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17.05: World of O

10Mila 2023: All You Need To Know

Ready for the most northerly 10Mila ever? The first of the big orienteering relays in the ...
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26.05: Judith Wyder Facebook

I love flowing, slightly technical single trails. To run...

I love flowing, slightly technical single trails. To run these at speed is like flying! Here on the ...
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15.05: Natalia Gemperle


262b5ff94975ed63604b5cc12e9c5d99 The post e700c6c9843e38b2e0d69b4f5fc34fdb appeared first on Natalia...
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14.05.2023 - News from USA
18:00 - Team USA

The Boulder(less) Dash

Danny Riley Many of the more northeastern-minded Team USA athletes ventured up to the Boulder Dash last weekend, with at least one travelling south to the…Up North Orienteering’s event? If ...
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  Participant cap at stage 3 comes into force 20230523-0944 - Swiss O-Week
  Crazy area at 10Mila 2023... 20230522-2019 - Orienteering Memes
  WJHI 2022 – Team Manager’s Repo... 20230520-1337 - Orienteering England
  Delegazione Regionale Sardegna - Corso di F... 20230517-1656 - Italian O-Federation
  Q: Will a 🇸🇪 club win 10Mil... 20230517-0650 - Orienteering Memes
  German championships and WRE 20230516-1844 - O-Schwaben
  Kids O Week and beginners' course 20230514-1020 - Swiss O-Week
  C-O: DAL 27 AL 30 MAGGIO SI PREPARANO I MON... 20230509-1614 - Italian O-Federation
30.04.2023 - News from USA
19:47 - Team USA

A Message from the King

Aka a blog post from Thomas, who is across the pond. If you get the reference, amazing. If not, that is ok too. Hello, everyone! I suppose it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything fro ...
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O-Ringen till Stockholm 2 @ Orienterare (17:59)
Stage 2 Morro Bay results @ Attackpoint-Events (17:19)
" likvärdigt t& @ Orienterare (16:14)
E-sporten valdes in i RF @ Orienterare (14:49)
Sprintstafett SM @ Orienterare (13:11)
Tiomila 2023 @ Orienterare (12:40)
Stage 1 Heilmann Park res @ Attackpoint-Events (05:07)
Your Journey to Green Cou @ Attackpoint (00:39)

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23.04.2023 - News from USA
18:14 - Team USA

What’s it like hosting a meet?

As a special, extra blog post this week, some of the West Point cadets wrote a little bit about the experience of directing and course setting a NRE! Read on to see what the process was like. Tyler Wi ...
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17.04.2023 - News from USA
21:00 - Team USA

The hills and rocks just keep coming

This past weekend was the weekend of the West Point NRE, which this year hosted the US WOC Team Trials! This meant that a large number of the senior team members were here, including those from Europe ...
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12.04.2023 - News from USA
18:51 - Team USA

Special Announcements!

This weekend is the West Point NRE, which is hosting the WOC Team Trials this year! All of the elites will be coming from across the country and also Europe to compete against each other for one of th ...
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02.04.2023 - News from USA
20:48 - Team USA


Ben Brady This past weekend OCIN hosted the three-day Flying Pig event. The event also doubled as the long-awaited return of JWOC Team Trials, and while many Junior athletes unfortunately couldn’t a ...
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19.03.2023 - News from USA
18:00 - Team USA

Romping Through the Woods Like Royalty

This past weekend QOC hosted the Royal Romp two-day NRE in Prince William Forest. Lots of team members raced and had lots of fun! Let’s get into it! My weekend started at 11:20 on Friday afternoon w ...
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05.03.2023 - News from USA
19:00 - Team USA

From One Corner of the Country to Another

Southwest Spring Week is a nine day event in Southern Arizona hosted by Tucson Orienteering Club. We had three National Team members in attendance, and you’ll hear from two of them in this post! ...
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19.02.2023 - News from USA
19:00 - Team USA

Braving the Cold

There were a number of US team athletes that travelled up to Lake Placid, NY to brave the freezing (well really more than freezing) cold temperatures of the Polar Plume for the US Ski Orienteering Cha ...
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05.02.2023 - News from USA
19:00 - Team USA

Contouring Around

A few weeks ago Georgia Orienteering Club hosted the 2023 OUSA Junior Nationals. There were over 300 people in attendance and some great performances! In this fantastic blog post, I (Lily) will walk t ...
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Fjord-O 2024 is organized in beautiful Fjord Norway with two races close to Bergen (Totland) and two races in the mountain terrain in Kvamskogen, one hours drive from Bergen towards the Hardanger Fjord.

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