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11.03: Matthias Kyburz

Im Fahrplan

Da ich im Jahr 2022 nur wenige Stunden mit Karte und Kompass in Wäldern unterwegs war, bestand eini...
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23.03: Gustav Bergman

Winter training (mostly indoors or abroad)

Ahead of this winter I have reshifted my focus from sprint back to forest, and particulary hills, ah...
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14.03: Ursula Kadan Facebook

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My o...

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My own performances could have been a bit better...
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15.02.2023 - News from NZL
06:56 - Tim Robertson Facebook

We are just days away from the World Athletics Cross Country ...

We are just days away from the World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia (Sat 18 Feb) @wabathurst2023 World orienteering champion Tim ...Robertson is set to make his internat ...
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  WOC Tickets for Swiss O Week Participants 20230324-0937 - Swiss O-Week
  TRAIL-O: IL 26 MARZO A BOSCO DI TRETTO 20230322-1648 - Italian O-Federation
  TRAIL -O: ZANCANARO E CERA VINCONO A MARZAB... 20230314-1032 - Italian O-Federation
  LE CONVOCAZIONI PER IL CAMP DI PILSEN E CES... 20230310-1000 - Italian O-Federation
  Interland 2023 – Report 20230309-1359 - Orienteering England
  280 NEI BOSCHI DI CARREGA 20230309-1121 - Italian O-Federation
  A participant cap of 4'000 persons at s... 20230306-1300 - Swiss O-Week
  DOMENICA SI CORRE A CARREGA 20230303-1105 - Italian O-Federation
24.05.2022 - News from NZL
18:10 - Tim Robertson Facebook

After a successful altitude training camp in Flagstaff USA, T...

After a successful altitude training camp in Flagstaff USA, Tim has been competing in his first races of 2022. His Koovee team came 7th place at 10Mila. At the World Orienteering Championships 2022 ...
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Pig takes to the air wave @ Attackpoint-Events (05:00)
O-Ringen 2023 — til @ Orienterare (01:10)
Model course @ Attackpoint-Events (00:49)

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05.10.2021 - News from NZL
08:06 - Tim Robertson Facebook

Orienteering Season Finale in the fantastic setting of Cansig...

Orienteering Season Finale in the fantastic setting of Cansiglio, Italy. Tims World Cup #3 was a mixture of results... The Long distance was going well until 1 hour 20 mins when Tim had the same prob ...
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14.07.2021 - News from NZL
17:58 - Tim Robertson Facebook

Thanks to my #1 supporters back home in New Zealand I can now...

Thanks to my #1 supporters back home in New Zealand I can now re-live the World Orienteering Championships 2021 Czech Republic with some exciting commentary! Shoutout to my family, the o-gang, Oriente ...
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21.06.2021 - News from NZL
00:22 - Thomas Reynolds

Kawerau 6 hour 2021

The trick with setting the course for an adventure race is to have challenges included that suit the entire field. A challenge for the faster/stronger teams, while also taking everyone to the coolest ...
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Fjord-O 2024 is organized in beautiful Fjord Norway with two races close to Bergen (Totland) and two races in the mountain terrain in Kvamskogen, one hours drive from Bergen towards the Hardanger Fjord.

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