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Australian O-Federation - Get Into Orienteering – Promotional Videos

Get Into Orienteering – Promotional Videos

Check out these two fantastic promotional videos introducing orienteering to people unfamiliar with our sport. Produced by Orienteering NSW, with the cooperation of Living It Live and Sport NSW. Orienteering – The adventure sport for all ages Orienteering – Amazing adventures for the young and free  
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08.08: World of O

EOC 2022 Relay: Maps, Results and Analysis

Sweden won the womens relay and and Norway won the mens relay at the European Orienteering Champion...
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02.08: World of O

EOC 2022: All You Need To Know

The first ever forest only* European Orienteering Championships (EOC) is organized in Rakvere, Esto...
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05.08: World of O

EOC 2022 Long: Maps, Results & GPS Analysis

Martin Regborn (Sweden) and Venla Harju (Finland) won the European Orienteering Championships (EOC)...
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