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Orienteering Mappers Int. Facebook - Afraid I`m photoless, but am mapping a…

Afraid I`m photoless, but am mapping a…

Jamie William George 5:03pm Feb 8 Afraid Im photoless, but am mapping a School site ( sprint symbols,) and there is a small foot bridge. There are stairs on either side and the bridge crosses a small footpath which is also used. I.e. You can run over and under the…
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bridge. The footbridge symbol just looks like there is uncrossable wall over the lower path which is quite misleading. Any thoughts?Ive tried marking the bridge using the underpass symbol but that looks like pillars on the lower path!Cheers all!

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18.02: World of O MiniNews

World Ranking Races & LIVE GPS-tracking this weekend

Two World Ranking races with live GPS tracking in Portugal (Sprint on Saturday and Middle on Sunday...
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21.02: Silje Ekroll Jahren

Training Camp in Alicante

After a long period of virus sickness in January, I was finally ready for my first training camp thi...
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21.02: Tue Lassen

Week 19

The second and last week in Spain was another great trainingweek, as many others this winter. Despi...
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20.02: Johan Runesson

Så här långt har 2017 överträffat mina förväntnin...

Nu har jag under nästan 3 månader varit en del av Tampereen Pyrintö och tyvärr har jag bara hunn...
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17.02: Vinogradov Blog

How to improve your skills like a coach in elite Oriente...

I am going to share my knowledge and experience duringElite Coaching Seminar in Antalya (Turkey, 5-1...
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20.02: Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook

After competitions in 60m, longjump and Cross-country sk...

After competitions in 60m, longjump and Cross-country skiing, it was time for my orienteering season...
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