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Norwegian O-Federation - Omformuleringer i konkurransereglene

Omformuleringer i konkurransereglene

Se hva som ble vedtatt på Kretsledermøtet i fjor høst.
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

16.04: World of O

EOC Relay: Maps and Results

Gold for Sweden’s men and Switzerland’s women in very tight and exciting relays in the ...
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17.04: World of O

EOC Long Men 2014: Why did the winners win?

The EOC Long distance 2014 in Portugal did not offer too many route choice challenges – the ra...
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17.04: Sabine Hauswirth


Wow meine erste internationale Medaille bei der Elite und erst noch Gold!!! Das ist wie ein Traum ho...
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16.04: World of O

EOC Long: Maps and Results

Both Gold medals went to Switzerland at the EOC long distance: Judith Wyder takes over after Simone...
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14.04: World of O

EOC Middle: Maps, Results and GPS-fun

Signe Ses (Denmark) won the women’s race in her comeback – and Daniel Hubmann (Switzer...
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10.04: Gernot Kerschbaumer

Official results....

....coming maybe later today or tomorrow. Talking about EOC middle qual today. There were some curio...
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14.04: World of O

EOC Sprint: Why did the winners win and the others loose?

The decisive leg in the men’s race was the leg from 11 to 12 – when leaving the castle....
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14.04: Judith Wyder

Europameisterin im Sprint!

Foto: Martin Schmocker // Was für ein unglaublich emotionale...
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13.04: World of O

EOC Sprint 2014: Maps and Results

Jonas Leandersson (Sweden) and Judith Wyder (Switzerland) took gold medals in today’s Europe...
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