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Ursula Kadan Facebook - @World Orienteering Championships 2022 Denmark are history…

@World Orienteering Championships 2022 Denmark are history…

@World Orienteering Championships 2022 Denmark are history now - time to take a look back! It has been a long journey from the moment I targeted the first ever sprint WOC as long-term goal. Nobody knew by then HOW long-term it would be... A postponement of two years is hard…
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to swallow once youve reached a certain age! ;) So there was one year without international racing due to the pandemic and then one year ago our daughter Theresa was born. It was my dream to try a comebac...k. Luckily I didnt know what that really means. ;P Instead people just told me I could do it and they would support me. And they did. Id like to take this chance to say thank you - first of all to my husband and personal coach Roland, but also to our coach Martin Binder who supported this project from the very…

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08.08: World of O

EOC 2022 Relay: Maps, Results and Analysis

Sweden won the womens relay and and Norway won the mens relay at the European Orienteering Champion...
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02.08: World of O

EOC 2022: All You Need To Know

The first ever forest only* European Orienteering Championships (EOC) is organized in Rakvere, Esto...
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05.08: World of O

EOC 2022 Long: Maps, Results & GPS Analysis

Martin Regborn (Sweden) and Venla Harju (Finland) won the European Orienteering Championships (EOC)...
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