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World of O - EOC 2018 Relay: Maps and Results

EOC 2018 Relay: Maps and Results

Switzerland took the women’s relay and Norway the men’s relay at the European Championships relay in Tessin, Switzerland. In the women’s relay Switzerland dominated from start to finish, with one of their two teams being in the lead throughout the relay. As only on team from each country counts in…
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the final standings, the silver medal went to Sweden and the bronze medal to Denmark even if Switzerland 2 was the second team into the finish. In the men’s relay it was a tight battle for gold between Norway and Switzerland – Norway’s Olav Lundanes being some 15-30 seconds ahead of Switzerland’s Daniel Hubmann throughout all of the last leg. Hubmann never managed to close the gap, and in the end Norway won 30 seconds ahead of Switzerland. France took the bronze medal. Maps and GPS-tracking See the women’s map above and the men’s map below. Links to GPS-tracking: EOC…

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18.01: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Working on my speed

Working on my speed ...
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15.01: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

This year`s edition of the traditional winter orienteeri...

This years edition of the traditional winter orienteering race was a real one with a lot of snow! Ne...
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14.01: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

In the city of my club OL Regio Wil I got the award athl...

In the city of my club OL Regio Wil I got the award athlete of the year. Thanks a lot for this honou...
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12.01: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Wiler Team des Jahres 2018 - danke für eure Stimmen ges...

Wiler Team des Jahres 2018 - danke für eure Stimmen gestern Abend im Stadtsaal in Wil! Da habe ...
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12.01: Judith Wyder Facebook

Danke an Swiss Snow Walk & Run für ein tolles Renne...

Danke an Swiss Snow Walk & Run für ein tolles Rennen heute. Es war ein speziell hartes Renn...
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