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Norwegian O-Federation - Gi deg selv et løft

Gi deg selv et løft

Siste frist for påmelding til kurs i Ocad, tur-o og Trener-1.
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

25.07: Eva Jurenikova

Back to Glen Affric after 16 years

WOC1999 was my first one. I was 20 years old and I got a possibility to run all the distances. ...
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25.07: Minna Kauppi


Hardly. You are never ready and perfectly fit. You can always do things better. Besides, I havent ev...
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27.07: Judith Wyder Facebook

Jetzt bald auf SRF 2 in der Sendung "sportaktuell&q...

Jetzt bald auf SRF 2 in der Sendung "sportaktuell". Ein kleiner Beitrag zur bevorstehenden...
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27.07: Edgars Bertuks Facebook

If you meet this guy roaming streets (or forests) - drop...

If you meet this guy roaming streets (or forests) - drop by, say hello wish him luck in upcoming Wor...
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24.07: World of O MiniNews

O-Ringen 2015: Victories for Lind and Hausken Nordberg

[With animations] WOC runners William Lind (Sweden) and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg (Norway) wo...
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21.07: Tessa Hill


Its been a really rough ride of a year so far and its not really getting much easier. Yes, depending...
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24.07: Judith Wyder

Step by step towards World Orienteering Championships

The World Championships (WOC) are starting pretty soon and I`m getting more a...
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26.07: Lilian Forsgren


It’s been quite some time since I last wrote here. Since then, I have enjoyed the holidays, ev...
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22.07: World of O MiniNews

Tough O-Ringen – Lind & Niggli impress after 3...

[Rest day in Sweden – Analysis time at World of O] William Lind and Simone Nigglihave been m...
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