-1345
Anna BachmanOK10 items0 sec20170425-1941
O-Norge.noOK10 items1 sec20170404-1137
Michal OlejnikOK6 items0 sec20150831-2146
Celine DodinOK6 items1 sec20170129-1813
MTB-O: Daniel MarquesOK5 items0 sec20170404-0003
Askoy OLOK10 items1 sec20170228-2026
Ida BobachOK1 items1 sec20150830-1404
Marck Lockett: I need to trainOK2 items0 sec20160131-1657
O-news.czOK10 items2 sec20170428-1034
Torben WendlerOK1 items0 sec20150511-2144
Olles MapsFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
0 items2 sec
Ski-o.comOK0 items1 sec
O-FeedOK0 items1 sec
IFK LidingöFailed interpreting rss feed0 items0 sec
Søren BobachOK0 items0 sec
Bartosz PawlakOK2 items0 sec20160622-1257
Milos NykodymOK10 items1 sec20170413-1101
OrientovarOK25 items0 sec20151219-0500
Lilian ForsgrenOK10 items1 sec20170407-1247
JOG OrienteeringFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
1 items0 sec20151019-2025
Emily BenhamOK10 items0 sec20160903-0930
NZ OSquadOK0 items1 sec
Orientering i Bergen FacebookOK25 items2 sec20170427-2334
Daniel RoosOK1 items0 sec20150710-0639
Vesa TaanilaOK0 items0 sec
Kris JonesFailed getting web page 404 Not Found. An Error Occurred

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
. Read from file instead
0 items0 sec
Vilius AleliunasOK10 items0 sec20160825-2159
101 Orienteering MapsOK0 items1 sec
Tuomo MäkeläOK14 items0 sec20170203-0000
HolidayMappers O-mapsOK0 items0 sec
Alex JospeOK25 items1 sec20170414-0820
Hevoskuuri.fiOK21 items1 sec20170428-1508
Rasmus Thrane HansenOK0 items0 sec
Sites included in 'World of O'
Australia JWOC Team
Australia National Team
Australian O-Federation
Julian Dent

Anna Nilsson-Simkovics
Austrian O-Federation
Erik Nilsson-Simkovics
Franz Glaner
Gernot Kerschbaumer
Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook
Karin Leonhardt
Markus Plohn
Sandro Schachner
Ursula Kadan Facebook
Wolfgang Kampel

De Laatste Post
Yannick Michiels Facebook

Anastasia Denisova

Damian Konotopetz
Emily Kemp
Orienteering Canada

Matija Razum

Czech O-Federation
Czech Orienteering Team
Eva Jurenikova
HolidayMappers O-maps
Jan Petrzela
Jan Petrzela Facebook
Jan Prochazka
Jana Knapova
Milos Nykodym
Olles Maps
Thomas Dlabaja

Andreas Boesen
Christian Bobach
Danish O-Federation
Ida Bobach
Ida Bobach Facebook
Johan MacLassen
Rasmus Thrane Hansen
Rune Olsen
Søren Bobach
Tue Lassen

Catherine Taylor
Charlotte Ward
Emily Benham
Featured on WoO-TV
Graham Gristwood
Kris Jones
MTB-O: Mark Stodgell
Marck Lockett: I need to train
Murray Strain
Orienteering England
Orienteering Memes
Ralph Street
Scottish Orienteering Association
Tessa Hill
WoO Facebook

Raul Ferra
Spanish Bomb Kids

Lauri Sild
Olle Kärner

Finnish Orienteering Federation
Jani Lakanen
Mårten Boström
Minna Kauppi
Olli Ojanaho
Olli-Markus Taivainen
Pasi Ikonen
Petteri Muukkonen
Portin and Stenlund
Riina Kuuselo
Topi Anjala
Tuomo Mäkelä
Vesa Taanila

Celine Dodin
Frederic Tranchand
French Orienteering Federation
JOG Orienteering
Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

German O-Federation
Susen Lösch


101 Orienteering Maps
SE East European Orienteering Work Group

International O-Federation
World Orienteering Championships

Ireland National Team
Nick Simonin

Dan Chissick - Israel

Alessio Tenani
Carlotta Scalet
Emiliano Corona
Italian O-Federation
Orimaps Blog
Riccardo Scalet
Ski-O Blog Italy
Tommaso Scalet

Edgars Bertuks
Edgars Bertuks Facebook
Latvian Orienteering Federation

Ausrine Kutkaite
Vilius Aleliunas

Andrei Golovei

NOR - Twitter
@WorldofO - Twitter
Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg
Askoy OL
Bedriftsorientering Hordaland
Bergen Sprint Camp
Carl Godager Kaas Facebook
Fana Orientering
Gaute Hallan Steiwer
Gneist Orientering
Gular sladder
HOK Bloggen
Halden SK Elite
Hans Jørgen Kvåle
Heidi Bagstevold
Hordaland O-krets
Ivar Lundanes
Kristiansand OK Elite
Kristine Fjellanger
Mari Fasting
Martin Vister
Naked Aas Boyz
Nordhordland Orientering Facebook
Norwegian O-Federation
Nydalens Skiklub Elite
Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook
Orientering i Bergen Facebook
Pre-o Eliten
Ronnerdals O- og tur-blogg
Silje Ekroll Jahren
Team Kvåle
Torben Wendler
Varegg Orientering
Vetle Ruud Bråten
Viking Orientering Facebook
World of O
Øystein Kvaal Østerbø

Gene Beveridge
Lizzie Ingham
Matt Ogden
NZ OSquad
New Zealand Orienteering Federation
Ross Morrison
Thomas Reynolds
Tim Robertson Facebook

Bartosz Pawlak
Michal Olejnik
Rafal Podzinski
Wojciech Kowalski

Diogo Barradas
Joao Figueiredo
Joaquim Sousa
MTB-O: Daniel Marques
Mariana Moreira
Miguel Silva
Portuguese Orienteering Blog
Tiago Leal
Vera Alvarez

Klaus Csucs

Radu Milea

South Africa Junior Team
South Africa Orienteering Team

Denis Grishman
Olga Vinogradova
Vinogradov Blog

OK Azimut

Blazo Maksimovic

Baptiste Rollier
Daniel Hubmann
Daniel Hubmann Facebook
David Schneider
Elena Roos
Florian Schneider
Ines Brodmann
JWOC 2016
Jonas Egger
Judith Wyder
Judith Wyder Facebook
Julia Gross
Kaspar Hägler
Martin Hubmann
Martin Hubmann Facebook
Matthias Kyburz
Matthias Kyburz Facebook
Raffael Huber
Rahel Friederich
Sabine Hauswirth
Sandrine Müller
Sarina Jenzer
Severin&Florian Howald
Simone Niggli
Swiss Orienteering
Swiss Ski-o Team
Tobia Pezzati
WC Switzerland

Albin Ridefelt
Anna Bachman
Anna Forsberg
Anton Östlin
Anton Tynong
Daniel Roos
Fredrik Johansson
Göran Winblad
Gustav Bergman
Helena Jansson
IFK Lidingö
Jerker Lysell
Johan Runesson
Josefine Engström
Kinneberg and Risby
Lena Eliasson
Lilian Forsgren
Lina Strand
Malungs OK Elite
Maria Magnusson
Martin Johansson
Martin Regborn
Olle Boström
Peter Öberg
Swedish O-Federation
Tove Alexandersson
VM-Bloggen Swedish Orienteering

Alex Jospe
Alison Campbell
OKansas - daily thoughts about O
Team USA