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World Orienteering Championships - 5 days of Italy - WOC Tour

5 days of Italy - WOC Tour

The third deadline has been extended to March 31th: Feel like a champion! All the information on the website.
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24.08: World of O

WOC Middle Women 2016: BIG GPS & Splits analysis

Tove Alexandersson was the big favourite for the WOC middle distance in Tanum, but the Swedish...
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27.08: World of O

WOC 2016 Long Women: BIG Analysis

The Womens WOC 2016 Long distance race was special in that there were big time difference alrea...
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28.08: World of O MiniNews

WOC 2016 Relay Men: Very Quick Analysis

Norway had the best leg time on all three legs - very impressive! That did, of course, give Gold. S...
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27.08: World of O

WOC Relay 2016: Maps and Results

Gold for Norway in the Mens class and Russia in the Womens class in the Mens World Orienteerin...
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28.08: Judith Wyder Facebook

I think all the girls entertained the spectators in the ...

I think all the girls entertained the spectators in the arena and at home quite a bit at the Womens ...
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28.08: World of O

WOC 2016 Relay Women: Video Clip Analysis

The WOC 2016 Womens relay featured a very interesting battle between the six favourite teams Russia...
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