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Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook - #OpenOrienteering #Mapper ISOM 2017 is coming...

#OpenOrienteering #Mapper ISOM 2017 is coming...

Eugen Fedirets 11:08am Feb 10 #OpenOrienteering #Mapper ISOM 2017 is coming...
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17.11: World of O

Florian Howald: About Course of the Year 2017

Swiss world class athlete Florian Howald chose a sprint course as his favourite course in 2017.&nbs...
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14.11: World of O

Course of the Year 2017: Submit your suggestions!

What was the best orienteering course of 2017? The last stage of France 5 won in 2016, the World Ch...
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16.11: World of O

Tranchand: About the Course of the Year 2017

-  The courses and terrain were demanding enough and offered decisive route-choices possi...
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14.11: World of O

Elena Roos: - I think it was a really good long di...

The course Elena Roos chooses as her absolute favourite this year is one of the toughest races this...
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15.11: World of O

Emily Kemp: - The type of orienteering course I dr...

- The course really used the tough Estonian terrain to create a challenging race that kept me on my...
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17.11: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Made it to the list of the top 15 Swiss athletes of the ...

Made it to the list of the top 15 Swiss athletes of the year. But to be realistic, theres no big cha...
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