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23.04: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

What a nice place just outside Riga to end a great train...

What a nice place just outside Riga to end a great training camp in the Baltic countries! ...
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23.04: Silje Ekroll Jahren

WOC training camp in Estonia

Last week I spent 9 days in Estonia together with the norwegian national team. We got a good trainin...
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23.04: Martin Hubmann Facebook

My first time in Estonia ?? training for world champions...

My first time in Estonia ?? training for world championships. ...
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22.04: Catherine Taylor


Crunch time! Spring is here even though it doesnt always feel it in the air, and with it came the fi...
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24.04: Lina Strand

Stafettpåsk & återhämtning

Under påsken var GMOK, som många andra klubbar i Östergötland/Södermanland och sprang Stigtomta (pås...
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22.04: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

While many others are getting ready for big night of 10M...

While many others are getting ready for big night of 10MILA I am having my own version of it - 10 da...
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23.04.2017 - News from POR
14:05 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Spanish Trail Orienteering Championships 2017: Søren S...

Inês Domingues and Søren Saxtorph won their classes and were the great figures of the 2017 Spanish Trail Orienteering Championships. Internally, Santiago Pérez and Miguel Án ...
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  SHI 2017 – Pre-Selections 20170423-1826 - Orienteering England
  Lazio - Campionati Studenteschi provinciali... 20170423-1327 - Italian O-Federation
  CEO 2017 - 5 provas, 3 dias! 20170421-2225 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th
  MTB-O: DALLAVALLE E TURRA IN LITUANIA 20170421-1034 - Italian O-Federation
  TRAIL-O: TRAINING CAMP A PADOVA 20170421-1027 - Italian O-Federation
  #ISF2017: ECCO TUTTI I CONVOCATI ITALIANI 20170421-0946 - Italian O-Federation
  There is also a new document: ISOM 2017 - W... 20170421-0841 - Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook
  Updated version of ISOM2017 has been publis... 20170420-2013 - Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook
22.04.2017 - News from POR
12:50 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

JK 2017: Victories of Geir Myhr Øien and Sarah-Jane Ba...

To British orienteers, Easter matches with Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering. This years competitive program included two TrailO stages, the first of the season in the UK, wit ...
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Re: WMOC 2017 BubberBu @ O-snak (13:23)
Dm Sprint og Ultralang k FEK @ O-snak (12:40)
Re: WMOC 2017 Bubber @ O-snak (12:29)
Tiomila 2017 - ungdomskla @ Orienterare (12:24)
2x Gold bei der ISF-Schul @ (12:24)
World Orienteering Day @ Attackpoint (12:04)
Watching 10MILA in Englis @ Attackpoint (10:47)
Hondricher-OL Magnus B @ SOLV (10:04)
Hondricher-OL Magnus B @ SOLV (09:55)
Re: WMOC 2017 NN @ O-snak (09:36)
Lidar mapping batch proce @ Attackpoint (08:48)
Re: tractrac - hjæl JtM @ O-snak (08:19)
2x Bronze bei Senioren-WM @ (07:23)
WMOC 2017 IOF @ O-snak (06:31)
Results @ Attackpoint-Events (01:05)
JK 2017 peteT @ Nopesport (00:25)
tractrac - hjælp ff @ O-snak (00:12)

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21.04.2017 - News from POR
22:25 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

CEO 2017 - 5 provas, 3 dias!

Campeonatos de Espanha de Orientação 2017 - Miraflores de La Sierra, Madrid (14 a 16/04)Depois de alguns anos sem participar na maior prova da orientação espanhola (com mai ...
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20.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Spanish Orienteering Championships 2017: Anna Serralonga and ...

The Holy Week ended and, with it, the Spanish Orienteering Championships CEO 2017, which called to Canencia and Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid) close to 1,900 competitors. Three days, five races and ...
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14.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1. The England team came first in both the overall and Junior Cup competitions at Interland 2017. The event took place on the 2nd April in the Herbeumont Forest, in the Ardennes, southern Belgium. The ...
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13.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Damir Gobec: "WTOC must be our show room"

Damir Gobec is, surely, one of the most committed persons with Orienteering worldwide. His work at the helm of the World Trail Orienteering Championships WTOC 2015, in Croatia, remains a benchmark in ...
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12.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

CamBOr 2017: Gelson Andrey and Elaine Lenz were the best in t...

The 2017 Brazilian Orienteering Championships started last weekend, with the first round taking place in Tiradentes and Prados. Good orienteering, lots of excitement and, in the end, two big names com ...
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11.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

2017 Sweden PreO Championships: Victories for Marit Wiksell a...

The Swedish Trail Orienteering season started with the National PreO titles contest. Marit Wiksell, in the night competition, and Erik Stålnacke, in the daytime version, were the big winners.Aft ...
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10.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Tim Robertson: "I have a big focus on my physical shape&...

Preparing the big competitions of the Summer, Tim Robertson took a little break to answer some questions for the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. Its another great interview, in which the New Zealander a ...
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08.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Nazário interviews Gueorgiou: "I couldn't...

Bruno Nazários face to face with Thierry Gueorgiou resulted in a great Interview presented by and now accessible on Youtube. Its nearly 37 minutes, divided in three parts, in whic ...
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07.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Six intense orienteering days, two days of training, 6 stages of competition, 169 different courses, 365 controls placed on the terrain, 51 competition and open classes, three municipalities involv ...
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06.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Bosse Sandström: "Fair play is very important in ou...

Its been over seven months, but for Bosse Sandström it looks like it was still yesterday. Main figure of the 2016 World Trail Orienteering Championships, he was the course setter of four great da ...
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05.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

2017 Taiwan TrailO Championships: Shu-Ying Chen and Lan-Feng ...

Shu-Ying Chen and Lan-Feng Chan were the winners of the 2017 Taiwan Trail Orienteering Championships. Shu-Ying achieved the PreO title while Lan-Feng got the winning in the TempO competition.Taking th ...
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04.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

3rd Costa Alentejana MTB Orienteering Trophy: Victories of Ma...

The international MTBO season kicked off last weekend in Portugal. Santiago do Cacém was the perfect venue for two intense orienteering days in which Daniel Marques, Davide Machado, Ana Filipa ...
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00:03 - MTB-O: Daniel Marques


Fomos até aos terrenos do Alentejo, mais concretamente a Santiago do Cacém e Vila Nova de Santo André para participar em mais uma prova de Ori-BTT, tratou-se do Campeonato Ib&eacu ...
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03.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Lou Denaix: "This sport is about friendship"

Lou Denaix is one of the most promising athletes of the current MTBO panorama. On the edge of a new season of competition, she takes a little break in her training to introduce herself to the Portugue ...
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02.04.2017 - News from POR
19:03 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

3rd Ávila Trophy and 2nd Máximus Trophy: Victor...

The fourth round of the 2017 Spanish Orienteering League, held in Burgohondo, Ávila, joined nearly eight hundred athletes for a challenging and fun orienteering weekend. The fastest in the Elit ...
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01.04.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Swiss Orienteering Grand Slam has already started

In the beginning of a new season, the Swiss Orienteering Federation releases something completely new. It’s called Grand Slam and the winners of the first round are already known: Matthias Kybur ...
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31.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1. Santiago do Cacém, one of the five Municipalities of Alentejo Coast, hosts this weekend the third edition of the Costa Alentejana MTBO Trophy. Organized by the Clube de Orientaç&atild ...
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30.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Inga Dambe: "There is always something to learn, no matt...

With the WOC in the horizon, Inga Dambe comes to the Portuguese Orienteering Blogs tribune to talk about the time she spent in Portugal, recently, preparing the season and the next steps towards Eston ...
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29.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

2017 PreO Hungarian Championships: Miháczi and La&aacu...

The Hungarian TrailO season kicked off last weekend with the accomplishment of the PreO National Championships. Zoltán Miháczi and Miksa Laáber got the titles in the Elite Open cl ...
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28.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Portugal City Race 2017: Rodriguez and Delgado won in Braga

Celebrating the Historic Centre National Day, the city of Braga, North of Portugal, hosted the second stage of Portugal City Race. Like in 2016, Maikel Rodriguez and Carolina Delgado were the winners ...
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27.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

José Enrique Barcia: "I have a feeling that somet...

The Spanish Orienteering Federation has, since last 10th December, a new President, José Enrique Barcia. He is the guest of Portuguese Orienteering Blog, telling about his ideas and proposals, ...
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26.03.2017 - News from POR
16:12 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Danish Spring 2017: Maja Alm won all stages

After achieving victories in all stages, Maja Alm was the Danish Springs greatest star for the fourth year in a row. At the mens side, Olav Lundanes won the forest races and Tim Robertson was the fast ...
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25.03.2017 - News from POR
09:41 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

POM 2017 – dia 4

Depois de três dias de muita Orientação e muita mais confraternização, voltamos a Portalegre para o 4º e ultimo dia competição neste Portugal & ...
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05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

POM 2017: Moments (6)

© Joaquim Margarido
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24.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Two or three things I know about it...

1.Ionut Zinca and Andra Cecilia Anghel, both representing CSU Craiova, were the winners of the Olt Cup 2017, the first Foot orienteering competition held in Romania this year. Zinca spent 7:40 to fini ...
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23.03.2017 - News from POR
05:00 - Portuguese Orienteering Blog

Nermin Fenmen: "You're made to feel part of the ...

When she first started orienteering, back in 2006, she thought it was such a pity she had come across this sport so late in life. However, when Nermin Fenmen ran her first WMOC in 2008 and saw seniors ...
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20.03.2017 - News from POR
13:05 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

POM 2017 – dia 3

Depois de dois dias na Aldeia da Mata, chegou o dia de rumar a Portalegre mais propriamente ao mapa de Entre-Ribeiras e Coutadas para o 3º dia de competição. Como já conhecia ...
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16.03.2017 - News from POR
10:02 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

POM 2017 – dia 2

No segundo dia deste Portugal “O” Meeting voltamos a Aldeia da Mata, desta vez para uma prova de distancia longa. Se na media já tive dificuldades na corrida nem sabia o que ...
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14.03.2017 - News from POR
22:24 - MTB-O: Daniel Marques

VIII Troféu Ori-BTT CPOC - Arranque da Época 20...

Começou a época 2017 Ori-BTT em Portugal. A responsabilidade foi do VIII Troféu do CPOC, um evento marcado por um bom mapa e bons percursos, se ainda adicionarmos uma equipa organ ...
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11.03.2017 - News from POR
13:41 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

POM 2017 – Dia 1

Realizou-se de 25 a 28 de Fevereiro de 2017 nos concelhos de Portalegre, Crato e Alter do Chão mais uma edição do Portugal “O” Meeting, este ano coube ao Grupo ...
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08.03.2017 - News from POR
14:04 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

ABOM 2017 – filme da prova de Sprint H45

Filme da minha prova de sprint em Aguiar da Beira inserida no Aguiar da Beira “O” Meeting 2017. Tive uma hesitação para o 1º ponto de controlo, primeiro pensei e ...
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01.03.2017 - News from POR
14:18 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

Portugal “O” Meeting 2017

Realizou-se de 25 a 28 de Fevereiro nas zonas de Crato, Alter do Chão e Portalegre o Portugal “O” Meeting 2017, este ano consagrada a prova com mais atletas organizada por u ...
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22.02.2017 - News from POR
21:09 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

Esposende City Race 2017 – vídeo da prova VE...

1ª etapa do circuito nacional city race
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20.02.2017 - News from POR
11:39 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

BLOM 2017 – Sprint (video da prova de H45)

Primeira prova de sempre de Orientação organizada em Coimbra, obrigado OriMondego.
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14.02.2017 - News from POR
11:54 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

Baú da nossa memória (iniciativa FPO)

Joaquim Sousa e a sua aventura na TPL de 1999 Sou o Joaquim Sousa. Sou natural de Galegos Santa Maria, uma das muitas freguesias do concelho de Barcelos. Embora federado apenas em 1994, sou atleta de ...
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29.12.2016 - News from POR
20:12 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Ano em revista (3/3)

SetembroDe regresso do campeonato do mundo chegou o descanso e o tempo para pensar nos próximos objetivos. Aproveitando ainda a forma que trazia do WOC participei na corrida da festa do Avante ...
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28.12.2016 - News from POR
21:04 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Ano em revista (2/3)

MaioMaio chegou e os primeiros campeonatos nacionais de orientação também sentia-me muito melhor fisicamente, mas depois de um período tão fraco não era dif&i ...
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27.12.2016 - News from POR
20:52 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Ano em revista (1/3)

2016 está a terminar e é tempo de fazer o balanço de mais um ano civil passado a treinar e a competir, não foi um ano de grandes sucessos e vitórias, foi um ano de a ...
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07.12.2016 - News from POR
09:16 - Joaquim Sousa. Ranked 2871th

1º Trail Monte do Facho – filme da prova 15 km

A Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Roriz – A.C.R.R. realizou no domingo 04 de Dezembro o 1º Trail Monte do Facho, evento de Cariz Solidário em que parte das rece ...
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16.10.2016 - News from POR
22:22 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Corrida do Aeroporto - Estreia a vencer!

No primeiro mês de treino regular e intenso da nova época e passado 2 semanas decidi que era boa altura para experimentar fazer 10km em estrada e ver o que é preciso trabalhar nos ...
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01.10.2016 - News from POR
15:16 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Outubro chegou e a nova época também!

Depois de um verão muito desgastante quer em termos físicos quer em termos psicológicos, chegou setembro e as merecidas férias. Foram, obviamente, umas férias ativas ...
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11.08.2016 - News from POR
11:47 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

27º Corrida Baía de Monte Gordo

Partida 27º Corrida Baía de Monte GordoNo passado dia 7 de agosto participei mais uma vez nestaagradávelprova pelas praiasentre Manta Rota e Monte Gordo embora desta vez com objetiv ...
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23.07.2016 - News from POR
14:52 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Figueira City Race

Foto ADMondegoA faltar um mês para mais uma participação no WOC (campeonato do mundo de orientação) a preparação está a correr conforme esperado. ...
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21.06.2016 - News from POR
00:47 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Análise Campeonato Nacional Distância Méd...

Passado mais de uma semana depois de ter conquistado o meu primeiro título de floresta no escalão máximo da orientação nacional (apenas tinha ganho o sprint em 2013) ...
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22.05.2016 - News from POR
20:07 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Challenge Volkswagen 2016

Depois de o ano passado ter decidido participar na corrida Volkswagen apenas na semana antes, este ano desde muito cedo que reservei o fim de semana de 21 e 22 de maio para estar presente mais uma vez ...
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02.05.2016 - News from POR
16:01 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

1 semana, 3 eventos para ganhar ritmo competitivo...

Campeonato Ibérico Feminino (Aguiar da Beira), Challenge 3000m (pista Jamor) e Corrida 1ºMaio (Lisboa) foram as provas que na última semana estive presente. Em todas elas defini dif ...
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19.04.2016 - News from POR
13:41 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Quando os resultados começam a reflectir a tua é...

Após um longo período sem competir a tentar corrigir a época e subir de forma voltei novamente a aventurar-me numa prova de atletismo e o resultado não podia ter sido mais ...
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17.02.2016 - News from POR
20:02 - Joao Figueiredo. Ranked 1028th

Norte Alentejano "O" Meeting 2016 - Castelo de Vide

NAOM, uma sigla que muitos atletas nacionais e internacionais já conhecem e associam a terrenos de boa qualidade numa região do país cada vez mais desertificada sem razão a ...
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