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World Orienteering Championships - 5 days of Italy - WOC Tour

5 days of Italy - WOC Tour

The third deadline has been extended to March 31th: Feel like a champion! All the information on the website.
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06.02: World of O MiniNews

Portugal O-Meeting 2016: Live Saturday until Monday

Middle Saturday and Sunday, Long WRE Monday and a chasing start Long on Tuesday. In addition t...
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04.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

My favourite map in Portugal, ...

My favourite map in Portugal, Penhas Douradas. A lovely plateau above 1500 meters, in the vicinity o...
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03.02: World of O MiniNews

Former Orienteer Lauenstein with great race in South Afr...

Former World Championships silver medalist on the long distance in Japan 2005 and Denmark 2006...
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05.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

The “warm-up race”...

The “warm-up race” of Portugal O´meeting 2016. Nice open terrain, as always everyt...
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03.02: Tue Lassen

... and now, focus is 100% back on training.

On monday I finally handed in my master thesis in Sports Science, 7½ years after i started m...
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01.02: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

I have been to Portugal many times but never managed to ...

I have been to Portugal many times but never managed to visit the old town of Lisbon. This time, I t...
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