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Norwegian O-Federation - Sterk oppgang i medlemstallene!

Sterk oppgang i medlemstallene!

- Gledelig at vi allerede ser en økning
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

24.05: World of O

EOC 2016 Long: Maps and Results

Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the womens class after a thrilling finish at the European Champions...
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20.05: World of O

EOC 2016: All You Need To Know

Live TV streaming: The European Championships in Orienteering (EOC) starts off with a sprint weekend...
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24.05: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Yes, European Champion Long Distance!! That was a tough ...

Yes, European Champion Long Distance!! That was a tough race, but I managed to keep the speed till t...
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23.05: World of O

EOC 2016 Long Qual: Maps and Results

 [Updated with some GPS comparisons] Andreas Matthias Kyburz Daniel Hubmann (Switzer...
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21.05: World of O

EOC Sprint Relay: Russian GOLD after intriguing battle!

[With maps and results] At the start of the last leg it looked like Sweden was the certai...
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22.05: World of O

EOC Sprint 2016: Maps and Results

[Updated with info about womens medals] Matthias Kyburz and Judith Wyder gave Switzerland two GOLD ...
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