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Norwegian O-Federation - Gi deg selv et løft

Gi deg selv et løft

Siste frist for påmelding til kurs i Ocad, tur-o og Trener-1.
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28.04: World of O

World Cup Poland: All You Need To Know

The Orienteering World Cup 2016 starts this Saturday - Monday with three races in Poland; a&nb...
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24.04: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Long distance of Norwegian Spr...

Long distance of Norwegian Spring today.The terrain was very much about the same type as yesterday, ...
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29.04: Judith Wyder

World Cup Poland

First up is the middle distance Am I ready? Yes!! For the moment I did everything ...
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27.04: Thierry Gueorgiou Training Log

Iddefjordfjella. Last training...

Iddefjordfjella. Last training in WOC relevant terrain for a while. Good to run it with Matthieu to ...
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27.04: World of O MiniNews

Czech EOC selection: Team, Maps & Results

The Czech Team for the European Orienteering Championships on homeground has been selected. Wo...
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26.04: World of O MiniNews

Russian EOC Selection: Team, Maps & Results

Russia has selected a strong team for the European Championships in Czech Republic, including ...
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