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International O-Federation - Extended application period for IOF major events

Extended application period for IOF major events

During the last IOF Council meeting on January 15th, Council decided to extend the bidding period for some major IOF events to allow for further bidders. Major events for which the bidding period is extended are; Foot Orienteering 2024 South American Orienteering Championships (SAOC) 2025 European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC)…
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Oceania Orienteering Championships (OOC) Asian […]

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11.03: Matthias Kyburz

Im Fahrplan

Da ich im Jahr 2022 nur wenige Stunden mit Karte und Kompass in Wäldern unterwegs war, bestand eini...
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23.03: Gustav Bergman

Winter training (mostly indoors or abroad)

Ahead of this winter I have reshifted my focus from sprint back to forest, and particulary hills, ah...
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14.03: Ursula Kadan Facebook

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My o...

It was a fun and successful weekend at Lipica Open! My own performances could have been a bit better...
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