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The PWT race in Chongqing on 2.11.2019 was a special one. Set inside a museum area – also literally – the athletes not only decided the ranking order with a chasing start one-man-relay final but also got to orienteer indoors. How was the indoor area mapped? Can you put the…
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11.04: Matthias Kyburz

Jetzt geht’s los!

Seit dem letzten Beitrag sind bereits wieder zwei Monate vergangen. Passiert ist einiges, leider nur...
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09.04: Ursula Kadan Facebook

As the first selection races for the European Champs in ...

As the first selection races for the European Champs in Neuchâtel are approaching, time to mak...
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06.04: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Definitively one of the best playgrounds for an orientee...

Definitively one of the best playgrounds for an orienteer - World Championships terrain in Czechia. ...
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