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Swiss Orienteering - Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Ein Referendum gegen das neue Kartenreglement ist innerhalb der vorgegebenen Frist nicht zustandegekommen. Das Kartenreglement 2014 ist somit in Kraft.
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Thierry Gueorgiou tells about way to be effective coach ...

There are a lot of top-level runners who are coaches for themselves in elite orienteering. One of th...
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13:47 on 5000 meter for Michiels

Belgian orienteer Yannick Michiels ran a strong 5000 meter in 13:47 in IFAM inOordegem onSaturday...
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Russian Championships & WOC Selection races

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Skottland - map, Compass and Mountain Rescue

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Silva League: Exciting decision with GPS-tracking this w...

[GPS-tracking Saturday from 11:53 CET – from 11:00 CET Sunday] Gustav Bergman and Emma Klinge...
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23.05: Jerker Lysell

Ny Hemsida och små framsteg

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3 weeks in Sierra Nevada

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