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Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook - hello please someone can help me with…

hello please someone can help me with…

Carlos Salazar 5:14am Feb 14 helloplease someone can help me with information for teach classes of landing navigation and some practice exercises Jānis Bergs 5:39am Feb 14 Read and see these links:www.mnn.com/ earth-matters/ wilderness-resources/ stories/ a-beginners-guide-to-orienteeringhttps:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=OZOI9kKuA4Ihttps:/ / www.youtube.com/ watch?v=3S1a0IDOk4sMaybe you can find what you useful
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16.10: Martin Hubmann

Nächste Ziele

Nach der vorzeitig beendeten Saison nimmt die Rehabilitationsphase langsam ein Ende und ich be...
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17.10: Catherine Taylor


I really have been tired this last week. After 25manna, the last serious race of the year, it sudden...
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14.10: Matthias Kyburz

Sieg im Gesamtweltcup

Mein Trainingsplan ging so etwas von auf. Ich schaffte es nochmals eine Topform zum Saisonschluss au...
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16.10: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Season summary and next goals

Season summary and next goals ...
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18.10: Alessio Tenani

Early Autumn: helding TC, World Cup, 25manna, organising...

Questo primo mese autunnale ha portato una altra serie intensa e concatenata di appuntamenti, sia a...
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17.10: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

Just a finishing touch left and we are ready to offer yo...

Just a finishing touch left and we are ready to offer you a story! #TRUESTORYSPORT ...
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