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On The Red Line - British Champs Report

British Champs Report

Peter Bray, running in after 17.8km and 480m climb, photo: Wendy Carlyle The new British Champions are Peter Taylor-Bray and Julie Emmerson.who took the wins in the open classes at the British Long Champs on Saturday 25th March 2023. The races were in rolling mixed woodland at Cold Ash in…
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Berkshire, as used for the JK2019 Long Race. The day afterwards, the British Relay premier classes were held at Hambleden Woods near Henley-on-Thames. THe premier class relays were won by the C...

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10Mila 2023: All You Need To Know

Ready for the most northerly 10Mila ever? The first of the big orienteering relays in the ...
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26.05: Judith Wyder Facebook

I love flowing, slightly technical single trails. To run...

I love flowing, slightly technical single trails. To run these at speed is like flying! Here on the ...
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15.05: Natalia Gemperle


262b5ff94975ed63604b5cc12e9c5d99 The post e700c6c9843e38b2e0d69b4f5fc34fdb appeared first on Natalia...
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