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International O-Federation - Nominations period for Athletes Representatives opened

Nominations period for Athletes Representatives opened

At the IOF General Assembly in 2020, an important change was made to the IOF Statutes opening for the direct representation of 2 Athletes Representatives as voting members on the IOF Council, beginning from the next general assembly in 2022. This direct representation also means that a formal process for…
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the election of athletes representatives […]

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04.03: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a seas...

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a season start 🇫🇷✊...
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01.03: Lilian Forsgren

Blåbär är nyttigt

Blåbär är både goda och nyttiga. Blåbär är fulla av vitaminer och är bra för din mage.  Do...
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05.03: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, I`...

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, Im hopeful breaking my 10km road PB (29:1...
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