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International O-Federation - World Cup Opening Round in Turkey: qualification…

World Cup Opening Round in Turkey: qualification…

Orienteering World Cup 2014 kicked off in Antalya, Turkey today.
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

25.09: Tove Alexandersson


Långdistans har legat mig lite extra varmt om hjärtat den här säsongen men jag ...
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28.09: Catherine Taylor

SM: Just Something I Did

News! Finally! Building up training slowly after being sick has meant a slower time, in many ways. T...
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29.09: Alessio Tenani

Dear organizers, pay attention...

...Dont publish more than needed before the race, please! Dopo tanti anni non ho partecipato al ca...
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30.09: Daniel Hubmann

Bereit für das Weltcupfinal in Liestal

Mit dem Weltcupfinal in Liestal stehen am Wochenende die letzten zwei wichtigen Läufe des...
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28.09: Gernot Kerschbaumer

On the road again...

... on the way back home from Swedish Championships weekend in Uppsala. (2 weekends, about 2800 km) ...
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29.09: Judith Wyder

Weltcup Final Liestal – das OL-Fest zum Saisonabschluss

Nach einer unglaublichen und perfekten Saison steht zum Ende no...
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