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World of O - Who did the Orienteering Achievement of the…

Who did the Orienteering Achievement of the…

So many great orienteering achievements in 2018! Suggest a nomination for the Orienteering Achievement of 2018 and win great prizes! Remember that we are not necessarily looking for the best orienteer/team of 2018 – but rather the best achievements. There is one class for men and one for women – juniors…
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can also be suggested, the same goes for teams. Among all really good nomination texts, we will draw one or two of the great sponsor prizes (prizes valued to more than 5500 Euro – more about the prizes below in the sponsor section). The number of prizes drawn will depend on the number of nomination suggestions being posted. Many suggestions = more prizes drawn. Good nomination text & story = high chance to win. Write your nomination text at the World of O Facebook page – Remember to add a note about which sponsor prize you are interested in – it would be a pity to win a…

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20.05: Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook

Last weeekend, I attended an competition weekend in Aust...

Last weeekend, I attended an competition weekend in Austria, first time this year. Long distance on ...
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16.05: Judith Wyder Facebook

Ich wusste immer, dass ich Kinder haben möchte (wenn im...

Ich wusste immer, dass ich Kinder haben möchte (wenn immer möglich), aber wann? Ich war ba...
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17.05: Martin Hubmann Facebook

Representing Fredrikstad Skiklubb at the national day of...

Representing Fredrikstad Skiklubb at the national day of Norway ?? ...
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18.05: Marianne Andersen

Tiomila og verdenscupsgranskningsløp

Årets første konkurransebolk er nå historie. Resultatmessig ble det to bra helger, med 4.plass i...
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14.05: Lina Strand

Icebug – the climate positive footwear brand

[In cooperation with Icebug] I have been using Icebug shoes for ten years and been following the dev...
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13.05: Lina Strand

Update March-May

Two months have passed since last time I wrote and as always a lot of training have been done, but a...
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