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Austrian O-Federation - Premiere in der Türkei

Premiere in der Türkei

Wurde das Mixed-Sprint-Staffel-Format bereits bei den World Games angewandt, kam diese neue...
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Current Headlines - from all over the orienteering world

27.02: Alessio Tenani

Time after time

Time after time >> Rehab & alternative training A tre mesi e mezzo dallintervento ho cominci...
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26.02: World of O

Introducing the 2DRerun CoursePlanning Module

The 2DRerun CoursePlanning Module is a brand new tool for planning orienteering courses – wit...
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27.02: Sabine Hauswirth

Tasmanische Berge und Tiere

Endlich wieder einmal gutes Internet!!! Unsere Australienreise ist nun bereits vorbei und ich mö...
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25.02: Catherine Taylor

POM, a positive start to the year

A week on I’ve finally the time and energy to write a little about Portugal O Meeting! When my...
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26.02: ystein Kvaal sterb

Lidingö camp in Guardamar

In the middle of February i spent 10 days in the Alicante area in Spain on training camp with my clu...
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24.02: Tove Alexandersson

Från ett VM till ett annat

För drygt en vecka sedan avslutades VM i skidorientering. Vintersäsongens stora mål....
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26.02: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

3 weeks of winter was enough, now enjoying the nice cond...

3 weeks of winter was enough, now enjoying the nice conditions in Punta Umbria. On Saturday a WRE mi...
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22.02: Helen Palmer


DAY 841...
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23.02: O-Norge.no

GPS-tracking for alle

Svensken Mats Troeng som erkjent for flere o-tjenester somWin-Splits, QuickRoute och DOMA lansere...
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