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Austrian O-Federation - Premiere in der Türkei

Premiere in der Türkei

Wurde das Mixed-Sprint-Staffel-Format bereits bei den World Games angewandt, kam diese neue...
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27.05: World of O

EOC Middle Qualification 2016: Maps and Results

Reigning champion Daniel Hubmann missed the cut while trying to save energy for the final in the ti...
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26.05: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Unfortunately, I didn`t succeed in today`s middle distan...

Unfortunately, I didnt succeed in todays middle distance quali race since I was 9 seconds too slow. ...
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27.05: Judith Wyder Facebook

Wow, what a race! After huge mistake in the beginning of...

Wow, what a race! After huge mistake in the beginning of the course I pushed very very hard and coul...
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24.05: World of O

EOC 2016 Long: Maps and Results

Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the womens class after a thrilling finish at the European Champions...
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22.05: World of O

EOC Sprint 2016: Maps and Results

[Updated with info about womens medals] Matthias Kyburz and Judith Wyder gave Switzerland two GOLD ...
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24.05: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Yes, European Champion Long Distance!! That was a tough ...

Yes, European Champion Long Distance!! That was a tough race, but I managed to keep the speed till t...
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