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Swiss Orienteering - Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Kein Referendum gegen neues Kartenreglement

Ein Referendum gegen das neue Kartenreglement ist innerhalb der vorgegebenen Frist nicht zustandegekommen. Das Kartenreglement 2014 ist somit in Kraft.
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POM Day 3 WRE: 4 Minute wins for Gueorgiou & Jansson

[9/2: Updated with split analysis & maps!] Big 4 minute wins with excellent competition in a to...
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Former Orienteer Lauenstein with great race in South Afr...

Former World Championships silver medalist on the long distance in Japan 2005 and Denmark 2006...
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08.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Third stage of POM 2016. Well,...

Third stage of POM 2016. Well, it is for this type of event, I keep going to Portugal in pre-season....
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07.02: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Second stage of POM 2016.Enjoy...

Second stage of POM 2016.Enjoyed this one much more than yesterday, with the very first part of the ...
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08.02: Maja Alm Facebook

Surprise afsked for Christian Bobach`s 8 år på landsho...

Surprise afsked for Christian Bobachs 8 år på landsholdet #brunsvier #kakao og #godstemn...
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08.02: Riina Kuuselo

Tri Camp in Las Playitas

Usually I’ve been in Portugal on a training camp this time of the year but after all injuries...
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