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25.04: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

So here we go! Lets make Tiomila an unforgetable experie...

So here we go! Lets make Tiomila an unforgetable experience (well, it always is) for super family of...
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21.04: Featured on WoO-TV

ORIENTEERING more than just running Orienteering Video...

ORIENTEERING more than just running Orienteering Video by 0mG3QJ-hNAohxoYTczkpVg. The differenc...
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20.04: Helen Palmer

Bare så du vet

DAY 9001000 days is back on.I was not sure that my heart was really in it anymore.I thought maybe I ...
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24.04: Lena Eliasson

Ett bortblåst formbesked – och kanske blir det fl...

DNS i SM-milen – verkar som jag blivit lite mer ”löpare” Efter skadeproblemen i no...
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24.04: Lizzie Ingham

To Canberra, with love

A friend once told me, on our parting, this is not an end, just a new beginning. Which I thought was...
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21.04: Edgars Bertuks


I never really understood people having passion for whiskey. Now I do! What else choice do they have...
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21.04: Jan Prochazka

Norwegian Spring and Halden TC

I spend last week in Halden with Kalevan Rasti. For outsiders it might seem strange that two biggest...
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23.04: Daniel Hubmann


Eigentlich wollte ich diese Woche ins Trainingslager nach Norwegen reisen, doch wegen Probleme...
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19.04: Silje Ekroll Jahren

2.plass i Solrenningen

Solrenningen bød på en langdistanse av det lengre slaget i dag, med 9.8 km. Jeg gjorde ...
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25.04.2015 - News in ENG
18:57 - Edgars Bertuks Facebook. Ranked 17th

So here we go! Lets make Tiomila an unforgetable experience (...

So here we go! Lets make Tiomila an unforgetable experience (well, it always is) for super family of Browns!Orinteering with world champion, Edgars Bertuks in Sweden50 Sports in 50 WeeksOriginally use ...
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15:50 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scottish Championships, Relay

Hosted by west area clubs. The relay race will be held at Inverawe, near Taynuilt, Argyll, a mixed area of broad-leaved woodland and open moorland with spectacular vie ...
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  Björnstyrka 20150425-2000 - Kart-Bosse
  Scottish Championships, Relay 20150425-1550 - Scottish Orienteering Association
  Just had to share this. 20150424-1536 - Orienteering Memes
  Mundiais ISF 2015: Mapas Distância M&... 20150424-1400 - Orientovar
  Venha conhecer... Manuel Dias 20150424-0500 - Orientovar
  Mundiais ISF 2015: Fim de festa 20150423-2239 - Orientovar
  XV Ori BTT do NADA / Campeonato Ibér... 20150423-1400 - Orientovar
  Halkigt underlag 20150423-1400 - Kart-Bosse
24.04.2015 - News in ENG
15:36 - Orienteering Memes

Just had to share this.

Just had to share this.Irock the natural
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11:24 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1. With five individual gold medals, Sweden was the big name of the ISF World Schools Championships Orienteering 2015, which took place throughout the week at Antalya (Turkey). The Nordic set also rea ...
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10:15 - World Orienteering Championships

What does a World Orienteering Championships look like

Video showing thehighlights from WOC 2014 in Italy. It gives you an idea of the scale, excitement,variety of terrain and so what to expect when the World Orienteering Championships ...
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09:33 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

2015 NZ Schools Orienteering Champs – Entries Now O...

Entries are now open for the NZ Schools Orienteering Champs being hosted by Nelson Orienteering Club from 16-18 July 2015. Bulletin 1 is available for download. Entries close 26th June 2015.
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05:00 - Lizzie Ingham. Ranked 58th

To Canberra, with love

A friend once told me, on our parting, this is not an end, just a new beginning. Which I thought was a pretty damn wise thing to say. And kind of wish it was me that thought to say it (Even if its not ...
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London Marathon andy @ Nopesport (19:55)
WRE Weinfelden Meieli S @ SOLV (19:50)
Re: svenske eliteranglis SirN @ O-snak (19:11)
svenske eliteranglistel& SirN @ O-snak (19:01)
Schiehallion Weekend 19-2 Big Jon @ Nopesport (18:21) Familieo @ O-snak (18:00)
Three Peaks Fell Race david_ro @ Nopesport (17:15)
Orienteering--more than j @ Attackpoint (17:11)
British Championships Big Jon @ Nopesport (15:43)
Re: SM Stafet Unknown @ O-snak (14:13)
Norsk/Bukhs dame-elite Observer @ O-snak (10:55)
Läufer gesucht für 1. s Matthias @ SOLV (10:26)
10mila Myran @ Orienterare (09:56)
Snyggaste klubbtröja EriOL @ Orienterare (08:24)
Orienteers at Boston Mara @ Attackpoint (04:52)
1.-2. div. match Unknown @ O-snak (00:13)
OCAD/MAC Oskar @ Orienterare (00:04)

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23.04.2015 - News in ENG
11:51 - Edgars Bertuks Facebook. Ranked 17th

Tuning into a training mode with some hill intervals. Feeling...

Tuning into a training mode with some hill intervals. Feeling much better than few days ago. Still it was rather rough one, but that is what I call quality time! With Inspecta Suomi, adidas Running, S ...
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11:31 - International O-Federation

New Orienteering video available

The IOF is currently at the SportAccord Convention in Sochi, Russia, for promoting orienteering. A new orienteering video has been released during the Convention.
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10:50 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook. Ranked 2nd

Due to an inflammation in my leg I was cycling a lot the last...

Due to an inflammation in my leg I was cycling a lot the last weeks. Hope Ill be back racing soon again. news/ 422-geduldsache
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09:46 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Get Set : Your Chance to Fly to New Zealand on Us

Here’s your chance to win a trip to New Zealand to compete, with return flights and your Games entry on us. To celebrate two years to go, World Masters Games 2017 is offering one lucky competito ...
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04:14 - Australian O-Federation

OA High Performance Event Calendar 2016 (draft)

This is a draft of the OA High Performance calender of events for 2016 which includes the National Orienteering League rounds. HP Calender 2016
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04:09 - Australian O-Federation

Australian Junior Development Squad Coach appointed

Orienteering Australia has appointed Roch Prendergast from Victoria as the Australian Junior Development Squad Coach. We are very pleased too have Roch as one of our squad coaches as he brings to the ...
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01:38 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Selection Announcement – WOC 2015

Selection Announcement WORLD ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 The provisional team selected to represent New Zealand at the World Orienteering Championships for 2015 to be held in Inverness, Scotland, ...
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22.04.2015 - News in ENG
18:07 - Alex Jospe. Ranked 237th

Billygoat 2015

The Billygoat is a really awesome orienteering race, with a fair amount of history. Ive won it the last two years, at Baldwin Hill and Earls Trails, and I was looking to repeat the title at Egypt Mill ...
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16:00 - Edgars Bertuks Facebook. Ranked 17th

Camp has tarted to rev up, feeling is back!!! Meanwhile I wou...

Camp has tarted to rev up, feeling is back!!! Meanwhile I would like to introduce You to my newest supporters or may I say FRIENDS starting season 2015. Syform Latvija will keep my "engine&am ...
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06:00 - International O-Federation

Orienteering visits Birmingham for The World Games 2021

While the global orienteering community is focusing its efforts on the 2017 World Games in Poland; preparations for the 2021 World Games to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA have begun.
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05:25 - World Orienteering Championships

100 Days before world comes to the Scottish Highlands

The countdown to Scotland’s major sporting event of the year is entering its final 100 days with athletes from throughout the world preparing to descend on the Highl ...
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05:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

End of Season

My season ended last weekend (more or less) with two national events. On Friday there was a postponed race from November at Bar’am, and on Saturday my club organised the last ranking race at Hon ...
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21.04.2015 - News in ENG
22:00 - Featured on WoO-TV

ORIENTEERING more than just running Orienteering Video by 0...

ORIENTEERING more than just running Orienteering Video by 0mG3QJ-hNAohxoYTczkpVg. The difference between orienteering and running on a track... What´s your choice? ORIENTEERING... ...more tha ...
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20:47 - Judith Wyder Facebook. Ranked 3rd

Im currently in Spain coaching the running part of the Gigath...

Im currently in Spain coaching the running part of the Gigathlon Camp! Good to see the progress of all the participant. And myself I enjoy my own training in the sun!
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20:10 - Scottish Orienteering Association

British Orienteering Champions 2015

Congratulations to Grahan Gristwood (FVO) & Jess Tullie (BASOC) on winning the 2015 British Orienteering Championships long distance classic in the Forest of Dean. ...
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19:47 - Jan Prochazka. Ranked 26th

Norwegian Spring and Halden TC

I spend last week in Halden with Kalevan Rasti. For outsiders it might seem strange that two biggest rivals of last year’s train together, but we were really warmly welcome in Halden. As there a ...
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19:40 - Emily Benham

Danish MTBO Camp

Always a permanent fixture in my diary, I was excited for months to start the new MTBO season. A new year, new races, new athletes. So I was disappointed to become ill just 2 days before the Danish MT ...
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17:32 - Martin Hubmann Facebook. Ranked 23rd

Finished another high intensive training block with 10x1000m ...

Finished another high intensive training block with 10x1000m in wonderful and warm spring weather. Vollendete einen weiteren "Motorenblock" mit 10x1000m bei wunderbarem und warmem F ...
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17:07 - Edgars Bertuks Facebook. Ranked 17th

I’m in Sierra Nevada (2,300 m), Spain. Supposed to...

I’m in Sierra Nevada (2,300 m), Spain. Supposed to do some altitude training, but first few days had to be dedicated for slightly less exciting things – day before traveling we all (includ ...
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15:00 - Edgars Bertuks. Ranked 17th


I never really understood people having passion for whiskey. Now I do! What else choice do they have – whiskey is all they do….produce, have, drink, talk, see! It’s only my opini ...
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08:18 - Australian O-Federation

Easter 2015 Report from the Coordinator

Robert Tucker, the Carnival Coordinator, has delivered his report on Easter 2015. Read it on the link below. Easter 2015 Robert Tucker
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20.04.2015 - News in ENG
21:56 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 69th

Bare så du vet

DAY 9001000 days is back on.I was not sure that my heart was really in it anymore.I thought maybe I should wait until I felt that my heart was really in it again.I felt like a fraud.Now I have decided ...
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20:32 - Orienteering Memes

Thierry or abortion!

Thierry or abortion!
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19:21 - Bettina Aebi. Ranked 82nd

Back to the roots

Well, where should I start. Maybe I just give you a fragmentary, pretty arbitary but more or less chronical overview about all those exciting, life-changing and oh so important (...or not) events that ...
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19.04.2015 - News in ENG
17:00 - Orienteering Memes

Iso mulkku = big dick, Pieni mulkku = small dick Tag your fri...

Iso mulkku = big dick, Pieni mulkku = small dick Tag your friend who lives in that house!
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10:08 - International O-Federation

Trail Orienteering Relay to be introduced

The IOF will introduce a new format for Trail Orienteering: Relay. There will be two classes in the relay, Open and Paralympic. Each team consists of three competitors.
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18.04.2015 - News in ENG
08:50 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

NZ Secondary Schools Rogaine Championships

Entries for the National Secondary Schools Rogaine being held in the forests, north and south of Waitarere Beach on 8th August, are now open. Event website
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17.04.2015 - News in ENG
19:55 - Orienteering Memes


Nope.TitelbilderFoto: Anders L Björklund, Orsa Grönklitt
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13:28 - Jana Knapova. Ranked 60th

New website

The blog was not alive for some time now. Sorry for that.But now I have a brand new website.Where youll be able to find some info and, I hope, to track my progress.Check it out and feel free to leave ...
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12:00 - International O-Federation

WOC 2018 website and embargoed areas published

World Orienteering Championships (WOC) 2018 website has been launched with information about embargoed areas. The Championships will be organised in Riga and Sigulda, Latvia together with World Trail ...
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09:32 - Vinogradov Blog

Galina Vinogradova's stadium Sprint test: 4000 m with pun...

Yesterday Galina Vinogradova made Sprint physical capacity test - she ran 4000 m at stadium with 20 times SI-punchings and Sprint map reading.The weather was tough - rain and snow were falling togethe ...
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05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

John Kewley: "My goal would be to get selected"

On the 2015 British TrailO Championships eve, John Kewley is the guest of honour of the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. In this Interview we travel through his most recent achievements, live the present ...
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16.04.2015 - News in ENG
10:05 - Team USA

Team USA hits the 2015 JK

Over Easter weekend, I joined a small crowd of North Americans among throngs of British orienteers (and quite a few elites from throughout Europe) for the JK, one of the largest orienteering events i ...
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15.04.2015 - News in ENG
11:53 - International O-Federation

SPORTident Air+ approved for IOF Events

It is now possible to use the touchfree punching system SPORTident Air+ in all IOF Events.
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08:33 - Australian O-Federation

AusChamps 2015 Entries Now Open

From Orienteering Victoria: The Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival will be held in and around Ballarat in just six months’ time!  We are pleased to announce the launch ...
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14.04.2015 - News in ENG
20:56 - Emily Benham

The season begins … or does it?

The alarms are set and the van is packed for our 0415 departure tomorrow morning. The Larvik-Hirtshals boat won’t wait for us, and with enough experience to last a lifetime with missing ferr ...
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18:00 - Guy Sabo-Bar. Ranked 344th

Life goes on...

אני נמצא כבר שבועיים בבית מועדון,  ...
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11:26 - Scottish Orienteering Association

World Schools’ Orienteering Championships 2015

This years’ WSOC will take place around the Antalya- Kemer area of Turkey. There will be three competition days, training opportunities and a full Cultural and Socia ...
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09:50 - Vinogradov Blog

WRE Sprint statistics 2014: Who is the best one?

Is it possible to earn a lot of IOF ranking points in only WRE? Which WRE were strongest in 2014? Who did win greatest number of Sprint WRE medals? Whats the best way to earn points from WRE? And what ...
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05:33 - World Orienteering Championships

First home athletes named for 2015 World Championships

The first four members of the UK team to compete in the World Orienteering Champions in Moray and the Highlands have been named.
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00:32 - Alex Jospe. Ranked 237th

JK 2015: The good, the bad and the ugly

Given that this trip was largely made for WOC preparation, Ive done a good bit of analysis since returning home. I figured Id share some of it. If youre not an orienteering nerd, you may want to skip ...
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13.04.2015 - News in ENG
07:30 - Australian O-Federation

Easter report from Nicola Blatchford

Nicola Blatchford, Australian Junior, has written a report on the happenings at Easter 2015 in South Australia. Check it out here. (pdf 5mb)
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06:31 - Scottish Orienteering Association

World Cup Round 2 Selections

Congratulations to the following SEDS athletes who have been selected to the TEAM to represent Great Britain in the 2015 Round 2 World Cup which are being held in Norway and ...
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