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14.08: Lizzie Ingham

World Cup 2015: A guide to Australian Fauna

How do you deal with all of the [insert name of deadly animal]?!, How often do you see [said horribl...
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13.08: Tue Lassen

Sprint-discussion II

Thanks for all the comments on my last blog, some more constructive than others, but still its impo...
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WUOC Lang: Følg Thomas Natvig Årstad’s vei til 5...

- Full stopp på førstepost og vurderer veivalg. Synes høyre ser dårlig ut, og skeptisk til rett ...
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19.08: Matthias Kyburz

Erfolgreiche Studenten-WM = Gaudeamus Igitur

Zum ersten Mal nahm ich letzte Woche an der Studenten-WM teil. Im tschechischen Olomouc kämpfte...
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17.08: Lilian Forsgren


I finally managed to defend one of my two gold medals from WUOC two years ago in Spain(when I won th...
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16.08: Ines Brodmann

Swiss International Mountain Marathon

Am letzten Wochenende startete ich zusammen mit Mätthu am Swiss ...
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20.08.2014 - News in ENG
07:54 - Emily Benham

Maps from the training camp

We have been in Bialystok for some days now, riding on the maps provided by the pre WOC training camp. There have been SI units out each day, but unfortunately the maps are not always representative o ...
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  That is what we all prefer 20140819-1149 - O-Zeugs
  Det tredje rdet innan start. 20140819-1000 - Kart-Bosse
  IOF Sprint Relay Seminar 20140819-0944 - Italian O-Federation
  World University Orienteering Championships... 20140818-1931 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 242nd
  Mistrzostwa za nami 20140818-1926 -
  8 years of MTBO, a personal account –... 20140818-1833 - Emily Benham
19.08.2014 - News in ENG
09:27 - International O-Federation

Inside Orienteering 4/2014 now available

Inside Orienteering is back after the successful World Orienteering Championships in Italy! In this edition of Inside Orienteering you can read more about the World Champs - and also about the upcomin ...
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18.08.2014 - News in ENG
22:00 - WC Switzerland

Bulletin 3 of the World Cup Final 2014 has been published

Bulletin 3 of the World Cup Final 2014 in Liestal is ready for download.More on the page Infos 2014
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18:33 - Emily Benham

8 years of MTBO, a personal account – part 4

Part 4 of my personal MTBO history is difficult to write. It’s very recent history and many of the things I did in 2012 in terms of training, contributed massively to my recent performances. ...
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17:35 - Orienteering Memes

For all the wussies out there!

For all the wussies out there!
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09:46 - International O-Federation

MTBO Event Advisers clinic to be organised in Prague

The IOF MTB Orienteering and Rules Commissions will be organising an IOF Event Advisers and Organisers Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic during the weekend of 18-19 October 2014.
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08:37 - International O-Federation

MTBO WRE application form available

The application form for season 2015 MTB Orienteering World Ranking Events has been published. All national federations have the possibility to apply to host two MTBO World Ranking Events to be organi ...
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04:30 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Lauri Kontkanen: "I don't understand the philoso...

29,5 seconds was the time that separates Lauri Kontkanen from the 2014 World TempO title. With him, we return to Levico Terme and to “the most awful situation” he faced on trailo. An inter ...
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17.08.2014 - News in ENG
20:46 - Orienteering Memes

My reaction when i read this quote in a so called "e...

My reaction when i read this quote in a so called "expert" guide to scandinavian culture
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17:17 - Team USA

WUOC Wrap-up

The last few days have been quite busy, so Ill summarize the end of WUOC with a single post. The sprint was the day after the long. The first few controls of the courses were in the zoo that had a lo ...
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16:04 - Matt Ogden. Ranked 197th

WUOC 2014 – Season Finale

WUOC 2014 had been my main goal for this year, and was the competition that I really wanted to perform well at. Unfortunately, everything has not gone to plan and my performances were not as I desired ...
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15:39 - Team Canada

WUOC Sprint

We got to do a bit of a different style of sprint this year, in that the races started in a zoo(!), was a mixed forest and urban sprint and had 115m of elevation (more than double our middle course th ...
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16.08.2014 - News in ENG
10:08 - JOG Orienteering

Breaking News: WUOC

Our French shine at World University Championships (WUOC) in Olomouc, Czech Republic.<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Fredo is World Champion Long Di ...
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15.08.2014 - News in ENG
17:58 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 246th

WUOC Sprint and Middle

The sprint and middle here at WUOC haven’t gone as well as the long distance but I have been able to take some valuable experience from them and I’m pumped for first leg of the relay tomor ...
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13:28 - Team Canada

Team Update

Just a quick update from the team during this packed week of races, with detailed reviews of the races from the athletes to follow.Very exciting news today from Olomouc, Czech Republic, Emily Kemp pla ...
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03:05 - MTB-O: Mark Stodgell

Cycling on Lantau – Hong Kong

Coming soon!
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14.08.2014 - News in ENG
20:33 - Emily Benham

Friendly Encounters (includes graphs)

There’s a lesson to be learned in everything. It’s not always a good lesson, but the experience should be worth something. In orienteering, it’s well said that mistakes a ...
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12:23 - International O-Federation

SkiO WRE application form published

The application form for season 2014-2015 ski orienteering World Ranking Events is now available. During the coming season, each national federation will have the possibility to host a total of four W ...
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11:07 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Sprint Preview

WUOC SPRINT DISTANCE PREVIEW This afternoon is the WUOC Sprint distance event.The event starts at 15:00pm Czech Time so 14:00 irish/UK time and 9am east coast time. The venue is the village of Svaty ...
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10:20 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 246th

23rd Place at WUOC Long Distance

Yesterday I took to the start of the WUOC long distance here in Olomouc, Czech Republic and came out with my best overseas performance. As expected based on the training and model events from last wee ...
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08:15 - Riina Kuuselo. Ranked 39th


Sierre-Zinalalso known as “la Course des Cinq 4000” or the Race of the Five 4000m peaks, is considered to be one of the finest mountain races in the world. Or as an American mountain runn ...
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08:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 77th

World Cup 2015: A guide to Australian Fauna

How do you deal with all of the [insert name of deadly animal]?!, How often do you see [said horrible animal]?, Have you ever been killed by [unthinkable monster of a creature]?!All questions that I w ...
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07:32 - Team Canada

WUOC Sprint Relay

The first race of these World University Championships took place in the beautiful city of Kroměřž an hour’s drive from our home base in Olomouc. I havent run very many Sprint Relays but I was ...
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13.08.2014 - News in ENG
22:00 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Long Distance

Today was the WUOC long distance race. I was the last USA female to start but I wasnt really too concerned about this race anyway as the game plan was to just run it steady and clean. The Long distan ...
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17:05 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1. After winning the Mixed Sprint Relay, at the kick off of the 19th World University Orienteering Championship WUOC 2014, the Switzerland was again one of the great protagonists of todays race, with ...
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16:17 - Team USA


Day 3 of WUOC featured the long. The weather was perfect for running - cloudy and a bit cool. The terrain was mostly open woods in an area with patches of gnarly green and occasional open areas, surr ...
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11:42 - International O-Federation

Patrick Desbrest new member of the Ski Orienteering Commissio...

The IOF Council has appointed Patrick Desbrest, France, corresponding member of the IOF Ski Orienteering Commission.
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09:50 - Damian Konotopetz. Ranked 330th

WUOC Sprint Mixed Relay

Yesterday was the sprint mixed relay in the town of Kromeriz. The course was mostly in park with a little loop in the town at the end. I thought the forkings were way better than the WOC sprint mix ...
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08:20 - Team Canada

Sprint relay & long distance

The first race at the World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) this year was the sprint relay. This is a mixed-gender relay, with 2 men and 2 women. Emily Kemp started out for Canada, handin ...
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08:12 - International O-Federation

Presentations from IOF Sprint Relay Seminar available

The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission organised a successful Sprint Relay Seminar in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships 2014 in Italy.
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12.08.2014 - News in ENG
20:29 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 246th

WUOC Sprint Relay

Today I was very excited to run my first sprint relay! I didn’t have the race I was hoping for but it was very fun to be a part of. We weren’t allowed GPS watches so I don’t have thi ...
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20:12 - Orienteering England

SHI 2014 – England Team

The team to represent England in the 2014 Senior Home International can be found at the link below: 2014 England SHI Team
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19:48 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Opening Ceremony

WUOC 2014 - Opening Ceremony in OlomoucWUOC Officially begun tonight after the Opening Ceremony in the city center. There was no traditional team parade through town this time, and ceremony starte ...
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19:16 - Team USA

WUOC Sprint Mixed Relay

WUOC Sprint Relay:Its Day 2 and the first WUOC 2014 medals have already been awarded here in the Czech Republic! In the Sprint Relay, staged around the town of Kromeriz, Switzerland takes the gold af ...
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18:00 - World of O

WUOC Sprint Relay: Gold for Switzerland!

Switzerland won the World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) after strong races by Sarina Jenzer, Martin Hubmann, Julia Gross and Matthias Kyburz. Reigning World Champion in mixed sprint re ...
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18:00 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Sprint Relay

Today was the WUOC Sprint Relay in the town of Kroměříž (53km from Olomouc). This is the first time that the Sprint Relay has been run at WUOC and it had a different format t ...
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11:53 - International O-Federation

The IOF seeks a part-time Sports Director for Ski Orienteerin...

The IOF is seeking a part-time Sports Director for ski orienteering for the years 2015-2016.
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10:17 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Sprint Relay Trial Race

The Sunday afternoon of WUOC consisted of a test Sprint Relay race. This is a new distance for WUOC that got added this year to keep the championship that same as the WOC format. The Sprint Relay inv ...
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07:56 - Tessa Hill. Ranked 45th

Sierre-Zinal - A lesson in planning and patience

Sierre-Zinal. What an iconic race:the course, the views, the history.Ians photos and race summaryhere( has its place in my own running history as my first ever long race (in ...
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05:38 - Team USA

WUOC 2014 Opening Ceremony

Here Giac reporting from Olomouc, Czech Republic:WUOC 2014 has really begun tonight after the official Opening Ceremony in the city Center. There was no traditional parading across the streets here t ...
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05:00 - World of O

WUOC 2014: All You Need to Know!

[Update: Live Results Link] The World University Orienteering Championships starts with a mixed sprint relay in Olomouc Tuesday August 12th at 15:30 CET. With 5 races in 5 days – including a ...
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05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Bohuslav Hulka: "My best moments are connected with exce...

Bohuslav Hulka is one of the well known names in Trail Orienteering worldwide. Alongside with Petr Krystek, he was the first athlete carrying the Czech Republics flag in a World Trail Orienteering Cha ...
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05:00 - Mårten Boström. Ranked 65th

Alpine sweep

After finishing 5th in the World Orienteering Champs relay together with Mikko Sirén and Pasi Ikonen I trekked over the Alps to Zermatt. From there a stretch of different races started with th ...
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02:37 - Team Canada

The 19th World University Orienteering Championships are offi...

All parts of the Canadian University Orienteering Team have now arrived in Olomouc, Chez Republic. We are staying in University dorms and so far everything has been well organized and close by, which ...
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02:31 - Featured on WoO-TV

Official Night Hawk: Men Mass Start Orienteering Video by the...

Official Night Hawk: Men Mass Start Orienteering Video by thenighthawkrelay. See the whole spectacular night start from 8th august 2014. Length: 02:23 min. Author: thenighthawkrelay » Vie ...
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11.08.2014 - News in ENG
21:54 - Alison Campbell. Ranked 304th

WUOC 2014: Long training

Sunday morning the team piled into the car to go off to the Long model event. It was about a 40min drive away but through some pretty countryside with twisting roads. The model map area was on a map ...
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20:47 - Orienteering Memes

Big mistake makers understand!

Big mistake makers understand!
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15:08 - Alex Jospe. Ranked 280th

Running up hills!

Just small hills, but Ive been enjoying letting my feet take me up and down hills with the occasional rock thrown in, lately. Two weekends ago, Ed and I headed down to Connecticut for the Peoples Fore ...
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11:16 - International O-Federation

2015 World Orienteering Championships Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 for the 2015 World Orienteering Championships, to be held at Inverness in Scotland from 1st to 7th August inclusive, has now been published and can be accessed on the website www.woc2015.o ...
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06:34 - International O-Federation

The IOF seeks a Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer

The IOF is seeking to appoint a new Secretary General / Chief Executive Officer to succeed Barbro Rönnberg who will retire from the post at the end of 2014.
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