Denmark team for WOC 2006

The Denmark WOC 2006 Team has been named at a press conference today. There are several strong runners in the danish team - some of whom will be fighting for gold medals at homeground in Århus this august.

Claus Bloch at EOC 2006. Photo: Henrik Skoglund

Silver in Japan
Chris Terkelsen (result history) is the number one gold medal favourite in the danish team. He got a silver medal at the middle distance at WOC 2005 in Japan - and also managed an impressive victory in the 2005 World Cup Final long distance in Italy last october. Unfortunately Chris will not be able to compete for Denmark in the relay as he has too much knowledge about the WOC relay terrain. A pity for the danish veteran - who won the WOC relay with Denmark in Grimstad in 1997.

Strong runner
One of the strongest runners in the danish team is another veteran, Carsten Jørgensen (result history), who was also part of the danish WOC 1997 relay. 36 year old Jørgensen proved his shape by winning the danish WOC test race middle distance.

Interesting debutant
An interesting WOC debutant in the Danish WOC team is young Rasmus Søes. He surprisingly won the danish WOC test race long distance (read more here in danish).

Danish WOC team
Below you see results statistics for all runners in the Danish WOC team.

Denmark WOC 2006 team
Claus Bloch (Result history)
Helene Hausner (Result history)
Carsten Jørgensen (Result history)
Karina Boen Knudsen (Result history)
Ane Linde (Result history)
Mikkel Lund (Result history)
Christian Nielsen (Result history)
Anne Konring Olesen (Result history)
René Rokkjær (Result history)
Rasmus Søes (Result history)
Signe Søes (Result history)
Chris Terkelsen (Result history)

WOC 2006 Program
Sa 29/7 10.00 Middle Qual
Su 30/7 10.00 Long Qual
Tu 1/7 09.00 Sprint Qual
Tu 1/7 16.50 Sprint Final
We 2/7 14.00 Long Final
Fr 4/7 10.00 Middle Final
Sa 5/711.30Relay