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Silje Ekroll Jahren - World Cup in Norway

World Cup in Norway

Last weekend I ran World Cup in Østfold, Norway (Pre-WOC 2019), with four competitions in three days. My technical performance this weekend was stable, and I ran four solid competitions. In the Long Distance Friday, I got a good 12th position, followed up my a 10th place in the Prologue Saturday…
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morning and an 11th place in the Chasingstart in the evening. In the Relay Sunday I got the chance to run the 1st leg for the 1st team, and made a good performance coming back as 7th, and with solid races also from Marianne Andersen on the 2nd leg and Kamilla Olaussen on the 3rd leg, we ended in 2nd spot! This is the 2nd time in my career I can climb up on the podium in a World Cup Relay. Fun that we also got all norwegian teams top 10 (men and women included).   Read More ...

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