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Team USA - Checking in to Czechia

Checking in to Czechia

Alex Merka So after JWOC and NAOC I sort of disappeared from US orienteering. That’s because I moved to the Czech Republic to attend Charles University to study geology (honestly the real reason I wanted to come here was to be closer to more orienteering).  I officially moved in after…
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22.02: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Finding the right way in Vico del Gargano is difficult, ...

Finding the right way in Vico del Gargano is difficult, but fun! #orienteering #swissorienteering #s...
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12.02: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Sprint (Northern) Ireland 🍀 Love exploring new areas....

Sprint (Northern) Ireland 🍀 Love exploring new areas. Fun trip to Armagh and Dublin for my 5...
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21.02: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Ferme Toer Trail 26km 🏆 In the footsteps of PJ Hanne...

Ferme Toer Trail 26km 🏆 In the footsteps of PJ Hannes around Ferme Koer last weekend. A new...
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