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Swiss Orienteering - Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Ein Referendum gegen das neue Kartenreglement ist innerhalb der vorgegebenen Frist nicht zustandegekommen. Das Kartenreglement 2014 ist somit in Kraft.
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03.07: World of O

JWOC 2015: All You Need To Know

The Junior World Orienteering Championships in Rauland, Norwaystarts Sundaywith Sprint and continu...
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04.07: World of O MiniNews

Omdal and Hauswirth win Norwegian WOC selection Long

[With GPS analysis& maps] A tough long distance with many long routechoice legs met the athletes i...
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03.07: World of O MiniNews

Elise Egseth back after 4 years: Wins WOC test sprint

Elise Egseth won a clear victory in the Norwegian WOC test race sprint Thursday – 34 seconds ...
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02.07: World of O

Anders Nordberg 2nd in Norwegian WOC Test Middle

Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg won a clear victory in the women’s class ahead of Mari Fastin...
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29.06: Helen Palmer

Noone is holding a gun to your head

DAY 969Today was the deadline for me to decide whether I would run thetest racesin Deeside and try f...
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01.07: World of O

Swedish Champs Sprint: Svensk beats all WOC team –...

Emil Svensk and Tove Alexandersson won the Swedish Championships Sprint on Tuesday. Alexandersson h...
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03.07: Alessio Tenani

Orienteering outdoor for NIKE and sprint in Casalecchio

Lorienteering outdoor che abbiamo organizzato come FISO regionale a Rimini per la NIKE ...
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04.07: Thomas Dlabaja

U sedmi synů Jukoly

Sezóna vlítla do své druhé poloviny stejně rychle jako naši úspěšní dorostenci do cíle na...
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29.06: Alessio Tenani

What a week @ WTOC in Croatia!

Che settimana ai Mondiali di Trail-O! Otto giorni molto intensi ed emozionanti passati in Croazi...
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