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Austrian O-Federation - Premiere in der Türkei

Premiere in der Türkei

Wurde das Mixed-Sprint-Staffel-Format bereits bei den World Games angewandt, kam diese neue...
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

08.10: World of O MiniNews

Kyburz wins tough and green CISM Long in Korea

More than 9 minutes per kilometer winning time for Swiss Matthias Kyburz tells something about the ...
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07.10: World of O MiniNews

CISM Middle: Tsvetkov and Riabkina fastest

On a strong Russian day Dmitriy Tsvetkov andTatyana Riabkina were fastest at Middle distance at the...
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05.10: Catherine Taylor

2000 Metres High

Last weekend I was one of four Brits at the World Cup finals in Arosa, Switzerland. After following ...
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05.10: Gernot Kerschbaumer

Where is it steeper?

In Arosa, World Cup Final, or Military World Championships (CISM) in South Korea? In the Swiss Mount...
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08.10: Rahel Friederich


Am letzten Wochenende konnte ich am Weltcupfinal in Arosa drei gute u...
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03.10: Ida Bobach Facebook

The fall season started and ended in one day, and it was...

The fall season started and ended in one day, and it was a big disappointment! Felt like my body was...
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04.10: Lena Eliasson

Stt, salt, surt och beskt – att smaka p livet

Jag har haft skrivkramp, tappat orden, inte vetat vad jag vill beskriva, inte haft ngonting som kn...
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02.10: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Very tired, but totally happy with the World Cup victory...

Very tired, but totally happy with the World Cup victory today in Arosa! Challenging orienteering, t...
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06.10: Daniel Hubmann

Die Krönung einer grandiosen Saison!

In Arosa erlebte ich einen traumhaften Weltcupabschluss: Mit zwei Weltcupsiegen konnte ich ein...
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