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08.02: World of O MiniNews

POM Day 3 WRE: 4 Minute wins for Gueorgiou & Jansson

[9/2: Updated with split analysis & maps!] Big 4 minute wins with excellent competition in a to...
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12.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Model Event of NAOM. Slippery....

Model Event of NAOM. Slippery. ...
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11.02: Vinogradov Blog

Vinogradov`s Sprint Camp 2016 (Stockholm)

Sprint Camp in Stockholm organised by Galina and me in Stockholm is completed. Judith Wyder (SUI), H...
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11.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Two short trainings in Arez, f...

Two short trainings in Arez, from the Orievents training package. To Marãvo from our accommod...
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09.02: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

I am gifted with one of greatest privileges there can be...

I am gifted with one of greatest privileges there can be - I have got a freedom to travel the World ...
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06.02: World of O MiniNews

POM 2016 Day 1: Maps and Results

Thierry Gueorgiou (France) and Marika Teini (Finland) won the first day of Portugal O-Meeting 2016 ...
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10.02.2016 - News from AUT
21:15 - Austrian O-Federation

Ski-O Development Camp in Obertilliach

Am Freitag den 4. März wird am Rande der Jugendeuropameisterschaft im SKiOL in Obertilliach auch...
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Latest from Page 2 - Even more orienteering news
  En recension av nya kartnormen 20160212-2000 - Kart-Bosse
  RAI E FISO ANCORA ASSIEME NEL 2016: IL CALE... 20160212-1955 - Italian O-Federation
  Portugal "O" Meeting 2016 - Penam... 20160211-2311 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 274th
  Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI 2016 20160211-2146 - Scottish Orienteering Association
  Lisbon International Orienteering Meeting 2... 20160211-1210 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th
  Tro det om du vill – men det ÄR vinter nu 20160210-2200 - Kart-Bosse
  Scottish Spring 2016 20160210-2043 - Scottish Orienteering Association
  Interland 2016 – England Team 20160210-1149 - Orienteering England
08.02.2016 - News from AUT
07:53 - Austrian O-Federation

Kärnten / Bad Kleinkirchheim

Am 20./21. Februar wird bei den Staats- und Österreichischen Meisterschaften, gleichzeitig Kärntner...
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Course preview @ Attackpoint-Events (04:37)
Insurers running orientee pete.owe @ Nopesport (03:29)
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04.02.2016 - News from AUT
11:06 - Austrian O-Federation

Absage Ski-OL Eisenerzer Ramsau

Trotz aller Bemühungen müssen die für 6./7. Februar in der Eisenerzer Ramsau geplanten...
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01.02.2016 - News from AUT
14:58 - Austrian O-Federation

Ski-OL bei Kitzbühel, 13./14. Februar

Die Naturfreunde Kitzbühel führen am 13./14. Februar in Reith bei Kitzbühel Ski-OL-Wettkämpfe...
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27.01.2016 - News from AUT
14:23 - Austrian O-Federation

Verlegung Ski-OL Austria Cup 6./7. Februar

Da auch in Tragöß der Schnee für eine Durchführung von Ski-OL-Wettkämpfen nicht ausreicht, werden...
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25.01.2016 - News from AUT
11:09 - Austrian O-Federation

Absage Ski-OL-Wochenende Ungarn

Aufgrund Schneemangels müssen die Ski-OL-Wettkämpfe in Ungarn am 30./31. Jänner leider abgesagt...
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24.01.2016 - News from AUT
22:25 - Austrian O-Federation

Ski-OL-Langdistanz in Oberwiesenthal

Beim letzten Einzelwettkampf des Weltcups in Oberwiesenthal wurde wie am Vortag direkt aus der...
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07:43 - Austrian O-Federation

Schweden top beim Weltcup; Bronze bei WMSOC

Am zweiten Tag der Ski-OL-Wettkämpfe in Deutschland stand für Elite wie Senioren ein Lauf über die...
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22.01.2016 - News from AUT
23:42 - Austrian O-Federation

Schwedische Siege beim Weltcup-Sprint

Mit einem Lauf über die Sprintdistanz erfolgte der Auftakt zur Ski-OL-Weltcuprunde im idyllischen...
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21.01.2016 - News from AUT
22:34 - Austrian O-Federation

Ski-OL Weltcup und Masters-WM in Deutschland

Im deutschen Erzgebirge knapp an der tschechischen Grenze wird die zweite Runde des Ski-OL-Weltcups...
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28.12.2015 - News from AUT
10:49 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

2015 in Review

Finally, a summary about my orienteering year 2015.
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08.11.2015 - News from AUT
14:00 - Markus Plohn

Wie im Fluge…

Etwas mehr als ein Jahr ist seit dem letzten Eintrag vergangen, Zeit wiedermal in die Tasten zu klopfen. Da doch einiges passiert ist in den letzten zwölf Monaten, möchte ich hier die H ...
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18.10.2015 - News from AUT
19:55 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Switzerland – Austria – South Korea – Austr...

....and still no frequent traveller gold status. The last two weeks were filled with competitions and travelling. After the world cup final, I was heading with my team mates to the military world game ...
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05.10.2015 - News from AUT
16:15 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Where is it steeper?

In Arosa, World Cup Final, or Military World Championships (CISM) in South Korea? In the Swiss Mountains, between 1600 and 2200m or on the slopes between the rice fields in Yeongju? Unfortunately, I m ...
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10:20 - Anna Nilsson-Simkovics

Weltcup Finale: Höhen und Tiefen

Berge, traumhaftes Wetter, eine wundervolle Stimmung. Alles war Top – nur meine Einsätze leider nicht. Vielleicht habe ich zu hohe Erwartungen gehabt, vielleicht war es mein schlechter ...
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28.09.2015 - News from AUT
16:14 - Anna Nilsson-Simkovics

Mit guter Form durch den Sommer

Schon im Frühling hatte ich ein gutes Gefühl im Körper. Jedoch nicht so ein Gefühl wie diesen Sommer. Nicht nur physisch, sondern auch technisch habe ich einen Schritt nach vorne g ...
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17.09.2015 - News from AUT
15:43 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Autumn season... full swing. After Swedish Long distance Championships last weekend on the island of Muskö, south of Stockholm, Im looking forward to Middle and Relay Championships around Hemfosa (south of ...
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16.09.2015 - News from AUT
23:59 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

Goodbye 2015!

A long time has passed since my last entry. The reason is simple: I did not feel like writing anything. All in all it is very simply: 2015 was a bad season. The Austrian qualification races started wi ...
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15.09.2015 - News from AUT
11:55 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

Austrian Champion Long Distance

I have been aiming for a Gold medal at Austrian champs for some time now. Last Saturday it was finally my day! The time after O-ringen has been spent focusing entirely on forest orienteering ̵ ...
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11.08.2015 - News from AUT
13:37 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

Challenging O-Ringen in Borås

This year’s O-Ringen was one of the competitions where I wanted to be in as good shape as possible. Borås is my second home town so I knew what to expect: rough and tough terrain with ...
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31.07.2015 - News from AUT
11:29 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th

Big new challenges or tschuntschientschuncontatschun tschancs...

I think if someone would have told me one year ago what will expect me 2015 i probably wouldnt have believed it and i think the end of 2014 was with all the big news and changes one oft he most exciti ...
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30.07.2015 - News from AUT
13:23 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

I'm so excited...

...I just cant hide it.... ;) Its WOC time again, actually my 12th in a row and still, its not getting boring, on the contrary, even with WOC every year, its always a challenge and fun to prepare and ...
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27.07.2015 - News from AUT
19:55 - Anna Nilsson-Simkovics

O-ringen als Vorbereitung für die WM

2015 fand O-ringen in meiner zweiten Heimat, in Borås statt. Das bedeutete im eigenen Bett aufzuwachen, viele Interviews zu geben und ein Katzensprung zu den Wettkämpfen. Bis auf die Mittel ...
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29.06.2015 - News from AUT
14:10 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Swedish Sprint Champs on the fly....

Today 18:00 Swedish Mixed Sprint Realy Championships Tomorrow, 30th of June, 11:05 Swedish Sprint Championships Final, live on SVT Play Both are going to be in central Sundsvall. It will be my first S ...
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29.04.2015 - News from AUT
17:42 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Finally, competing again

...that#s what I could have said after last weekends Swedish League competitions in Åmål. Due to some illness and sicknesses the weeks before, I was competing last time before in Portugal, ...
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26.04.2015 - News from AUT
09:01 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

Franzi Reloaded

A winter and a lot of time has passed since my last post. The end of the last season was not so good and I had to end the season earlier than planned because I was injured. More time for winter traini ...
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06.04.2015 - News from AUT
06:26 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern, Glad Påsk

The 40 day fasting period is over, so I start to write again (I never stopped with eating ;) Currently, I am on the way back to Sweden after national team camp in Croatia and some days of trainer educ ...
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25.01.2015 - News from AUT
20:34 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Back from Australia....

..... for one week and still freezing? No, southern Sweden is not the arctic. The Jetlag didnt have any chance to make me sleep on the daytime, not even the first days after return. So, Im looking bac ...
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30.12.2014 - News from AUT
20:36 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

Happy New Year!

Happenings to look forward to in the next months: February Training camp Portugal March Lipica Open Slovenia, National team Easter camp Croatia April Training camp Sweden While a part of the ...
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06.11.2014 - News from AUT
16:55 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

I believe in you

.... is a sport-crowdfunding plattform, now also available in Austria... I recently launched my first project. Curious what it is and interested in info about I Believe in You??? Follow the link I BEL ...
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19.10.2014 - News from AUT
22:34 - Gernot Kerschbaumer. Ranked 22nd

Sog' ma, es wor nix....

(free english translation: lets say, there was no night competition yesterday....) But there was the Austrian NIght Championships indeed. A very flat area with a lot of (especially in the night nearly ...
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16.10.2014 - News from AUT
08:55 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

Race the Castles

With two sprint races in Edinburgh and Stirling, PWT marked the beginning of the end of this season. The Race the Castle events were on the highest international level: tricky sprint ar ...
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10.10.2014 - News from AUT
20:00 - Markus Plohn

Laue Sommermonate

Die letzten dreieinhalb Sportmonate sind wiedermal wie im Flug vergangen. Hier ein kurzer Überblick: 22. Juni: Badener Stadtlauf Tolles Ambiente in der Badener Innenstadt. Ich hab die 5 Kilomete ...
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09.10.2014 - News from AUT
21:00 - Markus Plohn

SI Check

Was hab ich für einen SPORTident-Chip? Wie schnell ist er eigentlich? Und wie viele Posten kann ich damit stempeln? Das beantwortet jetzt der SI Check. Einfach Chip-Nummer eingeben und die Antwor ...
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03.10.2014 - News from AUT
07:58 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

Back on top

My plan was to use the last summer weeks for lots of training. Instead, I caught a cold, followed by a mid-ear inflammation resulting in the longest sickness period in my life. Just in time for t ...
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28.09.2014 - News from AUT
16:07 - Sandro Schachner. Ranked 2369th

Temporarily not available - see you 2015!

This summer has been refreshing in many ways... I went to do some running, some orienteering and I got my sports trainer diploma done! I did not see the beach (since early June) but I spent some amaz ...
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12:50 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th

Trainingcamp Lipica/Krk 2015 – save the date!

From 7.-15. March 2015 we will organise an open training camp in SLO/CRO for the second time. Save the date! Click here for more information: Link! Von 7.-15. März 2015 werden wir zum zweiten Mal ...
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22.09.2014 - News from AUT
02:30 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

Austrian Vice-Champion

On 6th and 7th of September my autumn-season started with the Austrian Elite Longdistance Championship and the Austrian Team Championship. The longdistance was a disaster. I felt physically weak and m ...
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04.09.2014 - News from AUT
14:51 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

10th at O-Ringen

Better late than never, so here’s my blog about O-Ringen. End of July I participated at O-Ringen 5 days competition as preparation for WUOC. The terrain, which offered very good runability w ...
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02.09.2014 - News from AUT
15:35 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th

Erfolgreicher Sommer

Die letzte Woche durfte ich mit dem MTBO-WM-Team in Suprasl (Polen) verbringen – eine tolle, spannende und lustige Woche. Bereits zum zweiten Mal – nach der EM letztes Jahr war ich mit die ...
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21.08.2014 - News from AUT
15:43 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th

WUOC – aus einer anderen Perspektive

Genau 6 Jahre ist es her, als ich bei meiner ersten WOC in Olomouc die Langdistanz laufen durfte. Und nun 2014 durfte ich das erste Mal mit dem österreichischen Team als Betreuerin bei der WUOC d ...
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18.08.2014 - News from AUT
19:31 - Erik Nilsson-Simkovics. Ranked 181th

World University Orienteering Championships 2014

Last week the World University Orienteering Championships were held in Olomouc, Czech Republic, just 200 km away from Vienna. The Austrian selection was divided into three rounds and I was lucky ...
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17.08.2014 - News from AUT
07:34 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

WUOC 2014

LongdistanceAfter finishing the steep and demanding WUOC longdistance I thought I had a decent race with 2-3 wobbles and (of course) I was not sure about my routechoices. I could not push as hard as I ...
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11.08.2014 - News from AUT
09:49 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

BBO, SOW & Prep 4 WUOC

After three weeks full of training and with no orienteering at all I competed at BBO-Cup in Slovakia. The five attending Wapplers had great fun. My orienteering-routines were rusty but beside my okay ...
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22.07.2014 - News from AUT
15:30 - Sandro Schachner. Ranked 2369th

Römerlauf - Veni Vidi Vici

Schon beim Eintreffen in die Laufarena im Naturpark Grottenhof in Kaindorf an der Sulm war klar, dass dieser Lauf etwas Besonderes ist. Riesenstimmung und ein Drumherum, bei dem einfach alles passt - ...
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18.07.2014 - News from AUT
10:45 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th


Mit dem Versprechen in Zukunft über spannende sportpsychologische Themen zu bloggen ist es sicher angebracht ein paar Wörter über das letzte Highlight zu verlieren – die WM. Nein ...
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15.07.2014 - News from AUT
21:14 - Anna Nilsson-Simkovics

Look on the bright side of life and learn from the dark

Es war eine WM bei der ich mit einem geschwächten Selbstvertrauen an den Start ging. Der große Traum vielleicht unseren World Games Erfolg zu wiederholen konnte nicht erfüllt werden. I ...
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06.07.2014 - News from AUT
15:08 - Sandro Schachner. Ranked 2369th

As we proceed...

Summer 2014 and I am in desperate need for some motivating sports goals. Should I seriously prepare for a qualification into orienteering world championships? Should I run a marathon or ultra-trail o ...
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04.07.2014 - News from AUT
18:06 - Karin Leonhardt. Ranked 1325th

Time goes by – things change…

Another year is over! Another year with no single article on my blog – and the next World Orienteering Championships are about to start. The first WOC after years i have absolutely no person ...
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23.06.2014 - News from AUT
10:20 - Franz Glaner. Ranked 269th

WUOC Qualification, Check.

Two days after the tough WOC qualification long distance race in Italy I won the the Vienna University Championship. This gave me confirmation that I am back in business after my illness. A week after ...
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