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03.07: World of O

JWOC 2015: All You Need To Know

The Junior World Orienteering Championships in Rauland, Norway starts Sunday with Sprint and continu...
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01.07: World of O MiniNews

Gonon wins European Vertical Championships

Former French national team member Francois Gonon won the European Vertical Championships in Chamon...
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04.07: World of O MiniNews

Omdal and Hauswirth win Norwegian WOC selection Long

[With GPS analysis & maps] A tough long distance with many long routechoice legs met the athletes i...
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02.07: World of O

Anders Nordberg 2nd in Norwegian WOC Test Middle

Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg won a clear victory in the women’s class ahead of Mari Fastin...
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29.06: Helen Palmer

Noone is holding a gun to your head

DAY 969Today was the deadline for me to decide whether I would run thetest racesin Deeside and try f...
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01.07: World of O

Swedish Champs Sprint: Svensk beats all WOC team –...

Emil Svensk and Tove Alexandersson won the Swedish Championships Sprint on Tuesday. Alexandersson h...
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03.07: Alessio Tenani

Orienteering outdoor for NIKE and sprint in Casalecchio

Lorienteering outdoor che abbiamo organizzato come FISO regionale a Rimini per la NIKE ...
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29.06: Alessio Tenani

What a week @ WTOC in Croatia!

Che settimana ai Mondiali di Trail-O! Otto giorni molto intensi ed emozionanti passati in Croazi...
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29.06: Gernot Kerschbaumer

Swedish Sprint Champs on the fly....

Today 18:00 Swedish Mixed Sprint Realy Championships Tomorrow, 30th of June, 11:05 Swedish Sprint Ch...
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03.07.2015 - News from NZL
06:34 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

JWOC 2015: All You Need To Know (Kiwi Edition)

The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) start on the 4th July, in Rauland, Norway. There are 302 athletes from 40 countries taking part in the week long event. There is also a Supporters To ...
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  Vattnigt 20150704-2350 - Kart-Bosse
  WTOC 2015: Momentos (Final de TempO) 20150704-1255 - Orientovar
  WTOC 2015: Antti Rusanen é o novo Ca... 20150704-1253 - Orientovar
  WJHI 2015 – Junior Selections 20150704-1110 - Orienteering England
  I Rogaine Jogos do Sado: Trail e Orienta&cc... 20150704-1019 - Orientovar
  JWOC 2015: 37 nações marcam p... 20150704-0957 - Orientovar
  10º Memorial Puma: Momentos 20150703-1645 - Orientovar
  10º Memorial Puma: Mapas e Soluç... 20150703-1641 - Orientovar
30.06.2015 - News from NZL
09:57 - Thomas Reynolds

Manawahe 6 hour Adventure Race

The Manawahe 6 hour adventure race is one of 3 annual 6 hour adventure races held in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Due to work commitments the first race in Kawerau was off the list for our team. For Man ...
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09:45 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

High Performance News June 2015

June has been a long month in orienteering terms, starting with Queen’s Birthday weekend, continuing into the World Cup races in Norway and Sweden, and then Jukola and Venla relays, and so on as ...
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19.06.2015 - News from NZL
22:28 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

New Zealand Schools Orienteering Champs – Entries c...

Nelson Orienteering Club would like to remind clubs and schools that entries for the 2015 NZ Schools Orienteering Champs close this coming Friday 26 June.  Make sure you’ve entered this ...
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01:59 - Thomas Reynolds

Remembering a moment – Stage 7, Godzone 2015

Stage 7 of Godzone 2015 started in the wee small hours for Team University of Auckland Adventure Racing. We pushed out of TA6 into a clear but chilly night. We had full packs. Not only were they burst ...
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14.06.2015 - News from NZL
08:03 - Thomas Reynolds

Ruahines on the Mountain Bike

In early 2015 I had my first proper foray into the Ruahine Ranges as part of the High50 Challenge with Mal Law. That was on foot, and took in Hikurangi, the highest point in the range. Over the last f ...
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12.06.2015 - News from NZL
08:40 - Thomas Reynolds

Queens Birthday 3 day – Muriwai

Chasing start races are usually a highlight of the NZ orienteering calendar when they come up. Despite some small elite fields at the Queens Birthday 3 day, the chasing start middle distance races del ...
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10.06.2015 - News from NZL
23:11 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Selection Announcement – NZ Schools Team 2015

18 June 2015 (updated) NZ Secondary Schools Orienteering Team 2015 The confirmed team selected to represent New Zealand at the Southern Cross Challenge against Australia at the Australian Oriente ...
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07.06.2015 - News from NZL
21:28 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

World Cup Middle Distance – 7 June

Big fields of 127 in the men and 103 in the women, containing nearly all the top runners contested the WC Middle Distance held north of Gothernburg. The complex, technical terrain is similar to that t ...
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06.06.2015 - News from NZL
20:27 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

World Cup Sprint – 6 june – Invalidated!

For those who struggle to organize, plan and control events it might be somewhat heartening to find that problems can occur even at the major events. The following is from the IOF website… & ...
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00:01 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

World Cup Sprint Relay – Halden Fortress 5 June

The New Zealand team of Lizzie Ingham, Matt Ogden, Tim Robertson and Laura Roberston have finished a highly creditable 11th in the World Cup Sprint Relay. Although crossing the line 18th out of 38 tea ...
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03.06.2015 - News from NZL
22:22 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

World Cup Round 2 – Long Distance 3 June Halden, No...

Ida Bobach, Denmark and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland both enjoyed convincing victories in the first race of the second round of this year’s World Cup, a Long Distance race held near Halden in No ...
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01.06.2015 - News from NZL
08:18 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Australia takes Test Match in close finish at QB

After 3 days of close racing in Woodhill Forest, the Australian Bushrangers have pipped the New Zealand Pinestars 285-280 to take the Aspin-Key Trophy back across the Tasman.
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30.05.2015 - News from NZL
08:51 - Thomas Reynolds

Queens Birthday 3 day – Waioneke

Waioneke is a very special map. It’s like nowhere else in Woodhill. It has lost a few of its technical areas to tree felling, but the map in general is my favourite in Auckland. The terrain ...
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22.05.2015 - News from NZL
10:52 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

HP News May 2015

After the mass of events in April, May has been a relatively quiet month on the home front, although as reported below our overseas contingent has been in the thick of the action. Things change at Que ...
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21.05.2015 - News from NZL
10:05 - Thomas Reynolds

Rogaine Series – Hedley Road

Orienteering has been on the back-burner of late. Adventure racing, riding, work and a break from training had all conspired to keep me away from map-in-hand time. Attendance at the Hedley Road Rogain ...
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20.05.2015 - News from NZL
20:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Northward Migration

Im never the most up-to-date at the best of times, but it seems that my post-thesis writers block hasnt broken yet, and Im getting further behind on blog posts. A fair bit has gone on since my last bl ...
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11.05.2015 - News from NZL
21:41 - Thomas Reynolds

Winter base building

With nights getting longer and days getting shorter, it’s clear winter is on its way. The 2015 winter is going to be a whole lot colder than the last few. While Rotorua is not exactly cold c ...
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27.04.2015 - News from NZL
17:45 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

The Calm Before The Storm

“A moment of pain, is worth a life time of glory” …a quote that has stuck with me after watching Unbroken, and I think works quite nicely with my favourite quote of all t ...
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24.04.2015 - News from NZL
05:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

To Canberra, with love

A friend once told me, on our parting, this is not an end, just a new beginning. Which I thought was a pretty damn wise thing to say. And kind of wish it was me that thought to say it (Even if its not ...
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11.04.2015 - News from NZL
20:28 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Its Only the Beginning

Well it has been 5 weeks since I arrived back to Uppsala after the training camp in Croatia and Slovenia. It has been a stable period of training and working, with two significant highlights being vic ...
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04.04.2015 - News from NZL
20:05 - Thomas Reynolds

NZ Orienteering Nationals – middle

The limestone detail of The Rockery provided a good middle distance test for nationals. The terrain was predominantly farmland, with some small forest patches, and scattered with areas of intense rock ...
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03.04.2015 - News from NZL
09:28 - Thomas Reynolds

NZ Orienteering Nationals 2015 – Sprint

A sprint event – the perfect way to shake off some orienteering rust. Since Australia my time with map and compass in hand has largely been limited to 1:50000 topo map and adventure racing. ...
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22.03.2015 - News from NZL
17:45 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

CroSlo Utlandsläger

It has been a little over a week now since I came back from OK Linné’s annual training camp, which was held in Croatia and Slovenia. This was my first camp with Linné since joi ...
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25.02.2015 - News from NZL
08:56 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Another European Adventure Begins

Last Friday I begun the 18,000km journey back to Europe. The trip is getting pretty irritating now, especially doing it so many times now and doing it by myself. The novelty has definitely worn o ...
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08.02.2015 - News from NZL
10:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Behind the times: Tassie World Cup

Yep, Ive finally got around to a very belated report! Usually Id be able to blame this on the slowness of the internet down here...but seen as everyone else has already posted their reports from Tassi ...
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04.02.2015 - News from NZL
09:14 - Thomas Reynolds

Riding this year – in pictures

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14.01.2015 - News from NZL
04:26 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Tasmania – Ten out of Ten

After the NZ Linné Training Camp, I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with my family. I also took part in a couple of really nice trainings with AOTC, including a “God Jul” spec ...
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31.12.2014 - News from NZL
12:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Home ground World Cup 2.0

World Cup 2015 is almost here! In two days time Ill find myself lining up for the second time in two years in what I could consider a homeground world cup.The preparation for the two has been pretty d ...
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24.12.2014 - News from NZL
00:26 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Summer Time

Returning home has been very rewarding, and I have gained a lot of energy from seeing my family, friends and my awesome dog yogi. The travels from Sweden went pretty smooth, and a stop over in Du ...
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07.12.2014 - News from NZL
10:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Where Are Ya?!

Yeah, its been a while.Where are ya? It seems like a simple question. Yet one which over much of the past 2 months Im not sure I could really answer! Physical training wise, its been a stop-start peri ...
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11.10.2014 - News from NZL
08:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Adventures in the Wild West

Spring time is my favourite time of year in Australia; nice temperatures (but still cold enough at night to justify nestling up with a mug of hot chocolate), a bit of a Wellington like wind going on t ...
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23.09.2014 - News from NZL
05:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Going Exclusive

Confession time:Orienteering isnt my only sport.Yeah sorry, hardly a secret, and not very juicy gossip. Apologies.For the last almost 20 years, Ive also played football. In fact, I once missed the NZ ...
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26.08.2014 - News from NZL
12:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

When you don't know what to write.

Dont write.Advice that may not work for a thesis...but thats for future Lizzie to worry about. It works perfectly in this case.Im well aware that anything I write here wont live up to my last post. So ...
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17.08.2014 - News from NZL
16:04 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

WUOC 2014 – Season Finale

WUOC 2014 had been my main goal for this year, and was the competition that I really wanted to perform well at. Unfortunately, everything has not gone to plan and my performances were not as I desired ...
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14.08.2014 - News from NZL
08:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

World Cup 2015: A guide to Australian Fauna

How do you deal with all of the [insert name of deadly animal]?!, How often do you see [said horrible animal]?, Have you ever been killed by [unthinkable monster of a creature]?!All questions that I w ...
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04.08.2014 - News from NZL
16:14 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Swedish Summer including Oringen 2014

Swedish summer has definitely been in full swing recently, with sensational weather and everyone in holiday mode. Following WOC I had 4 days of work before once again I packed my gear and was on the r ...
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31.07.2014 - News from NZL
12:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Post European Depression

Its 2 weeks already since I stumbled off the plane and back into the embrace of Canberran winter. Its been a busy two weeks too; with not much time left in each day once Ive finished with all of my mo ...
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19.07.2014 - News from NZL
10:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Forest WOC

The middle distance. Its always been my favourite discipline, even if its my worst going by results. As Im often reminded by Jamie, its the only distance Im yet to win a NZ elite title in. But for me, ...
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16.07.2014 - News from NZL
19:57 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

WOC 2014

After a 2 day mission to get back home from Lavarone (including a 6km, 90minute walk through some Italy back country with Ross and all our gear after 2 trains and 2 buses and a 7 hour stopover in Berl ...
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10.07.2014 - News from NZL
22:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Sprint WOC

Although the official proposal of having separate sprint WOC and forest WOCs may have been shot down, with this years schedule Ive ended up pretty much having two separate WOCs anyway. Last weekend wa ...
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04.07.2014 - News from NZL
18:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

WOC 2014; the Antipodean guide

They say the night before the night before is the sleep that counts, so perhaps its a bit worrying that im awake at 6.30am writing this...or perhaps its perfect prep for the early morning and long day ...
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30.06.2014 - News from NZL
14:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Italy 2.0

Following on from our brief Scandi tour, and mini holiday in Tallinn, its been back to Italy and WOC training for team Grizzle.Similar to Italy training 1.0, we adopted a couple of Aussies for the wee ...
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23.06.2014 - News from NZL
17:10 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 106th

Czech, Check

Following Jukola and surviving the boat ride home, I found myself again packing my gear for another international trip. This time the Czech Republic. Toby and I had been scheming for a while now, that ...
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20.06.2014 - News from NZL
23:50 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Sun, Mud and Snow

Once again I find myself kicking back in the Italian mountains, reflecting on an hectic last 10 days. This time however, the days have been filled with orienteering and travel, rather than work and or ...
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12.06.2014 - News from NZL
23:50 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Lessons in Swedish

When planning my European trip this year there were a couple of main options open to me for the leg of the trip following 3 Days of Trenches. Option One involved heading up to Kongsberg and the Word C ...
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04.06.2014 - News from NZL
22:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Week One, Part Two: 3 days of Trenches

aka. The Adventures of Captain America and the Lachness GrizzleWith the arrival of training buddies and a car, and our first set of races imminent, it was time for things to get serious. Well, up to a ...
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01.06.2014 - News from NZL
12:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Team Grizzle on Tour: Week One, Part One

Total Italian ImmersionAfter months of preparation and anticipation Team Lizzie on Tour officially kicked off last Monday! Following 24 hours of flights, (+1 extra hour for my bag...just to build the ...
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30.05.2014 - News from NZL
10:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer!

Finally! I’m sitting here in Rovereto, training for the day done, feet up relaxing, and with all the time I wish to write this blog post…well until I decide it’s time for more gelat ...
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21.05.2014 - News from NZL
12:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

Eurovision 2014

No. Not that Eurovision. Although...Slovenia, youll be hearing from my lawyers.Its now less than a week until I leave Australia for warmer Northern climes (yeah, bet that sentence is very rarely utter ...
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International O-Federation Upland terrain for Junior World Championships (01.07 19:19)

Florian Schneider SOM Bronze mit norska! (29.06 17:45)

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