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Alex Jospe - Vacation, and the Bogburn

Vacation, and the Bogburn

From Craftsbury, it was on to Rochester for some pagan rituals involving loot and goo, those terms referring to what goes under versus on the tree. A few short days, and the adventure-mobile headed north and east, through the belly of a snowstorm that added 3 hours to the trip,…
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landing me at Mt. Sainte Anne, Quebec. As expected, the skiing was fabulous. I basically skied until I couldnt anymore, and like every year, it is too easy to fall into the routine of eat, ski, eat, sleep, ski, eat, sleep... Kathy and I ran a tight ship, and our condo of orphan CSU kids was well-behaved and fun to have under our charges. After skiing more than was good for me, the trip wasnt over. South I went, and came to a stop in Weston VT, for a proper new years celebration, where it was cold enough that the…

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World Cup 2015: A guide to Australian Fauna

How do you deal with all of the [insert name of deadly animal]?!, How often do you see [said horribl...
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13.08: Tue Lassen

Sprint-discussion II

Thanks for all the comments on my last blog, some more constructive than others, but still its impo...
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19.08: O-Norge.no

WUOC Lang: Følg Thomas Natvig Årstad’s vei til 5...

- Full stopp på førstepost og vurderer veivalg. Synes høyre ser dårlig ut, og skeptisk til rett ...
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19.08: Matthias Kyburz

Erfolgreiche Studenten-WM = Gaudeamus Igitur

Zum ersten Mal nahm ich letzte Woche an der Studenten-WM teil. Im tschechischen Olomouc kämpfte...
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17.08: Lilian Forsgren


I finally managed to defend one of my two gold medals from WUOC two years ago in Spain(when I won th...
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16.08: Ines Brodmann

Swiss International Mountain Marathon

Am letzten Wochenende startete ich zusammen mit Mätthu am Swiss ...
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