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31.10: Søren Bobach

What an amazing year

  The training new year has come so it is time to sum up the season. And what a season this ha...
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31.10: Lena Eliasson

Identitetskris deluxe och månadens friidrottare

  Jätteroligt att en helt vanlig vardag bli uppringd och intervjuad för att mitt SM-guld i halv...
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29.10: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Fantastic weather to enjoy the alps! Here close to the H...

Fantastic weather to enjoy the alps! Here close to the Hohgant....
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28.10: Judith Wyder Facebook

Im so happy and very proud to be the "Berner Sportl...

Im so happy and very proud to be the "Berner Sportlerin des Jahres 2013/ 2014". Just a per...
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26.10: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Ran a cool sprint in Bischofszell, the town of Tobi frui...

Ran a cool sprint in Bischofszell, the town of Tobi fruits! A pity they didnt save the map for a big...
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Stolpejakten inn i statsbudsjettet?

En hel million kroner til videreutvikling av Stolpejakten på nasjonalt nivå kan bli realiteten derso...
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31.10.2014 - News in ENG
22:00 - Guy Sabo-Bar. Ranked 401th

Long time not see..

Long time passed since i was writing a post, actually my passion to orienteering go deep deep down.After a long period in europe last spring and summer i was very not satasfied with my preformence at ...
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09:40 - Emily Benham

Mapping: Technology vs Old Skool

In two and a half years, I have drawn 6 maps in Norway. Two are sprint maps, the other four forest. I have been lucky to visit some of the most beautiful hidden gems Hadeland has to offer. I’ ...
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  Long time not see.. 20141031-2200 - Guy Sabo-Bar. Ranked 401th
  You remember my shell script I created a co... 20141031-1535 - Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook
  I've just written a short blog about my... 20141031-0955 - Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook
  Mapping: Technology vs Old Skool 20141031-0940 - Emily Benham
  Fast-Stadtmeisterin Gisa und A-Kader fü... 20141031-0920 - Wartbichler and Linhart
  Halloweenkväll 20141031-0800 - Kart-Bosse
  Wedding Thank Yous 20141030-1811 - Samantha Saeger
  Swiss Selections 2015 20141030-1428 - O-Zeugs
30.10.2014 - News in ENG
18:11 - Samantha Saeger

Wedding Thank Yous

From the Summit Motel, morning of the wedding. By Eric LuthIve been thinking a lot about writing this post, and finding it a bit daunting to explain with words the feelings from the entire day. Ross ...
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14:47 - Alex Jospe. Ranked 250th

Love the Lakes meet

Last weekend was the final national-level orienteering event on my calendar for the fall, down in the middle of nowhere in the Hudson Valley, at the Mountain Lakes state park. Hudson Valley Orienteers ...
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13:11 - International O-Federation

New milestones for orienteering in Chinese Taipei

People may still remember the successful World Games 2009 and Deaflympics 2009 in Chinese Taipei. The Chinese Taipei Orienteering Association (CTOA) now announces that the Asian orienteering working g ...
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29.10.2014 - News in ENG
23:17 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Team Vacancies – Tasmania Oceania & World Cup 2...

The deadline for the following roles has been extended until Friday 21 November 2014. Applications are invited for the positions of: World Cup 2015 – Round 1 Team Manager Position Description:&n ...
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14:28 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Croy Hill, SoSOL, 9th Nov

A South of Scotland league event (level C) on a new map of Croy Hill near Cumbernauld. More details on the Clyde website & pre-entry via is encouraged ...
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12:49 - International O-Federation

Tom Hollowell appointed IOF CEO

Tom Hollowell has been appointed CEO of the International Orienteering Federation. He succeeds Barbro Rönnberg as Secretary General, when she retires from the post at the end of 2014.
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11:06 - International O-Federation

Welcome to Greenland!

GO to Greenland Greenland has three orienteering clubs whose names are Ilulissat (with 50 members), Nuuk (with 35 orienteers) and Aasiaat which is the newest and have about 15 members. They are growin ...
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11:04 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook. Ranked 2nd

Fantastic weather to enjoy the alps! Here close to the Hohgan...

Fantastic weather to enjoy the alps! Here close to the Hohgant.
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10:54 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Urban League 2015

bto SOUL series for 2015 has 4 dates confirmed already. Could any clubs thinking of holding a sprint/urban race in the early part of the year particularly let the Urban Leagu ...
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28.10.2014 - News in ENG
22:27 - Judith Wyder Facebook. Ranked 4th

Im so happy and very proud to be the "Berner Sportle...

Im so happy and very proud to be the "Berner Sportlerin des Jahres 2013/ 2014". Just a perfect ending of a perfect season!Berner Regierung ehrt OL-Läuferin Wyder und Fechter Kau ...
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22:19 - Yannick Michiels Facebook. Ranked 113rd

/ / / 13e plaats met VMOL in de "Lotto Cross Cup Re...

/ / / 13e plaats met VMOL in de "Lotto Cross Cup Relays" \\\ Met de "Lotto Cross Cup Relays" in Gent is het veldloopseizoen echt van start gegaan. Samen met teamg ...
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21:35 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scottish Score Championships 2014

BASOC are hosting this event at Achlean Forest on the 16th November. More details on the BASOC website and enter online via There is also a coaching session at U ...
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20:59 - Australian O-Federation


Find out where the Elites rank.
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17:37 - Orienteering Canada

Request for input re rule revisions

Orienteering Canada’s Technical Committee is currently conducting the biennial review of the Canadian orienteering rules. The current version of the rules can be found here. If you have any ...
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04:18 - Australian O-Federation

OA Coaching Conference, Canberra 24th-25th Jan 2015.

ORIENTEERING AUSTRALIA    COACHING CONFERENCE January 24th-25th January 2015    AIS, Canberra. A Coaching Conference is being planned by the Orienteering Australia High Performance ...
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27.10.2014 - News in ENG
22:13 - Damian Konotopetz. Ranked 380th

North American Orienteering Championships

It has been two weeks since the North American Orienteering Championships wrapped up in Arnprior, Ontario. The weekends races were top notch and I think they were the best Canada has ever put toget ...
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19:05 - Jan Petrzela. Ranked 50th

Travelling around

For an Orienteering geek, studying in Finland might sometimes mean not being in Finland for more than 2 weeks. It started quiteinnocently when my Czech club OK99 asked me to come back to the Czech rep ...
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13:22 - Orienteering Memes

The struggle is real

The struggle is real
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09:20 - International O-Federation

Mistake in the WTOC 2014 results

The organiser of the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2014 had mistakenly recorded one wrong answer for Inga Gunnarsson (Sweden) on the second day of the Championships.
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08:24 - New Zealand Orienteering Federation

Entries for Le Tour de Peninsula Waitangi Weekend Sprint Seri...

Online entries for Le Tour de Peninsula are now LIVE at, and the website ( has a lot more useful informat ...
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01:26 - Australian O-Federation

Jim Russell- OA National Development Squad Coach

Orienteering Australia is pleased to announce that Jim Russell has been appointed as as a HP Coach of the National Development Squad (NDS) for the next two years. Jim brings with him many years of &am ...
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26.10.2014 - News in ENG
17:23 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook. Ranked 2nd

Ran a cool sprint in Bischofszell, the town of Tobi fruits! A...

Ran a cool sprint in Bischofszell, the town of Tobi fruits! A pity they didnt save the map for a bigger event. OvFSzU / I39bP8
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08:16 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 244th

All 3 Wins at Auckland Champs

I’m really happy to have won all races at Auckland Champs this weekend. The field was quite small unfortunately but the attendance of some top juniors and Ross Morrison meant that I couldn&rsquo ...
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25.10.2014 - News in ENG
11:43 - Orienteering Memes


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10:54 - International O-Federation

Sports Director Björn Persson leaves the IOF

IOF Sports Director Björn Persson announced earlier this month that he will not be renewing his contract at the end of this year.
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24.10.2014 - News in ENG
14:08 - International O-Federation

Embargoed areas updated for World Championships 2015

For the World Orienteering Championships 2015 in Scotland, the rule not allowing the use of orienteering maps in the towns of Elgin, Nairn and Forres has been amended.
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14:01 - Helen Palmer. Ranked 84th

Scotland: The idea of home

Small talk, by convention, involves the question Where are you from?For me, this simple question requires a complicated answer. Instead of searching inside myself and my past for an honest and/or leng ...
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13:17 - International O-Federation

William Lind new coordinator for Foot Orienteering Athletes&a...

Coordinator for IOF Foot Orienteering Athletes Commission, Matthias Merz (SUI), has decided to step down after having ended his elite orienteering career earlier this year.
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10:02 - Alex Jospe. Ranked 250th

North American Orienteering Championships

The North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC) is an event that happens every two years, alternating between Canada and the United States. Occasionally we get competitors from Barbados, but they ...
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08:16 - International O-Federation

Final standings for Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orientee...

After the last round of the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering (ECTO), held in Czech Republic, the final standings can now be published.
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23.10.2014 - News in ENG
23:20 - Scottish Orienteering Association

27th Tinto Twin

The 27th running of the Night - Day Tinto Twin was held on Carmichael Hill and Happendon Wood on 25th & 26th October. The results for the event are now available i ...
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09:58 - World Orienteering Championships

Embargoed Areas

The rule not allowing the use of orienteering maps in the towns ofElgin, Nairn and Forres has been amended. It now includes ALL maps and is not just limited to orienteering ones.
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08:07 - Judith Wyder Facebook. Ranked 4th

Now at the kiosk in Switzerland. Go and get the new "...

Now at the kiosk in Switzerland. Go and get the new "the red bulletin"and find out how running makes you smart: ch/ de/ sports/ judith-wyder-laufen-macht-klug
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08:03 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Urban League 2014

The 2014 bto SOUL prizegiving was held at a lively SEDS ceilidh following SOUL 8 at Kingussie on 27 Sept. A full report on the 2014 season will appear in the next edit ...
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22.10.2014 - News in ENG
17:30 - Jan Petrzela. Ranked 50th

Kalevan Rasti!

I spent great years in OK Kåre together with many Czech and Swedish friends and I will always be grateful to this friendly club. Thank you guys. Going to study in Finland and needing some new ch ...
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15:47 - Orienteering England

SHI 2014 – Team Manager’s Report

A report on the Senior Home International match held at Deeside in Scotland on the 18-19 October 2014 can be viewed from the link below: SHI 2014 Report
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13:43 - Scottish Orienteering Association

Scotland victorious on home soil!

Scotland win the Senior Home International 2014 The last week has seen some great races in Scotland and the home nations took advantage of these to hold the Senior Hom ...
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12:05 - Catherine Taylor. Ranked 19th

Deeside: Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

As ever, Scotland and Deeside lived up to high expectations! It was great to have a World Championships training camp without needing to cram in as much as possible. I reacquainted myself with this fa ...
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10:55 - Riina Kuuselo. Ranked 42nd

Finnish Ultra Long Championships

Finnish Ultra LongChampionshipswere held in tough and challenging terrain of Kytäjä, partly the same terrain as in Jukola 2010. I was doubtful whether to go there or not but after recoverin ...
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06:58 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 244th

Getting lost? Extra Miles!

So after only doing recovery runs and the odd orienteering race for 2 months amongst lots of cycling I decided it was time to take my Achilles out for a proper focused training run. I was excited to g ...
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00:41 - JOG Orienteering

A la découverte des USA

Nous avons pass? deux week-ends de comp?titions en Am?rique du nord bien sympa. Au programme : 7 courses, 5 WRE, des terrains vraiment sympa, et de la CO sur un nouveau continent, le top. Le week-end ...
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21.10.2014 - News in ENG
22:16 - Australian O-Federation

Australian Team- World Cup 2015 Round 1 Tasmania.

Orienteering Australia has announced the team to compete in the World Cup races in Tasmania in January. Australia is entitled to have a maximum of 10 runners in each discipline (men and women). A full ...
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20:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

Back to H40

The first national event of this season was at Tel Hadid – the site of last year’s national championship. Having decided to run H40 this year, I was back in training from my ankle injury ...
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08:15 - International O-Federation

New cover photos for IOF website

We are looking for new photos to replace the current discipline photos, as well as the cover photo on the website
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06:53 - Anastasia Denisova. Ranked 122nd

The first but not the last: WC in Switzerland

Может это уже и не особо актуальнC ...
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20.10.2014 - News in ENG
10:45 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook. Ranked 2nd

News on my webpage about the last week in Scotland: www.danie...

News on my webpage about the last week in Scotland: news/ 415-schottland-im-fokus
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08:47 - Yannick Michiels Facebook. Ranked 113rd

BELGIAN CHAMPION MIDDLE DISTANCE! Last sunday I won the last...

BELGIAN CHAMPION MIDDLE DISTANCE! Last sunday I won the last important O-race of 2014 in Belgium. The long TC in Scotland and the short night (travelling home) made it more tough than expected. With ...
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06:52 - Gene Beveridge. Ranked 244th

OY Series Wrapped Up

Yesterday I finished off the OY series with another win on the remapped Muriwai area. I will win the series pretty comfortably with Thomas and Matt no longer living in Auckland, but today’s race ...
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