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Australian O-Federation - New constitution for Orienteering Australia

New constitution for Orienteering Australia

The conversion of Orienteering Australia to a company limited by guarantee was unanimously agreed by a Special General Meeting held on Monday night. As part of the change, a new Constitution for Orienteering Australia has been adopted. The changes will take effect when OA’s new registration has formally been accepted…
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by ASIC, which is expected to happen within the next ... Read More

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04.03: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a seas...

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a season start 🇫🇷✊...
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01.03: Lilian Forsgren

Blåbär är nyttigt

Blåbär är både goda och nyttiga. Blåbär är fulla av vitaminer och är bra för din mage.  Do...
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05.03: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, I`...

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, Im hopeful breaking my 10km road PB (29:1...
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