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Boys and girl of the bus

Having rolled down from Sweden with a busful of top orienteers, journalists and organisers, driver Ingemar Carlund was thanked by Park World Tour champions Jörgen Mårtensson and Reeta Kolkkala after the final in Prague, Czech Republic, 29.10.1996. Crew members Erik Unaas, Gåvert Wååg and Hans Mårtensson joined in. Where did…
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04.03: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a seas...

Stay positive and prepare as good as possible for a season start 🇫🇷✊...
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01.03: Lilian Forsgren

Blåbär är nyttigt

Blåbär är både goda och nyttiga. Blåbär är fulla av vitaminer och är bra för din mage.  Do...
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05.03: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, I`...

Race weekend ⚡ After my 13:55 in Monaco last month, Im hopeful breaking my 10km road PB (29:1...
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